Sunday, July 17, 2016

Week 14: 7/11/16 - 7/17/16

Clearly I live in a world of rose colored glasses and where hope flows over.  This week it started becoming reality I do have an injury that needs time and patience to heal.   Looking forward to the long term picture is more sensible than the short term is very hard for me to come to grips with.

Reflecting on this hip, I've been having discomfort and issues all year. Pin pointing when it first cropped up is difficult, I'm vaguely remembering the winter.  Pin pointing the root cause, nearly impossible, although I'm suspecting the spin bike (it couldn't possibly be running, it just couldn't).  The remedy is time, time to allow the insanity in a very complex point in the body get sorted through physical therapy, non impact exercises, ice, the miracle of KT, and yes, Vitamin I.

My activity this week was very limited and that makes me depressed and a little grouchy, ok grouchy and a little depressed.  

I need to take this to heart.

Monday (1/4.2/0) - I did some intervals, 5 minutes walking 1 mile running, I think I can accept 1 12 minute  mile for running, it may have been a little more, at this moment I haven't studied my Strava download.  The pain was constant and consistent, probably a 4 or a 5.  Not enough to make me want to cry, but enough to make me think I should stop.  Which I didn't.  I wanted to see if it would get worse, it didn't.  I iced and took some Vitamin I when I got back to the office.  It felt fine the rest of the day.  Dave took the pups out to the field to run so no evening walk.  This turned out to be a good thing because it finally dawned on me I needed to reserve a room in Sturbridge the night before the PMC start.  Well shit.  I got that all sussed out now I really need to get my crap together with my fund raising.

Tuesday (0/2.8/38.3) - Biked into work, I do enjoy that.  Although the walk of shame to the gym to shower and change is a little odd. It's early enough no one is awake enough to notice.  Biked out to the Tuesday night fun run at The Dog Watch, caught up with a couple people and biked home.  I didn't need to get obliterated like I did last Tuesday.  Wednesday was a little tough, I shouldn't of had the beer or the Fisher's Island Lemonade when I got home.  Perhaps some actual food would have been appropriate.  The ride home was uneventful, I was ready to be home so I cut off a few miles I had planned to get to 40.  Plus I'm not supposed to be riding lots of hills with my hip.  Nor am I supposed to be 'running'....

All in all the hip feels better, I iced when I got home, and then took Gus for a walk and it never got stiff or sore, I'm hopeful I am on the mend.  It itches, which is weird.

As I peeled off the KT tape I was remembering how in awe my Nephew Jin was with my HUGE band-aid.  He only had two small boring ones on his knees from a bike crash earlier in the day.  Oh to be 5 going on 6 again.  Hopefully he won't try and figure out how to get injured enough to have a band-aid from his knee up to his hip!

Wednesday (5.8/0/0) -  I was thinking I should update my cover photo, it is from January, but I love the cold...  besides I still haven't managed to find a way to superimpose a zombie or other creature in this delightful image from the Blessing 2014.  Because, really it needs to be done...

Ro and I did our hill loop.  I stopped stopping my watch when I meet up with her or we stop at the top of Ft. Trumbull for a drink of water.  It messes with the pace, right?  At this point, I'm happy to be power walking with no pain.  Running, I'll try that again next week.  My Physical Therapist said it was good the pain didn't get worse and the fact my hip itches like a mofo means it's healing.  Here I thought I had some irritation from a tag in my pants, nope...  Now to just not scratch the skin off, because well that's something I would do.

Kept track of times at the Westerly Fun Run tonight.  Wowzers that is a chaotic job and definitely all those kids puts me out of my comfort zone.  As my boss would say "This is a good development opportunity for you Beth."

Thursday (0/0/0) -  There was PT in the a.m. so not an inactive day.  I was given a dressing down for my run/walk.  OK fine, I'll not try that again.  I miss the euphoria of running, however I don't miss the misery of running in this heat.  Maybe this is all a blessing in disguise.

The PT really kills my opportunities to bike into work, so I should ride more after work...

Joe gave me a dressing down for my 'running' which frankly isn't really running, even at my conservative pace!  Fine.  In the spirit of letting things work, I won't force myself back on the running road.  I say this with a bit of trepidation, what if I lose the love of the run? what if I can't even get back to my conservative pace?  what if what if what if... mostly how the hell am I going to not get fat?

Gus's walk and any possibility of a ride was sacrificed so I could do some genealogy research.  I received a very interesting DNA match making my tree wider, not taller.  It did and it didn't surprise me to find I have a great-grandfather in common with someone else trying to figure out where the hell they came from.  Definitely a lot for her to chew on, I'm sure.  It's a tough thing to dig into the past.  As one of my mother's aunts told us, "Sometimes people want the past left in the past and we should respect that."  My father used to ask questions to his grandfather only to be told "We have a new life here.  That is the past."    Now we have people like me, curious to know where they came from and ever expanding resources to enable this curiosity.

Friday (0/0/0) - this is not a good trend of triple zeros.  I'm surprisingly exhausted and that is probably a result of not a lot of activity.  My day was mostly made up of work and driving.  I met up with my LUNGStrong Team, and received my jersey and a pair of bike shorts.  Those things are freaking expensive.

Saturday (0/0/35.4) -  Postponed my 80 mile ride till Sunday when I could actually devise a route because I did't get back from Amesbury till nearly midnight last night.  Decided I'd do a 30ish mile route from a few weeks ago and add in some different sights.  The ride went well, the shorts, well they are OK.  I like my PI's much better than these...  They will be fine for the 86 miles into PTown on the second day of the Pan Mass Challenge.

Sunday (0/0.5/41.3) - 80 didn't happen, with the sun it is like riding in a steam room.  In hindsight I'm still glad I cut the ride short.  I didn't feel right once I got home and some food and a couple Gatorade's and water and a nap and I'm still not feeling quite right.  I dumped water on myself during the ride and that barely dried.  I rarely arrive home from a ride soaked, I did today.  The temp was even cooler.  Next weekend a double may be tough but it needs to be done again.    I hit a little more elevation gain than I'm supposed to per my PT too...  ruler breaker?  Although I don't think we ever defined 'hills' a hill to him may not be a hill to me.  I'm thinking Mt. Washington Century hills, I think he's thinking something less...

84ish would have taken me out to South Kingstown on the map below and then joining back in where I clearly cut South from Hopkinton.  Another day, definitely another day!  

It's a mile from home and they had a nice shady breezy place to hang out and enjoy this American Stout!


Weekly  Foot: 14.3  Saddle:  115
Yearly  Foot:  1067.2  Saddle: 709.7  Against a straight line target of 1096.5  

Beth, taking some time to regroup.


  1. Would love to see the superimposed zombie pic when done, and yes, it does look it would fit. Funny pose!
    Glad we could get you out of your comfort zone at Fun Runs, and thanks again for all the help.

  2. I would love to bike to work but I'd probably die--there is no safe way to get there on 2 wheels from here. So crazy.

    Hope you are feeling better!