Sunday, July 3, 2016

One in a Bazillion

There is always that one guy in a girls life, well I hope there is for all girls.

The one who you rode the school bus with, who never teased you, who always looked out for you.  Who fed you your first taste of moonshine in the back of that big yellow school bus.  Probably would have taken you to prom, if you really wanted to go, because he knew you never had a boyfriend and weren't going to get asked.  The guy who went in to hiding and on the bud light and salad diet to lose 100 lbs in a summer to shed the nickname he hated Hogger and scared the living crap out of you laying on your parents couch talking to you like he knew you!!    The one who got it that we never fit in and taught you there was no point in fitting in.   The one who borrowed your car and got a ticket for going the wrong way down a one way street.  I told him not to take that pink duck off the rear view mirror!  Did he listen? No!  The one who knew you were pretty before any of the other boys noticed or you did for that matter.  The one who taught you how to shoot pool and you spent most weekend evenings hanging out in his parents basement with his brother and your brothers and a smattering of different friends you still have in common.  The one who had the New Years Eve party, where you learned to play euchre and to sit with the bathtub to secure you were the winning team.  The one who dated a crazy girl and asked you to be friends with her so that he could keep an eye on her from a distance after he dumped her.  The one who gave you such a huge bear hug every vertebrae cracked from the top to the bottom and you felt an inch taller.   The one who just knew when you were going to do something stupid and if he couldn't talk you out of it he bandaged the wounds. The one who told you about this new girl with a sparkle in his eye you'd never seen before, and when you finally met her you knew he found the one. The one who told your husband, in the receiving line, at your wedding "You ever hurt her you will regret it."

A dear friend, a son, a father, a husband, a brother, a brother-in-law, a neighbor, and an uncle.

Rest in Peace Andrew, you were one in a bazillion.

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