Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekly Recap: 8/15/2016 - 8/21/2016 + Rhode Warrior recap

There is always something nice about a week that starts with a fresh pair of contacts and payday!!!  With electronic everything the thrill of payday is kind of lost, however the fresh pair of contacts thrill is alive and well!!

Monday (0/5.6/0) - Took a walk at lunch, it is still miserably humid.  Maybe I'm glad I'm 'on the shelf' at least I'm not miserable running?  Gus wasn't much into a walk either, 9 and this humidity is taking it's toll on his energy level.  The boys ran pretty hard on Sunday night and I think he wasn't completely ready for a walk, should have taken Jax...  oh I didn't just say that...

Tuesday (3/3.1/0) - Runish at lunch, run for 40 seconds walk for a minute repeat 10 times!  Felt fine, I feel the hip, but I think that is more a factor of the weak muscles and the non use and I am hyper aware of it.   Last Dog Watch fun run, well walk for me, I walked with Pam and Anita, it was nice to get to know them a bit more on our two lap trot around the borough.

Wednesday (0/0/13) - PT in the morning, I'm not released yet. I'm actually kind of ok with this slow progression back to full time running.    Rode my bike to the Westerly fun run, I was volunteering for taking times, it was less stressful as it was my third time doing this and the kids must have recognized me as "that lady that makes us spell our name and still spells it wrong when we watch her write it down".  I got a new blinkey light for my bike it is supposed to be noticeable from the sides, it is brighter than my old light so I'm good with that.  I do need to put on my front white blinkey light.  At least the mini van moms and big truck dads can see me better to aim at me?  Ha Ha...

Thursday (0/6.2/0) - PT + 25 min of water jogging/aqua running, it's feeling much less odd now.  Coming to terms with still being in PT, all in all I feel better and I can stand on one let to put my pants on AND it doesn't hurt to get in and out of the car, definitely progress in the correct direction.  Walked at lunch and took Gus out after dinner.  Still a bit too humid for him to go 3+ miles, he was dragging at the end.

Friday (2.5/1/0) - 6 200's!  I ran them probably harder than Joe would have liked.  It was fun and nice and made me happy, I did walk the 200 back to the start, a nice l o n g recovery before I ran again.  It would be nice to start back at this running thing with a bit peppier pace...   however I'm not supposed to treat these as speedwork, but there is something about being on the track that kinda clicks in my brain.  As the day progressed my hip got achier and achier. Shit...

Saturday (0/2/0) - Took Jax out in the a.m.  I think he thinks we are going to do something fun and he gets all excited, then we go for a walk and he gets bored.  It is still a little too humid for the smush nosed boxer boyz but they manage.  It was pretty clear I needed to slow down on Friday, my hip hurt and nothing seemed to quell the ache, I was a bit nervous for the bike race the next morning...

Sunday (0/1/54.5) -  Rhode Warrior 1/2 Iron Triathlon, talk to me about actually racing and working hard on the bike during my climb up Rte 49 / Pendelton Hill and I'd tell you to "bite me" which is what I told myself on most of the uphills.  I longed for a century ride, there is nothing like the relaxed century ride, ride 20ish miles, take a break, get off the bike, stretch, have a bite to eat, chit chat, and get back on, repeat till you've ridden 100ish miles.  I pushed for 95% of the bike ride, there were points I totally slacked.  The effort I did put in when I put it in showed in the number of PRs on Strava segments for me, and in my overall time.

Our team Big Shorts to Fill, a stupid name, we renamed ourselves Team Freckles, because, guess what, we all have them and the Irish/Scandinavian roots to go along with the freckles and the red hair!

Me, Tanya, Steve

Most of the time on the bike I felt like I wanted to vomit, that sucked...  When I got off the bike Tanya got me some water, watermelon, and salty chips, that HELPED immensely, then we cheered on the runners, our runner, he rocked, and talked nutrition.  She is doing her 4th 1/2 Ironman in Austria next weekend.  And for this one she got a coach and has learned so much, I am grateful for what she shared.  I remember my cousin giving me some SCaps for my last 9 miles of my 50K and that making a HUGE difference, in a very rough race for me.  I think a bit of proper pre-planning and during race nutrition would have helped immensely.  I'm very pleased with my results, not so much with my attitude towards myself during the race.  Maybe a coach is a good thing, she was as skeptical as I am, however talking through what she has learned and how he has helped has really opened my eyes to this being helpful and real, not a, umm, I don't know the right word at the moment, frivolous, unnecessary...

As of Monday afternoon, after three showers I still have the "R" on my right calf.  The markings on my arm are gone.  I'm wonder if people wonder:
  1. Did she escape from the hospital before surgery on her right leg? 
  2. Does she not know which is her right leg?
  3. fill in the blank...

Weekly Mileage:

Feet:  24.2  Total - 1,157.0 against a straight line target of 1,289.3
Saddle: 67.2  Total - 1,135.1 against a straight line target of 1,289.3

Probably both are out of reach, but who knows.  It doesn't hurt to keep track and I'm not going to beat myself about the head and neck with the results.  Minimally it would be nice to top my 2015 totals of
feet: 1,679  saddle:  1,568

Beth, who thinks sitting on ice is awesome for bruised and sore bum bones.


  1. Love the snow pic. Besides pining for cooler temperatures, that was one of my favorite all time running experiences.
    I usually have no idea when it's payday anymore, for the electronic reasons you mentioned. I do hope my employer is still paying me.
    Thanks once again for all the help at Fun Runs.
    What is the Scandinavian part of your ethnicity?
    When people stare or inquire about the markings on my arm or leg (non-triathletes, of course), I usually tell them I just got released from prison.

    1. HA! Released from prison, good one!! I like that!

      Scandinavian my Mother's Mother's side, trace amounts, most likely from the invading Vikings, kinda explains my wanderlust as well as my mother's! The DNA research part of genealogy is fascinating, proving and disproving and the occasional SURPRISE cousin popping up!

  2. Glad that the PT is working well. Team freckles, very nice name: when I was a kid my face was full of them.