Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekly Recap: 8/22/2016 - 8/28/2016

Monday (0/6.1/0) -  Walk at lunch and a Gus walk at night.  Finally cool enough!  Nothing else memorable about this day, except it should have been Friday and I was ouchy from Sunday.

Tuesday (4/0/0) - Got to run 200's.   That was fun!  Set my Garmin up for 200's (maybe a skitch more) with a 30 second rest break x 8. Finished that up and did the rest of my usual button hook loop back to work.  Hip felt fine during and after it was the quad that wasn't happy.  It's a bit out of shape?? 

Opted to not bike to work so I could venture out to the Battle of Stonington and cheer runners on.  This did nothing but depress me.  Oh well...

Wednesday (0/5.6/0) - PT in the morning, possibly done in a few weeks.  My gait has improved however I go back to swinging my leg when it hurts and I think no one is watching.  Super Kudos for First Physical Therapy, they are top notch and not letting me get away with ANYTHING!!  Sara showed me some deep hip stretches and figures that will help get the ache in the quads righted. 

I'm allowed 400's but at my typical running pace not pushing.  Ok. I get it, that is why my quads hurt. Too much too soon.  But it was so fun to run and feel that freedom...

Hills with Ro at lunch!  Good times.  She retires the end of this week.  I'm so jealous!!  She is a nervous wreck, her and her boyfriend decided it was time.  And they both went into work on Monday and pulled the trigger.  Good for them.  I know they are looking forward to traveling and having epic adventures!  Can't wait to be on the periphery of them.

Massage after work, Warren had a tough time with my right (injured) leg, he couldn't get out the knots.  Not really a surprise.  I'll be back in a month and hopefully there is some progress between that and the piano wire in my neck.  I'm a mess, not really a surprise. 

Thursday (0/0/0) - OK so complete rest is not good, however I did core in the gym for an hour.  So that counts as active rest!  HA!  Major catch up day at work, I let the team have most of August off from my nagging and today was the day to start back.  I knew they were all working towards making Sept and Oct easier on themselves and doing the grunt work in the down month!  I got REALLY lucky with this team.  Now I need to get my poop in a group and kick crunch time off with a bang plus give them some nice recognition for all their efforts.  Kind of fun.  I never wanted to manage people, and luckily I only have to for limited duration teams and then I get to send them back.  I think this must be what it is like to be a grandparent?  I get to spoil them then send them home with a sugar buzz??

Friday (0/3.4/0) - I went to bed Thursday night with a giant cold sore and a scratch throat.  I told Dave I'd be "working from home" on Friday when I went to bed.  He winked and said, ok, hope you feel better in the a.m.  When I got up at 10:30 pretty much dead to the world for 12 hours I felt much better!  Did some work, and took a nap.  I know the cold sore is an indicator of something worse if I ignore it and don't take a break.

Volunteered at a local 5K at night.  My post was with an awesome woman, transplant from the West Coast.  I knew she wasn't local, she was too friendly, we danced around like people do, I let her know I wasn't from here, but I'd been her 17 years, I was from the Midwest and we are fairly gregarious, she let me know she was San Jose, and most recently San Fran and we laughed at the Midwestern 'Howdy how y'all doing" and the West Coast "Groovy man" and enjoyed our post, slowing and stopping and sometimes directing traffic as the runners came through.  Someday I'll get to run a 5K again, someday...

Saturday (0/7.2/0) - More volunteering!  Mowed the field for the inaugural Wahaneeta 5K my running club is putting on next weekend.  It will be a while till I can get on the trails might as well stay connected.  So I mowed and mowed and mowed, it was well mowing.  Came home and mowed our lawn, it kind of needed it and it would be REALLY awful to suggest to my slightly hungover (thank you for not waking me up when ever it was you got home) husband the lawn needs to be mowed and I just spent a couple hours mowing NOT our lawn.  I did annoy him by asking which of the three red gas cans in the basement which one had the actual gas in it, the one labeled Huskuvarna, the one labeled Stihl, or the one unlabeled un-capped container?  He tells me "the one with the yellow cap"  Oh the one labeled Stihl, I certainly would have screwed that one up.

Took Gus for a walk, the humidity was down and it wasn't too warm, but then again I was a stinky mess so what did I care.  We were called aside to assist a tourist who wanted to find Watch Hill, oh no wait The Andrea.  Well sister, those are two VERY different things, which was it?  They discussed it among themselves and decided The Andrea.  I gave probably confusing directions.  Who on earth (well my parents and an aunt) doesn't have a smart phone with Trusty Thomas to tell them how to get from where they are to where they want to be?  After they drove off I thought, this, this is why I never stop and ask people for directions...  Once, with Sage, we had a man yell at us for our crappy direction giving skills.  Hey, I'm NOT the one lost, now am I??  Sage offered to kick his ass, she was always a good pup for an ass kicking, but I decided that probably wasn't necessary.  She was bummed, I apologized, and we continued on our walk.

All this before 10 a.m. and I really wanted a beer...  I finished my coffee instead.

Sunday (3.3/1/27.3) - Full day...  400's x 6 at the track, which means I jog them and try and get to my usual pace, it doesn't mean speed work.  I did pretty well.    

Met up with Faith and Joe for a bike ride, they suggested 20, I was game for that or whatever, we ended up with 27, I was rather tickled with them pushing on instead of turning back where we'd hit 20 miles.  The outing ended with ice cream, Brickley's in Wakefield, I've never had theirs and it was well worth the wait!

I'm scared, plain and simple, I didn't know how much pain I was in until I wasn't in as much anymore.  Even today, after the bike ride, taking a walk with Dave and the dogs I hobbled a bit nervous I did too much when Dave looked at me and said, "You used to run, ride, take yoga, and then take a dog for a walk"  he paused a minute and thought "oh so maybe that was a problem?" 

I'll get back to something, maybe not 40 mile weeks, maybe 30 is really my limit?  I dunno...  The problem is I'm not so good about easing into things and this aging process is pretty horrible, better than the alternative, however not so much fun thinking about when I was 29, stupid and invincible versus 49, feeling like I'm on the edge of crumbling.  

Not to end on an uncertain note.  Here is Gus being Gus.

Mr. Coy in his "I'm ignoring you but I'm checking to make sure you notice I'm ignoring you" pose.
Mileage Stats:

Feet:  Week: 30.6,    YTD:  1,187.6 against a straight line target of 1,327.9
Saddle:  Week: 27.3  YTD 1,162.7 against a straight line target of 1,327.9

Beth, keeping on keeping on

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  1. Yeah, getting older kind of sucks! No more high mileage weeks for this gal either. We do what we can. Keep on keepin' on...