Thursday, November 17, 2016

Las Vegas Rock n' Roll 10K - Race Recap

I generally shy away from these big races.  Partly the corporatness of them and partly ALL. THE. PEOPLE. 

This was supposed to be a couple weeks after my 100K so I figured it would be a pretty decent 10K race for me, maybe I could PR?  Who knew.  I know I got my 5K PR two weeks after my first marathon, but I was in way better shape back then too... 

In any event, the call went out to the runners in the division to get together to run the 10K, the 1/2, or the Full.  There was NO way I was doing anything more than running for an hour, period.  In the desert in the evening at some elevation higher than the 42 feet I usually run at, no.

Only one of the men figured out they actually had to REGISTER for the race (you know click the link and follow the directions) in order to run it.  They thought by replying to the eMail that gained them entry.  I don't think this is a reflection on men in general, male attorneys, maybe, men in general, no, male attorneys at my company, most definitely yes.  Why is this?  I can only fathom a guess, however I would imagine it has to do with the times dating back to Don Draper and making sure your boss was happy was the key to keeping your job.

In any event 4 of the smartest women in the division decided on the 10K the smart male and one scary intense female decided on the 1/2.  Mike did comment that he wasn't quite ready to run a 1/2 and the course got really boring about the time he was losing steam, all in all a fun time.  Emily, well, she's never happy so I really have no idea what happened on the race but wow I got an earful on how much her room sucked! 

We started at 4 PM PST.  My plane landed at 11ish PST and it was 30 minutes of getting baggage and a shuttle and a 45 minute drive to the hotel.  The gang was leaving for bib pick up at 1:30 p.m. SHARP, this gave me all of 30 minutes to change and grab something to eat.  Yippiee.  Honestly, I knew I'd have time to digest and hydrate in the few hours we had prior to the race, so this wasn't really going to be all that horrible.  Besides in my current shape (round) there is no racing, there is only moving the extra 20 pounds and aging body in the direction of the finish line at a constant pace. 

A: 70 minutes
B: 75 minutes
C: Don't get married along the course (seriously people get married along the race course, it's a thing)

The sun sets about 4:30 so about 3 miles in the sun was nearly gone and the strip was lighting up.  I hit Old Las Vegas just before then, and really wanted to stop to take it all in.  It seemed so simple and quaint, yeah, I know it's sin city, but still, even sin can be kinda cute, no?

Then I was back on the strip and people everywhere, lights every where, runners everywhere, it was REALLY cool.  Taking it all in at a nice even pace.  By mile 5 I was ready to be done.  By mile 5.5 the PM came for a visit.  Are you freaking kidding me?  It's like nearly 5 p.m. you jackass, can I please just get over the finish line and I'll deal with you, please just stop, the finish line is really really close!

I know it is totally wrong to share these watermarked photos.
If it were Scott or George and I liked it, I'd buy it.
I am so happy to see that finish line!!!
At the end of the finish chute (which was a 1/2 mile porta pottyless walk, was The Bellagio, it has really nice bathrooms, and I so uncoothly climbed over the fence to get to them.  Keeping it classy!! 

It is insanity!!

The PM behaved himself and we crossed the finish line in a surprising 1:09:27, 69 minutes and 27 seconds.  Wonder if I hadn't walked two water stops what would have happened?  I'm guessing I would have been closer to 75 minutes. 

Beth, happy to have run the strip it was FUN!!

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  1. They don't provide shots at every mile? Disappointed.