Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday -

Seeing as I missed Monday and Tuesday wordless Wednesday would be a bit of a, what is the word, weaselly way out of a post, yes?

Monday was TRX (no run), I do love that program and spending an hour with the girls.  Plank rolls are still tough for me, interestingly the planks balancing on my left are easier than on my right, I'm right handed so that seems off to me.  Thoughts?

Tuesday was a mid morning run.  It was lightly snowing, it felt like I was running in a snow globe, sans the water.  Actually really refreshing and I finally started feeling like I was running smoothly.  Sunday's trail run was a choppy mess, I just wasn't feeling the run, I was enjoying being outside and in the woods and it was only 7.5 miles, so suck it up butter cup and keep moving forward!! Anyhoodles I started feeling the love this run about 2 miles in.  The difference may have been I turned LEFT, yes LEFT out of the gate. Arriving back at the gate 4.5 miles and 47 minutes later I wanted to run more, I didn't, there wasn't time.

Today was an after lunch run.  Of course I couldn't pass up the egg salad and chips for lunch.  I am soooo fortunate to have an iron gut.  I got out of the gate and remembered LEFT and went LEFT and thankful I did the wind was NW and right off the water and so nice to have that at my back up the hill and then around the lower loop by the water and the upper loop through UConn's Avery Point Campus.  The last mile of my 5.1 52 minute run was all down hill and I felt like a million buck.  From the beginning I was feeling the love this run. At about mile 3 I was starting to feel the runner's high and it was wonderful.  I haven't felt anything but a glimmer of it since Marine Corps Marathon in October.  This happen to anyone else?

My pace still isn't where I want it, but I think getting that feeling back is more important and more conducive to getting faster.  Plus it is cold and my butt and thighs never seem to warm up.  Any suggestions?  Other than running inside?

Reviewing my Garmin downloads I just noticed the weather is included.  Either I've missed this for a while or it is new.  Huh...


Tue (2/5) Weather - It was snowing!!!

Tue (2/5) Summary

Wed (2/6) Weather - but I remember it as sunny, huh...

Wed (2/6) Summary

Beth who is feeling the love from the run, finally!

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