Saturday, February 2, 2013

Zoolander learned to turn left, why can't I?I

Sage's remains made it home yesterday. It is nice to have her home, not in the form we would like; however you have to take what you get, right?  Hubb snuck her upstairs and I noticed on my second pass by the bookshelf.  Something looked off.  Pictures in our little family shelf were moved.  I haven't opened the box, it took me a while to open the can holding Diesel's ashes.

All seem to be adjusting.  Hubb seems more like himself and our eldest boxer boy and I went out to the beach this morning for a nice outing.  That perked him up.  I can't imagine what goes on in his mind, he is the eldest and has buried two of his furry family members.

Yes, yes, this is a running blog not a dog blog, not a knitting blog, so let us get to the running portion of the program.

Friday I was able to sneak out for a late morning run.  As I walked out to the guard shack to leave my badge a walker was returning from her walk.  She said "It is really windy and really cold and windy by the water."  I considered adding one more layer.  I packed my Marine Corps Marathon wind breaker and walked back to the building then turned around then back to the building then thought, no you'll be fine.  Just as I finished that thought I remembered how frozen my hands are the sans gloves day a few weeks ago, and it was warmer that day.

The wind didn't disappoint.  Because I just can't manage go left off campus I ran up hill into the wind.  The WNW wind at 16 mph and 32F (feels like 21F) not so much favorites of mine, however it was sunny and that makes up for a lot.  Until the route starts to get close to the water.  Brrrrrrrrr.....

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I stayed away from the water, the houses blocked a bit of the wind...  still I was pretty cold when I got back inside.

Jackass and Number One Smart Guy went out to lunch.  When they got back they remarked how positively bitterly cold it was out there just walking from the building to the car and the car to the restaurant and repeating the process in reverse.  They asked where I was, they would have enjoyed my company.  I went for a run I said.  They said it is freezing out there, you are crazy...  All I could say was "your point is?" My thighs warmed up about an hour after I got to my desk...

My splits were pretty even, in fact slow to start, the first mile is mostly up hill, the second more down hill and the third up then down. 

This was curious, at each mile my pace went way up.  Think this is a function of the watch or is it me?  I'm stymied on that.  Thoughts?

Today I took the eldest pup to the beach for a wander about.  It was sunny and cold.  Nice for us to get out and he seems better.  Hubb went out for a mountain bike ride.  He came home seeming more chipper.

Tonight it is supposed to snow and tomorrow a.m. I am running the Vin Gormley trail, try out the YakTrax!! We are supposed to get an inch or so over night and then another inch or so through the day tomorrow. Wonderful the snow is so pretty and makes everything look so clean and neat.

Beth, back in stride.

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