Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I have a pretty flexible work schedule.  For this I am thankful.  Hubb and I signed the papers to refinance the homestead this a.m.  My hand is tired from signing my current name AND my FKA (Formerly Known As)  name and printing both.  It is done and unless someone pays us to refinance we will probably not be refinancing and I can forgo filing a Quit Claim Deed to get my current name on the Deed of the house.  When I put Hubb on the house (after he became Hubb) how I managed to not get my new name is beyond me...    Anyhow, because work is what I do not where I go and my boss trusts me I can take and hour to deal with this paperwork and get to work and just do what needs to be done.  

Some days what needs to be done is a run during work hours.  I never wanted to join the gym at work and exercise or shower with people I worked with.  Who wants to see that?  UGH...  I joined for a while and basically donated a years worth of dues to the cause.  

When I started running seriously, I'd get up at 5 a.m. and run or run after work.  I usually fit in a run either before or after work.

Last fall a co-worker convinced me to join the gym at work so I could run on the treadmill in the cold weather, instead of getting up at 5, freezing, or risk my life running in the dark. I could run outside in daylight when it was warmer in the colder months. It would help my speed he promised.. I acquiesced, joined the gym, and ran on the treadmill exactly twice, it sucked.  I joined a class, not my thing.  

Well I did like running outside, in the daylight, and when it was warmer than it was at 5 a.m..  I found my best time to run is 10:30 - 12 (Noon).  I was sufficiently awake, caught up on work, and really ready for a break.  I can fit in any where between a 3 and 6 mile run in the 90 minutes I've allocated myself 4 days a week and bring my lunch to my desk and eat and see what happened in the 90 minutes I was improving my mood.

My co-workers and clients are mostly Manhattan based, they seem to arrive at work around 10 a.m. and work a bit later.  I can catch up on what happened the night before, take a little break and spend the afternoon in meetings.  

I like running during work really helps me.  My day is broken into chunks and I manage my work better when I know I have a certain amount of time to accomplish something.  Read: I am a procrastinator!  Also my co-workers can tell a difference pre-run versus post-run.  If I’m having a bad day one of my desk mates will whisper “run run run run” this prompt me to smirk, grab my gym bag and head out. 

Truly, I know how lucky I am to have a gym and shower facilities and a place to run during work.  Many people remark, well if you didn’t run during work would you run at all, it take so much time and I just don’t have time?  Hell yes, I’d be out there at 5 a.m. like I used to be.  Running is a priority in my life and I am extremely grateful I can balance it all out and run in the day light in the colder months! 

Do you or can you RUNch?

Beth, RUNching on a regular basis

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