Sunday, February 3, 2013

You Look Like and Oompa Loompa

I got ready for my trail run this morning bummed that we didn't get the 1" of snow we were scheduled for over night.  I really want to try out the YakTrax...  I checked the weather, no wind, 23F (feels like 23F), and snow starting around 1, awesomeness, I can deal with that.  I'd love a little sun but if we have sun we won't have snow.

I got myself all put together, three layers the middle one being this hooded tech shirt I bought on sale last summer.  Hey it will get cold again as I looked at the pink hooded shirt (with a pony tail opening) at 75% off.  The outer one being my Run4Life hunters orange shirt, hey I'm going to be in the woods and there is hunting allowed.  Someone might mistake my curly red ponytail for a squirrel tail at a distance.  Oh never mind that squirrels don't wear pink, let alone clothes...

As I walked into the front room hubb said "You look like an Oompa Loompa."  Not quite sure how to take this because last night I offended him by telling him his new boots resembled Frankenstein boots.  They were big black and bulky.

Minus the fuzzy balls on the shoes and all white.  Yes, yes I did look like and Oompa Loompa

See, kinda Frankensteinish?

So anyhow, let's get past the fashion show and tell and on to this so called run.  It was a slog.

Really Beth? Really?

There was some walking; there wasn't any belittling myself, just saying, there is no such thing as junk miles enjoy the scenery.  Hey look some green moss and wow, the ferns are starting early.  Wait, who is that? My favorite running partner, my shadow!  She kept me going either having me chase her or pushing me along.  I enjoy running with her.  There were several other people I took along on my journey:

Sage.  I know she would have been stopping to investigate any place that looked muddy, she wasn't one to shy away from wallowing in the mud!

Tonya. Three more months and we will be running the Ice Age Trail 1/2 Marathon in Wisconsin.  Wahowieee!  So glad she introduced me to this race & I was able to obtain the LAST spot.  I was picturing just how beautiful that trail will be in May.  Nature is just so beautiful and centering and relaxing. Thank you!

Melissa.  I just can't get over her "Red Thread" blog post from yesterday.  The 'red thread' is how we are all connected.  Truly what kept me going was knowing she finished her first 5 mile run, so proud of her and so inspired.  Thank you for inspiring me!

Isabella.  Always there cheering everyone on, so important.  I hope I can at least inspire her when running hills, or give her someone to curse!!

Rod. Running a 1/2 Marathon this morning in sunny FLA. He had a great time and looked pretty pleased with himself (and he should be).  I just hope he doesn't have to stand on bags of ice tonight!  Good Job!!

Hubb. He bikes the trail I ran this a.m. I am thankful he told me a way to circumvent having to climb rocks to get over a giant, like 20 feet tall, piece of ledge.  I really have to remember to get a picture of this scene. The go around required two left turns.  I managed one of them and with my inability to turn left a second time I missed the longer less steep way up.  Hey, I managed ONE left to find the go around, now I have to remember two sequential lefts.  Argh.  At least I got a nice steep hill climb in...

Sheila. Remembering her standing there at the bottom of the hill for "Run Around The Block" 15K on Block Island, RI.  Damn it is nice to have someone watch you run a race and cheer you on.  Seriously awesome!   Oreo Truffle awesome!!

MAC and the Marathon Girls - I could feel your prayers and heart warming words, thank you gals!

Other folks intermittently crossed my mind, spurred on by songs on my play list.

The sun was nice, and we didn't get any snow this afternoon.  Oh well...

Beth the Oompa Loompa who's thighs are nearly defrosted....

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