Saturday, November 16, 2013

Last bike ride of the year?

The weather isn't something I really pay attention to, I have enough to distract me on a daily basis, why add one more thing?  Jackass and I were texting back and forth on Thursday night as we commuted home from NYC.  He was supposed to be on an early train (Mrs. Jackass's birthday) and I'm lucky if I get on the 5:48 train (or watch it leave the station, ha ha).   He ended up on the 6:11, I certainly had more to do in the office and would have been pleased to share my briefcase bar after the hellish day I had.  I don't discuss politics, the only plus for me with the ACA (aka Obamacare) is unending projects.  I can only hope whichever (idiot) consulting firm designed and (moronically) project managed the fiasco is also designing and PMing the reporting systems for physcians (aka The Sunshine Act) because it will make 1 Q 2014 much less stressful for me as they won't be ready for our data.  Anyhoodles, during this texting the topic of the weekend came up and how beautiful Saturday was going to be and Sunday was touch and go.  Hmmmm....

Over our Crumbs cupcakes (Cannoli and Pumpkin)

so hard to make a decision, this is half of the display cabinet

 Dave concurred Saturday was going to be marvelous; he was going to pass on the ride as he wanted to save his legs for Sunday with the guys and well he really doesn't like riding the roads.  This was evidenced by an eMail he sent me earlier in the week:

"Yes this is meant to scare you and remind you to stay aware." With the following link:

OK yes this did scare me and I do try and stay aware.  

I still got on the bike, after my warm bike clothes dried. I only have one set.  Oh I love the sweet man I am married to who will throw in my disgustingly smelly running and biking clothes with his biking clothes. Apparently mine are the only ones that smell and mine contaminate his.  Bwahaaa... right?  I had planned on re-wearing the worn clothes, I know gross, but it takes FOREVER for the chamois to dry, am I wrong?  Dave threw everything in early on Sat a.m. and well they were in my sports clothes basket, so yeah, my bad. Obviously I need more cold / chilly weather biking gear? 

Noank, CT, was my desired destination.  Pretty much all U.S. 1 which Dave can't stand.  It does't bug me, although I was paranoid every motorist behind me was aiming to take me out!  Hey, sometimes the paranoid are right??  

After settling into my solo pace I enjoyed the scenery, even for a major road U.S. 1 is pretty and so different on a bike from being in a car.  It was sunny and beautiful and I said HI and Nice Day to everyone I saw.  I'm weird like that, it doesn't require a conversation just "Hi!  Have a great day!!" in passing...  

Rather pleased I kept up a pretty good pace for being solo! I was a bit worried and wondered how much not wanting to be "slow and wimpy" when I ride with Dave would go by the wayside, apparently not much!  It was an out and back, adding in Stonington on the way back.  Right hand turns are so much easier than lefts!  Plus US 1 has a wide shoulder and some of the other options, back to Westerly, not. so. much.  

The question is are these mid 50's (or higher) and sunny temps the last of the year? Would this really be the last bike ride of the year?  (yeah yeah I could pay attention to the weather, what fun would that be?) 419 miles since August 3rd when I brought the bike home. So much has changed, when I am on it it feels more and more like it is part of me. I love riding it, so freeing and fun.  Could it be possible to hit 500 miles?  3 more rides of 27 miles?  Hmmm...   Then again I feel like I am cheating on my running shoes when I am riding and longing for my bike and feeling guilty when I am running....  this is a sickness isn't it?

Beth, paying attention to traffic, but not much else!

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