Thursday, November 28, 2013

Let't talk about the weather....

It has been a year since my parents moved back into their house since the fire.  The evening of December 26, 2011 was life changing for my parents for sure.  Not as life changing as July of 2007.  Nor as life changing as October of 2011 either...  Ok well hard to know what was most life changing.  Although it could have been my mother's realization Tuesday night that her eldest and only daughter is a few years away from 50 and contemplaing running a 50 miler to celebrate that milestone.  She was more dismayed at the fact she could be the mother of a 50 year old...  ok so it is nearly 4 years away...  rather than her daughter doing yet one more bizarre and un-understandable thing.

Ok so that was a lot of information with not a lot of background in that opening paragraph.  December 26, 2011 half of my parents house burned.  Hell of a Christmas present, right?  After a lot of craziness with rebuilding they were in nearly a year later.  Thanksgiving of 2012 was when they were officially moved back into the house, half had to be rebuilt and the other half gutted and re-insulated, plumbed, electrical pulled, dry wall hung, re-finished?  Yeah, yeah it should not have taken that long, especially with the craptastic economy in MI and most of the trades desperate for work.  That is another story and it has been sorted out, obviously, as they were moved back into their re-constructed house.

Light switches aren't where they used to be and the step down to the 'new' part of the house on the second floor, pre-fire isn't there any more and everytime I take that route to go down stairs I end up slamming my right foot against the floor because there is SUPPOSED to be a step there, there was one for over 30 years...  

The other dates all relate to my mother's lung cancer diagnosis in July 2007, with October 2011 being her first full year with only one scan, the scan was the same as it had been since April of 2009 when she decided to stop treatment.  October 2012 the same, the radiologists lay one scan over the other and they are identical.  October 2013 had the same result, her oncologist, said he may consider the tumor dead.  October 2012 scan was very scary for all of us, with all the stress from the fire and the trauma with the rebuilding, IF something was going to happen it would have happened then, this was the conclusion my siblings and I came to.  October 2013 scan was a non-event to us because, mom is just fine, and you know what, she is.  

After a tense 13 hour drive from RI to MI on Tuesday, rain snow rain snow rain and just past Elyria OH it all stopped, dry pavement, I hadn't seen dry pavement since CT!  Whoop!  Watched quite a few cars twirl around on the thruway and end up in the ditch.  My dad and I stayed up a little too late talking (and drinking).  He was diagnosed with COPD in October.  At least he now knows what is causing his shortness of breath and has medication to slow/stop the progression and has to learn to just slow down and not get out of breath and wear himself out.  It was nice to see he was dealing with all of this just fine and making adjustments where he needed to.  

Wednesday greeted me with sunshine, in South East Michigan in November, are you kidding me?  This NEVER happens.  I quick checked the temp on my phone and found it was 59 and rainy back home and it was 19 with the windchill 6.  Huh... Well the sun was out, and here I thought Monday's run would be the last one in sun! 


Huh...  that sucks...
 I ran down to the main road and back to the house, this would give me a good clue on the temps and which direction was going to be colder.  Of course , the direction for the return to the house from the long part of the run was going to be into the wind.  Blargh.  I managed 3.7, I just couldn't do the extra few feet to make it 4 or to Lindsey road.  I was cold and still had to run BACK in the wind.  

The sun was out and it gave me the opportunity to run with my shadow!


Beautiful Sunset!

Beth, looking forward to seeing friends and family tomorrow. 

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