Thursday, November 7, 2013

Catching up

Monday seems like it was a year ago…  I went out for a run, no expectations of anything spectacular, I just needed to get away from my desk and clear my head.  Things seemed limber and loose and going well, so I took a left on Thomas and decided to get back to campus via "the bitch".  Actually went well.  Although I debated stopping at the top to wait for the light to cross I took the high road and went left to keep moving.  I love feeling of flying running south? down that slight grade on Beneham Rd.  Clicked off my watch and was surprised to see the pace I saw.  Combination of no pressure of training and the cool fall air, I am sure.  Whatever it is, I’ll take it!  Enjoyed TRX with the gals, even though I only missed a week it seemed like longer.

Tuesday was a walk with Don and Ro.  Ro and I were going to run after work, we both bailed on that sighting it would be cold and dark and neither of us were really feeling like running and I was pretty achy, not really sure why.  Ro, the over achiever  ran a couple miles on the treadmill and did spin.  Dave was due to be out late, riding at Big River, Time Trials or something, I really need to ask more questions.  Honestly I was thrilled to have the house to myself for the night, the dogs were a bit upset not having all their humans present and accounted for.   He rode how he expected to ride and came home in one piece, guess I’ll call that a success.  I keep wondering if I can tag along and run in the woods while he bikes...  probably best not to push my luck?

Wednesday, OMG what gorgeous weather.  Wished I would have thrown a skirt in my bag, maybe even a tank, get that last little bit of fall sun before I have to deal with my dermatologists tsk tsk tsks.  Just glad there was a short sleeved shirt in the bag.  It was a lovely 4 miles, ran into Mike as he was heading out, hopefully you didn't melt in that long sleeved shirt!! 

I also got a note from Lani from the Lung Cancer Alliance asking if I would share my fundraising story.  She said the Marine Corps Marathon charity coordinator is looking for a charity runner to be highlighted for going above and beyond their fundraising requirement. Just a couple paragraphs about my story, my connection to lung cancer, how much money I have raised.

Oh goodie, I suck at short stories.  Given the option I will elaborate far more than necessary.  This is going to take a bit of time to get right, I fear.

In reality I am so honored to be asked, I know Lani was really hesitant to ask, we all know this was a tough race for me!  The process of pulling together my thoughts and being told the amount I have raised for the Lung Cancer Alliance since 2011 (over $12,000) gave me a nice grounding as to why I ran this race. This race wasn't about me it was about lung cancer.  

Thursday, spin, of course!  Passed on the Sneekers fun run, running in the rain is fun, running in the dark is fun, running in the dark and rain, not so much.  Dave met me in New London for a calorie explosion at St. Sophia Greek Food Festival.  Oh how I love the first week in November (other than the blasted time change).  Sadly I misread the calendar and the festival started on Tuesday, we missed out on the baklava and spanakopita, although they will have some more spanakopita on Friday, I may stop and pick up some to go.  We were more than welcome to order a tray of baklava for the holidays.  Oh krikies, a tray of baklava and the two of us, we would be bouncing off the walls with all that sugar!!!

Beth, wondering how baklava freezes...


  1. Wow ... that's a lot of money for your cause! That had to have taken as much dedication and time as the training for the running. Well done, and things like this are really what it's all about. No doubt many people are thankful for your giving spirit.

    1. Jim - thanks!! I was surprised when Lani sent me my total. I have a lot of passion for eradicating lung cancer, my mom is one of the few and the lucky (hence MCM for the few and the proud), I have seen a tiny change in the small circle of people I know, eventually this will grow, movements take tiny steps and eventually BOOM! In the back of my mind I started thinking about what I could do for next year, passion or insanity? I'm not really sure...