Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tour de Graveyards

Thank you all for your support and comments.  Truly that was a tough race for me and my whine fest is over. The race photos came a couple days after the race.  There were a few worth the price of admission. I may fork over the $$ for now I'll violate the no copy rule.  I sent this one to my mom and dad and they were glad to see me smile.   I'm kind of tickled with both feet off the ground...

There were also those, are you kidding me?  I look like THAT? Photos...  We all have them, or at least I HOPE we all have them.

Other than a bit of a twisted ankle on my 'recovery' run on Wednesday all has been well, a little stiff and sore, nothing to horrific.  All the rest of the body is getting back to normal too. Good lord what 26.2 does to a person inside and out.  And we do this for 'fun'...  (yes, I'm considering which marathon I'll run next year, OBX is on the radar...  I'm a glutton)

Had a nice walk on Tuesday with the usual suspects, Don and Ro.  So nice to just talk with them, they've been there done that with bad races, injuries, high expectations, and it was nice to talk and walk, the sun seemed to come out just for us too!!  Don had a stellar race in NC, over the weekend.  Great to hear all about it.  Hopefully he will update his blog and tell the story as only he can!!   As I left my desk Gary stopped me and said "No, running."  I assured him I was only going for a walk.  He reiterated "No, running, Beth."  His wife is an ex-runner (knee issues) with a few marathons under her belt.  He gets it and knew I was thinking about a quick mile...   

Wednesday there wasn't time for a run during work so I figured I'd head out to Bluff Point after my last meeting and get in 3 ish on the trails.  I love those trails.  I learned to run on them.  I remember knowing the first split was 0.1 mile and that was my first goal to get to that point, then I was so thrilled to get 0.7 cut off to go up the hill, the small rolls till you get to see the Long Island Sound, then up and around the up hill with its crushed stone, and a spectacular view of some rocks and usually sailboats on the Long Island Sound, back into the woods, the muddy corner, and so on and so forth till the point where there is one mile left at the cut off for Mumford cove, here there is one small hill and then the big hill down to the bottom and back out.  I remember the first time I ran the whole loop, no walking.  Made me wonder what happened to that girl.  

Lots of leaves on the trail and I do get a bit spacey and wasn't paying as close attention as I should and rolled my right ankle.  I yelled "Son of a Bitch"  (my favorite and very first swear word, oh yes it was!) and caught the attention of some bikers ahead of me, they seemed to take off with a start, like a heard of deer...  I hobbled a bit and all seemed ok, just tender and off I went.  Pushing it just a bit on that final downhill and watching for the rocks under the leaves.  Ahhhhh, definitely felt like I was getting back to me.

And look at that I'm QOM (Queen of the Mountain) for the fire road decent.  Yippieee!!!!  The fire road climb was where I twisted my ankle, guess I have a goal for the next run at Bluff Point?

Thursday was supposed to be a fun run after work, all I wanted to do was go grocery shopping and get home to soak in the tub, again.  Fortunately (?) it was rainy and icky and we bailed on the fun run.  Sad to have missed spin class, I had a late meeting, work, damn it,  does get in the way of fun sometimes.  All in all a good meeting, it is getting towards the end of the year and everyone seems to be remembering they set goals in the beginning of the year and now the adage "Poor planning on your part does not constitute and emergency on my part" rolls through my mind as people are in a panic about what they haven't finished and I've become the road block to completion.  Whoopie twang, folks, whoopie twang...  the process is the process.  

Friday was a complete down day, 88 page corporate procedure to review, fortunately they took on board the comments my group offered so it wasn't too horrific, mostly consistency issues. Happy hour with the girls at one of Dave's favorite restaurants; he came a little later and we stayed for dinner they all went off to Pings (Chinese with some sort of a bowl drink), one day I'll be able to go to Pings.

The only goal I had for today was sleeping in and a nice long bike ride with Dave.  I accomplished both and a few other things (more grocery shopping at my most hated grocery store, ever, disgusting that the employees smoke outside one of the entrances in front of the propane exchange - oh I've written comments and chatted with the store manager about this) chicken was on sale and well, we were out and it wasn't at the store I like, and yes I will drive out to Wakefield...  can't believe our store was closed...  blargh.

Sunny and low 60s for the 2nd of November in New England, Holy Wow!  Perfect weather for a bike ride.  Dave got home from his morning flying RC planes with his buddies, we had a little lunch and off we went for a mellow pedal.  Ahhhhh....

So it wasn't totally mellow, it was mind clearing and FUN!!!  We explored a little 'peace sanctuary' off River Road in Mystic, I pointed out all the old graveyards, love them!!  I wasn't sure about taking Dave riding through them, he puts up with most of my quirks, sometimes it is best not to push the envelope, even after 16 years.   He was surprised there were so many, I don't think it is something he really pays attention to.

Beth, approaching normal!


  1. First, so happy you are feeling better! You must be if you are thinking of doing another one next year. I have a friend who is running OBX half soon, next weekend? Anyway, she likes that race a lot. Dave and I love the area and try and go each each. His parents live very close.

    Bowl Drink, you crack me up! i would guess it was a Scorpion Bowl, so very yummy and strong! That is what I drank the night before my disastrous Firecracker 4 miler.

    Nice bike ride! Love walking through old cemeteries. Sounds like a great day.

    Still doing the bridge? Can't wait to see you!

    1. That should say each year!

    2. Oh yes, I will be running the bridge. Can't wait to see you either!! That is usually a fun one! After I am going to the RI 6 hour, I'll finally get to meet Kristina in person and cheer on Crutch. Ah Scorpion bowl, I knew it was something bowl. Firecracker 4 miler wasn't a disaster, you didn't get injured and you finished, so no disaster!!!