Sunday, December 1, 2013

Turkeys, Tractors, and Toto, oh my...

Ann Arbor Turkey Trot - Recap

I walk/ran (wran?) the Ann Arbor Turkey Trot last year with Cyndi and her daughter Caitlyn.  Cyndi and I graduated from the same high school, she 3 years after I did.  We've gotten to know each other through alumni websites and even more so when we realized we were in the 'cancer club'.  Cindy's mom was diagnosed with lung cancer a few months before my mom was.  We stumbled up on this knowledge a bit accidentally, they even had the same oncologist at the University of Michigan Hospital and went to the same support groups.  Small world, isn't it?  About the same time my parents and her parents figured out they had their home town in common Cyndi and I were developing a friendship on top of being in the 'cancer club'.  When my mom was diagnosed a friend who had lost her mother to cancer welcomed me to 'the club'.  Kinda weird and kinda comforting. 

Anyhoodles when the message came out about the Ann Arbor Turkey Trot and I knew I'd be in MI for Thanksgiving seemed like a good thing to do again.  This was not a timed event this year.  I think that draws out more people.  The serious runners were a bit miffed when Good Boy Events decided to make this a non-timed event after the notice went out.  I didn't really care either way, this wasn't a race this was 3.1 miles to walk, maybe jog a little and just catch up.  The snow started about 7:30 a.m. and made the roads nice and slippery, I was glad I wasn't running, I could see something not fun happening sliding on a tar strip or a painted pavement.  The snow made it kind of nice, festive for the holiday season. 

Caitlyn, Tom Turkey, me, Cyndi
Hard to see my super cool turkey hat, bummer...

It is a fun event, great bibs, great t-shirts, and hot cocoa a the 1/2 way point, what's not to love?

Cold Weather Running and Friendly Creatures

After a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat (who knows where this quote comes from?) and not a real run on Thursday it was pretty clear someone needed to run Friday.  Luckily the temp was 16F and felt like 16F with maybe a 1 MPH wind, shouldn't be too bad.  Out to the hard top and back to see which way was going to be colder, out on the run or back to my parents.  Of course, the way back.  I decided to go 'around the block' to have variation in the wind. Oh and the sun was out, again?  Odd, very odd.  So I got to run not only with the local dogs but my shadow too.  I've met up with two of the dogs before, they always run out to the road to greet me. They aren't too keen on getting petted but they love to run with me till the edge of their property. The third dog didn't leave his yard, he tore up barking a frothing fit to just about 3 feet from the point where the grass ends and the road starts and stood there.  I was a little nervous with his determination, and really surprised when he stopped and stood there and watched me go on my way.  No, not an electric fence, this is farm country...

I was more at risk from the large piece of farm equipment that took up the entire road.  I heard it approaching from behind, the usual sound of a tractor, it slowed down a lot and I caught a glimpse of John Deer Green and tires taller than me from the corner of my eye.  Oh crap I need to get off the road and on to the grass or I'm going to be squished!!  

Not quite the harvester, but you get the idea, it was HUGE!
What was interesting was every driver waved back.  I wave and they waved!  There were a couple folks out in their yard  we exchanged "Hi. Have a nice day."  That was nice and one of the things I do miss about where I grew up!

Toto we aren't in Kansas anymore

It was nice getting home to the balmy temperatures.  It was 45F when I got up and out to run.  I wanted to take a bike ride, the rain and wet pavement pretty much nixed that idea.  A few other runners out, something I don't see often.  A few walkers, fairly normal.  One biker, *pout*.  Of course more cars than I see out at my folks house...  you know what, out of the 9 people I saw one returned a wave and one returned a good morning.  Yeah, yeah, I don't expect people to do this, but I did find it curious.  Maybe I shouldn't of worn the turkey hat?

Pretty decent run, after driving for nearly 13 hours yesterday.  Bummed I didn't get to try out my new cold weather biking gear....  maybe later this week?

Beth, December 1st, holy cow this year went by fast!

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