Sunday, December 15, 2013

Newport 10K - Recap

My 37th and last race for the year.  I've found a 12 step program and am signing up. 

Just before Thanksgiving, a note went around from the running club about signing up for this race as a team event.  A couple back and forths with Jeff and I was OK with this team business, the top 3 in the team get scored, fingers crossed for 4 women.  

Hey, I like the aspect of a team, and I set my own goal sub 1 hour 10K.  I ended at 1:26 the last two miles and the minor excuse for hills seemed to be were that 27 second went.  Newport 10K-gate?  LOL...

On the way home I got panicked texts from two of the gals I ran the Bourbon Chase with, the Ice Age 50K was filling up fast, they were signed up and didn't I talk them into this crazy idea.  Well NO, Tonya talked me into the 1/2 it last year, then bailed, because her injury from kicking a goose stopped her training.  I am terrified of those nasty creatures and if she kicks them I'm totes running with her.  So MAYBE I may have been an instigator.  I loved that race last year, so why not run nearly 3x the distance this year?  They are nice trails, hilly, not technical, nice, and the people are great.  

So anyhow, the Newport 10K race.  

There was snowstorm bearing down on New England, not really a big deal or was it?   Somewhere I read to check Spliter Race Systems for any race delays or cancellations.  Eventually I did get around to this.  1 hour delay, race start at 11 a.m. Checked the WTAC page and it had already been posted.  I thought about it for a few minutes and posted the pic of the screen to the Event page, because, that would be where I would check for any delays or cancellations.  

The snow stopped and the rain started about midnight.  Ick... it stopped about 8 a.m. and the day started to look promising for not running a race in the rain.  It was in the low 30's cloudy, I dressed for that.  The sun came out, it was nice, I was a little warm.  I have NO idea how the guys ran in shorts and singlets, well I'm sure the hats and gloves helped keep them warm?  Or was it the pace?  

I ran a good race.  It is OK to say that, right? The first 4 miles were strong and where I wanted to be to hit sub 1 hr.  Mile 5 and 6 it got a little slow, maybe the 25 ft incline?  maybe I was a little tired?  Seeing the WTAC men on their cool down lap did help get my feet moving a little faster.   Thanks guys!!

Hey to finish 27 seconds later than I wanted to is a win.  Usually I'm 5 or 10 minutes (or more) past my goal.  

Running in Newport is fun, I was prepared for Ocean Ave to be cold and windy, with the wind coming off the water.  The wind was really coming off the land or not at all.  Nice!  Although I was getting kind of toasty...

Part of the run, past Fort Adams, I started missing my running buddy Nicole and thinking about the Newport 1/2.  I was so not into that race or racing or being around people, yeah that should have sent off big red flags for me.    Eventually that subsided as I turned the corner on to Ocean Ave and recalled the trolley tour with my Aunt and Uncle just a few months earlier.   I slowed a bit at this mile 5, which was over all an elevation loss, then turning the corner for mile 6 elevation gain, and the finish.  I knew it was an up hill finish because I ran out that way for my pseudo warm up, just something to get the muscles moving a bit.  

All in all I'm pleased with this race and I'm ok with being pleased too.

Congratulations to WTAC for the win for the men and women, and for the men taking 6 of the top 7 spots.  You guys train hard for these races and it pays off!  Well done!!

December 23rd starts training for my first 50K (May 1oth, the second day of my 47th year).  I'm looking forward to this.  Possibly looking forward to having a schedule? or goals? or a spreadsheet? all of the above? 

Beth, who is not racing as much next year, that was a distraction from progressing towards being the runner she could be. 


  1. Ahh, I miss you too! Hopefully just a couple more weeks.

    Great race, so sorry I missed it. So may people were running on 1a today, I was so jealous. It turned out to be such a nice day.

    I am so excited to follow you along on your training for your first 50K. You will love it, even when you hate it.

    OH, and my God woman! 37 races! Wow! I had a goal of 13 and ran 19. Next year I have a goal of 14.

    1. I'm going to try and keep it to single digits and local races (other than Ice Age and the Princess 1/2). There were 5 DNS so that would have been 42 for the year, beyond ridiculous and immensely distracting. Hope your recovery is going well!!

  2. Beth, glad you made it out to Newport. Miles 5 and 6 were slowest for most, myself included.

    37 races?!! I don't know whether to say "Congrats" or "You know you have a problem when ..."

    1. Crazy is as crazy does for 37 races... I was a bit surprised when I totaled up the spreadsheet... Admittedly I was relieved to see every one struggled with 5 and 6. Galoob's write up that he was zoning out at a 5:16 mile following the pace car did make me chuckle!!

      It was a great race and sad I didn't stick around, I'm not used to winning anything!

      Congratulations on your win!!