Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snowy Saturday Catch Up (I should probably use the thesaurus for an "s" synonym for catch up)

Monday  - TRX / 0 run / 2.8 walk   Joy sent me home with cookie dough to begin my holiday baking on Tuesday night!  Whoop!  I had intended on starting on Sunday, once I realized I didn't put pecans on the list for my Paternal Grandmothers Rum Ball recipe, progress stopped.  You have to have the pecans, period.  My brother's and I remember Uncle Mickey feeding us those rum balls at the Aunt House in Lakewood (OH).  We were three happy kids, for sure.  Generally passing out on the ride home to MI!!  I think we eventually confessed to this in our 30's, we confessed to a lot in our 30's once we realized our parents had no clue what we were really up to during those tender formative years.  

Missing the pecans, doh!!

Tuesday – Treadmill Run 2.5 / Spin.   And a flat tire!  I got out to the parking lot to find a note in my door handle “Flat Tire”.  

The note I found in my door handle.

I looked, sure enough back left was flat.  Crap.  I called Dave, because what else does one do but call their spouse?

Me:  “Hi.  I have a flat tire.”
Dave: “Why are you calling me. You know how to change your tire.” 
Me: “Yeah, but it is cold and dark and I parked in a puddle.” 
Dave: “Call AAA.”
Me: “Good idea, the guards can’t help, they aren’t allowed, but really some light would be helpful, and also not parking in a puddle.”

I walked up to the guard shack to see if they could do anything.  Well mobile patrol can shine their headlights, but nothing more.  Yeah that is what I expected.  Once upon a time I bought guard services so was pretty clear on their service levels.   AAA would be an hour, because of the snow storm.  Yeah, there were some flakes on the ground and it was cold.  I called Dave and said it would be an hour, can he just come to campus and change my tire, or shine some light so I could, I’d buy him dinner either way?   I chatted with the guard until Dave got there, interesting guy.  He started over at the plant side 35 or so years ago.  He told me stories about when he was a kid playing in what was his neighborhood and is now a parking lot.   The building and razing of buildings over the years.  Watching people rise up through the ranks.  Fascinating and interesting stories about very familiar names and places around campus. 

Dave changed my tire, we all knew he would.  Rather efficiently.  Volvo makes a very interesting jack raising device.  I was able to get it fixed at the tire store where I purchased it too!  “Things work if you let them.”  Name THAT B movie and who said it…

I didn't get home till nearly 9, so no holiday baking...  Dave was making a dent in the cookie dough...

At least the tire was fixed because the thought of driving Dave's truck to New Haven on Wednesday was not thrilling.

Wednesday – NY day, up at 5 a.m. out the door by 5:30 a.m. on the train by 6:52 a.m.  (6:34 if all goes really really well)

After sticking my foot in my mouth (congratulating someone on their pregnancy who wasn't pregnant) at my first meeting.  In my defense, that dress was doing her no favors and LOOKED like a maternity dress and if it wasn’t she really shouldn't be wearing an empire waist, because yeah, they make most women look pregnant.  That dress would have made my rail thin husband look pregnant.  

I spent a couple years with 50 extra lbs packed on. I'd of NEVER worn such a dress.  My girlfriends would have never allowed me to buy it.    If you are curvy think Joan from Mad Men. Fill out the dress...  As my friend says, "Dress the fat." and she is right, dress it and work it.  Deffo works for Joanie!!  And real life people too!

Nice brisk walk to Bryant Park to watch some ice skating and just observe humanity in all of its forms.  I love people watching.  The ice skaters, the ping pong players, the tourists, the residents, all so fascinating.  There were plenty of kiosks to do some shopping in.  I decided against that. I only had an hour and the walk to and from my office to Bryant Park is only 6 long blocks, 12 round trip so just under 1.5 miles.  (oh does that count for my walk?) I should turn  Strava on for this, ha! 

Yeah Claire kicked me out, again, with all the leg bouncing...  wiggles was at it again!!!

At 3 was our departmental holiday get together at the Wheeltapper Pub.  Open bar and heavy hors d'oeuvres.   

In the elevator down Claire asked me where this place was, and then said "Oh great, ask the person from Rhode Island to navigate where we are going."   Larry said "Well she knew where it was last year, so I think we are in good hands."  

All in all my 3rd year with this group, it has taken me a while to let my guard down and get to know people, being on a layoff wave really messed with my head and sometimes I feel like my boss is still doing me a favor by keeping me employed.  Which in reality is far from the case, I know this, I just don’t believe it. 

Nice event.  I managed to get the 5:48 train (cupcakes procured, of course), home by 9, awesome!   I really need to learn to stick to beer and not order a cocktail at these things…  

Thursday -  4.2 Run / 2.9 Walk - Nice chilly run for lunch.  Ok it was chilly on the way out with the wind off the water at my back and cold on my way back with the wind off the water on my face.  My face felt very frozen, I couldn't even manage to move it around enough to work up a good spit ball by the time I neared campus and then I wondered if that would just end up freezing or splatting me on the face, the former would be kinda funny, the later, not so much.    All in all perked up my mood, a little tired from a long day yesterday and one more drink than I should have had.  OOPS.

After a brief discussion with my knitting student I'm trying to decide if I should pull out the back of the sweater I’m making.  My gauge is off, far tighter than my swatch predicted.  The sweater will fit, it will be snug, crap…  I do have to pull out the neck and shoulder edge (the top), I misread the directions.  I hate unpicking bind offs and staggered ones are even worse.  

Pinned to the blocking board
I can stretch it to meet dimension but it seems a little too stretched.  Still on the fence on what to do.  I'll probably finish it and just find a smaller person to give it to.  It is a fitted sweater and the pattern is very fun to knit.  Tough call.

Friday - 2.6 Walk - Not a complete slug.  Wow this week wore me out.  I got home and immediately crashed on the couch.  Not always the best idea to then be able to sleep at night, I managed.  Gary's girls (chickens) have been laying very well and he brought me in some eggs.  Breakfast for dinner on Friday night!

Blue, Pink, and Brown!!

Farm fresh eggs are the best, reminds me of growing up!  

We watched the first couple episodes of  Breaking Bad Season 1.  Interesting show.  Took a few weeks, maybe a month, for it to be our turn at the library.  Instead of working on the sweater I decided to start a new project.  A Wingspan scarf.

Absolutely fascinating construction and super easy to knit.

Saturday - 3.3 Walk - Well at least I am moving.  I took Gus this time, he is much quicker than Gizzy, although I am worried he will wiggle out of his collar if he sees another dog.  I have to get a harness for him and Jax, they make me nervous on walks trying to free themselves from the oppressive leash.

Spent the rest of the day making goodies:  rum balls, Tom's favorite cookie, and sugar cookies; knitting while watching the rest of Breaking Bad season 1.  Oh, Tom's favorite cookie isn't actually the name of it, but this is how is mother titled the recipe card.   

And this leaves us with Sunday, the Newport 10K.  Should be interesting.  My first Westerly Track and Athletic Club (WTAC) team event...  

Beth, back to blathering or rather documenting every minute of her week...  thanks for tuning in!

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