Monday, December 23, 2013

Winding Down

My weekly recap was thwarted by a marathon of Breaking Bad season 2.  I know you are as bummed about this delay as I am...

Monday - 3.7 / TRX - Took a nice slide around campus, it was icy in spots and not so much in others.  Felt good to get out even though it was late in the day.   It was pretty windy out and I was assured "It isn't that bad." by a couple of runners coming in from their run, yeah, it wasn't all that bad, but still I cut my run short and didn't run down by the water.

As Monday goes, it is time for TRX.  We have a long windy steep driveway to navigate after a snowstorm it gets a little dicey.  My second try, I made it up the driveway!  One of the gals bailed and wouldn't even park her car at the bottom and have one of us drive her up.  She hates driving in snow.   We did get to initiate a new member to our TRX hen party, well it isn't a hen party anymore.  Poor Don, no topic is off limit, including snot rockets!    And with a new member we all get re-schooled on the right way to do things.  I kind of appreciate the reminders!  

Tuesday - big fat 0 -  I thought I might have time for spin before venturing off to Richoni's Lounge in Groton.  Alas, I was assured I did not, 5:00 sharp.  After waiting for 30 minutes for the rest of the gang to show up, I most certainly did have time for spin.  Blargh.  My fault.  Nothing like a couple of drinks in a dive bar.  Plus it gave some time for the snow to stop and the roads to clear!!

I am not too hip to pop culture, anyone know what this means, besides the obvious?

Wednesday - 2 - NYC day.  I was a little concerned about black ice on my way to the highway, the roads seemed fine at the frightfully early hour of 5:30 a.m.  I used to be up and running at that time, once upon a time.  I've been contemplating reconsidering sleeping in.  I'm landing on the side of, no.

I decided to turn Strava on and see how far my walks were, 2 miles, not to shabby!  Eventually I will get an overnight in the city and I can run in Central Park.  For now, a few block walk down to Bryant Park is the only thing on the agenda.  

A little snowy and chilly to take a seat!

Love how all over the place the lines are.  The triangle on 41st between 3rd and Lex is a mystery to me!

Thursday - 5 - was able to get out for a run pre lunch.  It was yet another holiday lunch... when will the madness end? This was a nice run, windy again, not bone chilling cold, I could have done with two tech shirts instead of the heavyweight shirt I did have.  When it gets near the end of the week my gym bag gets lighter and lighter.   The office pretty much cleared out before the lunch, most people weren't coming back.  It was nice and quiet and productive and I was able to get to Ro's spin class! She claimed to be tired from her plane back from Jamaica getting in late.  Tired for this woman is still energized!!

Friday - big fat 0.  Lunch with the girls, ANOTHER holiday get together.  I had to go back to work so only one glass of wine to their bottle each!  My first time eating Pho too!  Yummy stuff.  I have no idea why I've never eaten Vietnamese food before Friday.  After finally getting my inbox to a manageable size and cleaning up the last few things on my to do list it was time to pack up for the year!  I decided not to text the girls and see where the party had ventured off to.  Instead I went home and took a nap, I even slept through all the dog dinner time commotion!

Saturday -  5.1/3.9 - Ah, Yule, Winter Solstice, the shortest day and longest night.  It was a while before I wrapped my mind around that concept, the day was still 24 hours but a short day and a long night?  Huh...  sort of like the realization that a gallon of milk is the same as a gallon of paint, just different size and weight, a gallon is a gallon no matter the container or the liquid.  

I took an enjoyable run when I got up, wasn't really sure where I wanted to go so just did one of the usual routes.

Took the old guy out to walk around Napatree Point.  He enjoyed it, mostly, 3 miles is pretty much his limit, so we pushed it a little bit and it is harder walking on sand and through the rocks.   The fun part of our little adventure was trying to determine if the water was shallow enough to walk across from the jug handle.  Alas, it was not.  Although there was a part that was, as we walked the long way around I saw some people manage to get across without having to take off shoes and socks (as I did) and wade!!

Sunday - 3.6 / 2 After giving Crutch a hard time for stealing my running buddy Nicole it was my turn to run with him, yeah.   The message was simple, meet me at the park and ride for the Green Falls loop if it wasn't pouring out.  Ok sounds good.  I was told it had technical parts and very runnable parts.  As long as he didn't lose me I figured it would be ok.

Wow, what a beautiful trail!  Wish I would have brought my iPhone for pictures, but with the rain and the rocks I'd of surely slipped and broken the damn thing.   Crutch was a very good tour guide and kind with his pacing, plus the stops to check out the beauty of the forest were welcome!  The descending grade road back to his truck was welcome to.  Stretch the legs a bit and not worry so much about tripping and slipping!  

With the nice weather and the fact the pack hasn't been out in a while Dave suggested a trip to East Beach in Charlestown he drove a few miles down the beach and we walked to the breachway and explored the cove.  Always a fun time.  Dave spied a snowy owl and I tried to catch a picture of it in flight.  It is a bit blurry.  

Ok it is a lot blurry....
For some reason once we get back there Jax and Gus play like crazy, in and out of the water, and all in and around the scrub trees.  It is hysterical to watch them going berzerkers.  Even Gizzy got a little goofy with them.  When it was the three of them he, Sage, and Diesel also used to go berzerkers back there.

Monday - Big fat 0 and TRX.  Being the first day of vacation and relentlessly rainy I decided  to tackle  some indoor projects I'd "get to when I had time".  Holy cow do they pile up!!!  

A member of my knitting club was 'gifted' a knitting machine, she couldn't get it off her hands fast enough.  It made it home with me last week and I put it together and fiddled around with it and its bazillion parts, I'll stick to my knitting needles.  Way to many moving parts.  If we still had cats they would go bazonkers for it, I'm sure.   Hopefully the next person on the list gets my eMail and I can pass it along.   Yeah, honestly, I need another hobby like I need a hole in the head.  Discretion is the better part of valor.  Does that apply here?

The tree is up, Jax has destroyed one gift bag, fortunately it was empty.  Previously it held some goat milk soap and caramels, so yeah, I'm sure the smell was driving him bonkers.

I have no idea how this tissue paper got stuck in my mouth!!

Beth, getting caught up!

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