Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Recap

Gizzy, Mr. Schedule, was adamant, no make that ADAMANT he was going for a walk at 7:30 p.m. last night or was going to blow out my ears (and Dave's) with his whining.  Well, he is a 13 year old boxer, and my special guy, and if you know dogs they have the attitude of an only child (or so I'm told from people with actual human children) that is an attitude of: me me me me; Gizzy won this argument, paws down.  Oh yeah, we do have three...  there isn't a sane brain cell between the two of us, well at least according to our families.  Prior to this disruption I got a quick peek at Mike B and Seth's year end recap so this gave me something to roll around in my head while Gizmo did his thing.  How to recap...  As usual I over think things.

I set my self with some BHAG - Big Hairy Audacious Goals - and I think I looked at them at the end of the first quarter and that was it.  Guess I expected I'd just meet them by chance?

Mileage 1,500 miles, 1 race per month, 2 marathons, one with the Lung Cancer Alliances's Team Lung Love, 6 1/2 marathons.  Ummm, yeah, I ran about 1,000 miles, total between walking, biking and running I sit at:  1,455 best as I can tell it breaks down to: 433 biking and 1022 running / walking / hiking.   Running consists of 37 races of 310.8 racing miles, ridiculous, no wonder I wanted to throw in the towel and never run again after the second marathon of the year.  

37 races breaks down:

  • 2 marathons
  • 7 1/2 marathons
  • 5 10 milers
  • 1 8 miler
  • 1 7.4 miler
  • 3 10K
  • 1 5.5 miler
  • 2 5 miler
  • 2 4 miler
  • 12 5Ks
  • 1 relay (20 miles over 30 hours on 2 hours sleep)

Ridiculous, period, end of sentence.  At some point I had designs on PRs (without putting in the requisite work, mind you, reminiscent of my 5th trimester of college - that didn't go so well, either) but at least I didn't have to face my parents with an expulsion letter from the dean, just look myself in the mirror, and be honest, not really sure which was worse.

Not quite this bad!!

PRs?  HA! Well, actually, 2! 

5K my goal was sub 27 - holding strong at Mews 2012 27:27,  my best for 2013 was 28:02 (Guilford Frost 5K where I coughed up a lung after being sick for a week) 
10K my goal was sub 1 hour - PR at the Niantic 10K 1:00:26, close...
1/2 Marathon my goal was sub 2 hours - holding strong at  Newport 2012 2:09, at least I could get Nicole to a PR for that 1/2 in 2013 at sub 2:30.
Marathon my goal was sub 5 - PR at the Arizona Rock n' Roll 5:01 close...  we won't discuss MCM, that was a disaster, much like my 5th trimester of college, you get out what you put in.

To blatantly steal, "hobbies in various states of disrepair"

Books - I read more substantial books, maybe Goodreads will tell me pages in 2012 vs 2013, because the number was pitiful.  All in all I enjoyed the books, some non-fiction, mostly historical fiction.  I am the daughter of a history teacher, she appreciates my love of historical fiction, but if there isn't a story to get involved in and characters to love and hate history doesn't really interest me and she appreciates that and offers up books of that ilk.

Knitting - no socks, just baby sweaters, lots and lots of baby sweaters, seems all were appreciated too!!  I did make amazing progress on my first Fair Isle and have yet to finish it... next year it will be finished, my knitting friend needs to catch up!  I'm not cutting apart all that work solo!!  My knitting student talked me into a cabled fitted sweater, I swear it isn't going to fit me, no matter what that gauge swatch says, so my mom may have a new blue sweater for her 70th birthday.

Diet - Out the window, let's not discuss it.  I've been eating like I'm constantly training for a marathon and drinking like I just finished one.  Betty Ford or a Weight Loss Camp probably aren't on the agenda...  the numbers on the scale are the numbers on the scale, this is the part of Weight Watchers I hate, the numbers, I can't keep to my goal weight, but I can keep to my clothing size.  So, I dropped out....

All in, I'm happy with 2013, I learned some great lessons, lessons I will carry forward into 2014.  What I most love about 2013 was getting to know other runners, to finally break out of my bashful shell and realize they really don't care about my pace, they, like I, thrive on the love of the run, period.

Beth, not really sure about setting goals for 2014, just wants to focus on the 50K and being the runner she can be.  If she feels she MUST participate in a race, maybe volunteer, and not run it...  


  1. Great work this year! That looks like one comfy baby.

  2. You had a great year of running, and had fun doing it! I call 2013 a success, and I'm looking forward to getting some runs in with you in 2014!

  3. Great job! One of my highlights was meeting you and becoming friends. Here is to a fantastic 2014!