Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mixed Doubles 10K - Recap

Mixed Doubles Relay seem to be something of a new event.  Amby Burfoot brought it to SE CT, this was the second year! Very cool race.  

Thing was a partner is necessary, and a male.  Or go to the singles bar, never really was my thing.  Don was looking for an older partner, always scheming that one.  After I got snubbed by Don, I hoped Steve would accept my invite. It was like one of those Sadie Hawkins Dances,  UGH...    Steve isn't all that competitive and agreed to be my partner.  Pshew...  best to know your audience, right???  I completely accept those who are competitive and are in it to win it.  Me?  Well I usually want to push the edge of what is my current best.

I went into this with not much of a plan (this seems to my MO this year).  Figured even with my plodding pace we would be under an hour.  Hills on Friday was an iffy idea at best for any success at sub 30 on Saturday.   Steve figured 24, as he has a chest cold.  What is it with runners and racing sick???


Results here.

49:15 for the team
3rd in our age group  (100 - 109)
32nd in the open group 

Steve ran a 21:44, quite far off the mark from 24!  I took off a bit fast and it took me a bit to get into a sustainable pace.  I ran a 27:31  (expecting 29).

Mile 1:  8:48  - a little fast, however it was very very flat.
Mile 2:  8:57 - one foot of elevation gain.  I should really not look at my watch and run by feel.  (oh I did grab water at the water stop)
Mile 3:  Don's partner passed me.  8:50 and it was a whole 12 foot decline.  At least I kept close to the pace I set in mile 1
Mile 0.12: 7:38   yeah, like I can sustain THAT!! All the cheering and finally being D.O.N.E. is what gets anyone across that finish line right?  

That hurt.  It could have hurt a lot more.  My friend Rod reminds me 5Ks are not fun they are supposed to hurt.  Guess I have some more work to do?

It is hard to know which is the best part, nearly besting my 5K PR or meeting Ray Charbonneau and his wife Ruth.   Ray's book "Chasing the Runner's High. My sixty million step program" really brought me to the point of knowing I could accomplish a 50K once I set my mind to it.  To say it was weird to introduce myself to him and tell him I was a fan is an understatement.  To have him say "I had no idea I had a fan." was, well overwhelming.  

I should re-read his book and get inspired for that 50 miler I promised myself!

Yeah my 5K PR from Mews 2012 27:27 and coming so close with this 27:31 was pretty freaking cool too! Strava gave me 27:22 as my 5K best effort.  Hmmm, should I claim this as a PR race???      Nahhhhh....  

Net, net, this was a FUN race I will definitely do again!!

Beth, enjoying competition

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  1. Nicely done! I have a love hate with 5ks, they hurt so good and are over so fast! Great job getting 3rd in your age group and nearly besting your PR.