Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekly Recap 9/1 - 9/7

Monday - 0

Starting to be a theme.  I wasn't feeling like doing anything so I didn't do anything.  Not particularly enjoying feeling this way...  it will pass.

In other news Dave and his buddy John had some brilliant crashes in Arcadia.  So he is limping around like an old man. 

Tuesday - Run 4 / 1.4 Dog walk

I really should call this a swim with the 100% humidity.  At least the temp was only 84 so it wasn't completely horrific.  Certainly felt like a slog and took everything I had not to plop my butt down on a bench along the Thames River and watch the ferries and sailboats.

Hopefully Mike B enjoyed this weather he loves...'

Gizzy was on a mission tonight.  I think he may have been looking for Mike B to feed him some more chicken wings.  

Wednesday - Run 8 / Walk 3 (w/Ro)

Finally Bephys got her groove back.  I felt like crap for a few days, how on earth do people live like that???    A lunch walk with Ro, listening to the Ro Flow got me out of my bad place, yes yes, she let's me speak, so that helped and my afternoon seemed to pick up.

Admittedly I was very nervous about running 8 with Jennifer.  We've never run more than a 5K together and I seem to be completely exhausted with that so why the hell did I sign up for 8?  And then this humidity, holy crap this was sure to be a disaster.  I committed so I'm committed.

When I walked with Ro the humidity didn't seem to be spiking, in fact, compared to yesterday's swim it felt like the desert.  Hmmm...  When I left work it felt dryer, when I got to the beach dry with a breeze.  All rightey then, this is going to be good.  I mapped out a loop.  Jennifer looked a little concerned about this.  I really didn't feel like and out and back and she was ok, lets go, I need to stop for water after mile 3.  Sure thing, we'd be in Watch Hill at that point.  

The run went well, very well, no hills to completely loose one's shit over and the last few miles were really down hill or flat.  Finally I feel like I've had a good run and a good effort and broke the 5K barrier with Jennifer.  Once I get past mile 5 I'm usually pretty good.  I was a little loopy at the end and she was, well done.  A little to much leg work the day before a run, didn't work out well.  That is the point of training figuring out what works and what doesn't.  And the point of running with someone is having them pull you when you are lagging and pulling them when they are lagging.

I'm pleased and feeling like my usual cheerful self, so I'll call that a win!

Thursday - NYC

What happens in NYC stays in NYC.    Late dinner with a fantastic couple...  lots of laughs and stories and toasting.

Friday -  Run 3

I threw the new running shorts in my bag before I left, it was nice to come home to a package of summer running gear and winter.  Planning ahead for when the temps are more to my liking!!  

The run was fine, standard pace, soaking wet.  When will this humidity end??  Afterwards I felt much better, I knew I would, I rarely don't feel better.  

Decided against dealing with Boston traffic on a Friday night to be able to spend the afternoon with Dave and the dogs.  Neither of us have been home long enough to have an actual conversation, with each other, not the dogs.  So that was good.  He is feeling better from his crash in Arcadia and not as bruised up as John.   He hasn't been back on the bike since Monday so I know he is hurting.  

Saturday - 0

I did nothing, rested, cleaned, read, knitted.  It was bliss!

Sunday - TFCE  (The Flattest Century in the East)  

The flattest century in New England.  7 a.m. starting from Dartmouth UMASS!  Looking forward to this!!

Recap here.

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  1. Have to fit Chatfield Hollow in somewhere!

    1. I know! Possibly Friday afternoon.... depends on my work load. Deffo nothing on Saturday or Sunday's ride will really suck.