Sunday, September 21, 2014

Warrior Dash - Recap

And this is how these things start:

Arm twisted and Jennifer signed me up.   I was dubious about this whole thing.  Obviously.

Started my day with the intention of a 30 mile or 2 hour bike ride.  I managed 28 miles, plus a couple stops to enjoy the beauty of this area of New England and have one of the most sugary and buttery croissant I've ever had.  Plus one of those Starbucks frappachino thingies.  I really wanted a chocolate milk, this was the closest I could find at the little market where I stopped.  I didn't want to clunk around too much in my bike shoes.  Plus I really only had two hours to ride and be home so I could at least rinse off and change before heading out to the Warrior Dash. 

After a conversation only women would have about which Park and Ride we were meeting at, we were off to Madison, CT for the Warrior Dash.  

Met up with Jennifer's friend Susan, her daughter and two of her daughters friends.  To make up the team of 6.

Sarah, Nicole, Mark, Susan, Jennifer, Me - Photo Credit Donnie

Truthfully, this was all a little overwhelming.  Lots of people and my un-sureness about this submerging in mud.  I'll run though it,  I'll get it kicked in my face yet the whole submerging in it.  

3.1 miles 12 obstacles - there was real running involved, some nice trails too!!

Obstacles:  Swim out to a dock climb up on it jump back in the water swim out.  It was more of a wade, damn the water was cold.  Several knee deep mud areas to wade through.  I slipped in one and fell up to my elbows.  Lots of things to climb up and over.  Mud pit to slide down into wade across and climb out of.  Rope walls to climb and a slide down into, yes another watery mud pit, and you went in and under. Rope tunnels to crawl through.  Fire to jump over. Mud to wallow through and duck under barbed wire.  Covered trenches to crawl through.  

Seriously this should have been a mud run not a Warrior Dash.  The obstacles were not difficult or challenging for any of us.  Well Susan and Jennifer are short so this made some easier and the climbing ones require a boost up!  Team work!

Me, Jennifer, Susan, Sarah, Nicole, Mark - Photo credit Donnie

Jennifer and I managed to get cleaned up with a hose and the others went to swim in the pond to clean up.  We parted ways, and Jennifer, her son Donnie (chief bag holder and picture taker), and I went back to Jennifer's vehicle changed clothes, clean clothes even on a still somewhat muddy body is better than wet and muddy.  Got some food and beer.  Nice to get to know her son.  

All in all it was fun.  Will I do it again?  Dunno.  Both Jennifer and I agreed this could have been a lot more physically challenging and the runs in the woods were great.  A good beginner obstacle course run.  Maybe one more challenging with less of the ick factor of mud submersion.

Beth, who confesses the mud submersion wasn't all that bad... fun day with friends!


  1. Warrior Dash was my first obstacle race ever in 2010. It was a present to myself after meeting my weight loss goal. It was a lot of fun!!

    I see more in your future :)

    1. We shall see. Probably depends on how much booze I've consumed! Seems you have the same weakness!! Congratulations on your Spartan Race. Not going to go for that trifecta then?

  2. Wow! Good for you! I am pretty sure I will be skipping any and all races with mud.