Thursday, August 20, 2015

Battle of Stonington 5K - Recap

The original Battle of Stonington was fought in August 1814 in the War of 1812.  The small fishing village sent the British packing after 4 days of gun and cannon fire.

 "... Suddenly this tiny little town of Stonington was victorious and sent the British Navy away with its tail between its legs. For a couple or three weeks Stonington was the biggest news in America." - Author James Tertius deKay.

The modern day Battle of Stonington is a road race started in 1998.  The lead up to the road race are 5K fun runs on Tuesday from June until the week before the race.  I enjoy these fun runs and it is sad when they end.  "The Borough" is a great place to run.  Two laps make a 5K, plus you get a Popsicle stick (you only have to complete 1 lap to earn this) and can redeem that for a beer or a wine or an actual Popsicle!

The Battle of Stonington 5K arrived, I hemmed and hawed about going and running or going and cheering. I've been very frustrated with my running lately, I know I can do better and I go through this in the heat of August, every August.  It's part of the process I told myself so just enjoy the run, you aren't going to win any races, well maybe against a turtle, then again if that little bugger bites my ankle it may win, so who knows, nothing is ever certain, well death and taxes...

A goal:  sub 29
B goal:  sub 30 (thanks Jeff)
C goal:  do not die

I figured this time the C goal was a gimme, there was no way I could possibly run a sub 30 5K with as crappy as my runs have been.

It is a two lap race, mile 1 went well 9:02, I felt good, and when I looked at my watch I thought, keep this up and you are sub 28.  And then it starts falling apart, I start thinking...  Mile 2 barely buzzed 9:50 and I though well I'll walk  a few steps, sub 29 may be salvagable right?... Mile 3 and I've been back and forth with this gal in a pink shirt, she was a run walker, I guess.  Wow those folks can run fast when they run, so they pass me, then they walk and I pass them.  It is frustrating to me, I am working very diligently on being a duck and letting it roll off..  Mile 3 buzzes and I have 0.1 to go, pink shirt passes me I am not letting this happen and pass her, then think.  Wait, do I really want to do that, no, no I don't.  I grumbled to her "Let's go"  "We've got this" and we both run.  She was probably a little stunned. 

As we crossed that timing mat at 29:50 she grabbed my hand and we raised them in victory.

I did find her name and sent her a FB message, as we aren't friends this goes to the 'other' folder and most likely she'll think I'm some crazy stalker.  But if she doesn't have any of the pictures of this, my friends took a bunch, and I'd like to share.  Nice when you have fast friends they can get pictures of your finish because they are done and bored waiting for you!

At the end of the day, to me running is about team spirit and camaraderie, not beating someone. 

This re-invested me in running, maybe even racing. I love the picture Sharon captured The thrill of victory for both of us. I have no idea her demons she has no idea mine, we did have a joint demon - that timing mat.

After the race Way Hedding said, he loved seeing me and my girlfriend cross the line hand in hand. I said "I have no idea who that woman is but for those seconds we were best friends."

Beth, guesses she is capable of sub 30 5K the initial goal of many runners, now, back to speed work with this damn humidity goes away... ok, before, but she won't enjoy it.


  1. Great job! I love the picture and the story behind it, runners really are some of the coolest people ever. I love the way you shared the history too! Have a great Friday!

  2. Nice write-up and race. Glad you're back "in" to running again.

    Now, shouldn't your "A Goal" be more aggressive than your "B Goal"?

  3. Congrats on the race. Beautiful picture and great story. Long time ago, in 1986, something of similar happened to me. A man came to my office and, introducing himself, said: "I am the runner who made all the half marathon behind you, what about to train together"? He became my best running friend until his "retirement" few year later.