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Weekly Log: 8/3 - 8/9 (post event depression) (final)











Ok so I think we all get this, the Pan-Mass Challenge is over and I'm a little in a funk.  I'm also really not feeling like myself, tired and trouble breathing.  This was going on before the PMC, I chalked it up to nerves.  I need to dig out the three inhalers I have stashed all around and start using them.  When I do my runs have felt a bit better, not like an elephant is sitting on my chest.

Well that's enough of that whining...

Monday - I took the day off, I knew I would be tired, and I was.  The surprising thing was I slept through the night!  How unusual for me!!  Took Gizzy for a quick stroll up and down the block and Gus out on a much longer jaunt around town.  I needed to move, however not quickly and not in a saddle!

Tuesday - One lap warm up and one lap speed-work told me, nope this wasn't happening. I was about 2:34 and my heart wasn't in it.  The Curmudgeon agreed to run, at my pace, and all was well for a little over 4 miles, he went back to his office and me to mine.   Runner Dave had to go home and turn on the generator for his wife.  We had a freak storm blow through the area downing trees and wrecking havoc early in the a.m.

Did the Run Walk with Pam and Ro at the Dog Watch, it wasn't easy, it got done though.

Wednesday - Faith and I are back to our Wednesday runs!  I had about 3 in me, I may have been able to eek out 4.  Not really sure.  Exciting run, but more on that when I can talk about it!  I need the push to keep me moving versus plodding.

Thursday - Rest day - well no, the weather was perfect for a run so I ran a bit more than 5 at lunch.  Actually very nice to be completely alone with my music and my thoughts.  Rory and I opted to go back to Monday's for knitting.  I really like my Monday rest day, or I'm so in the habit of Monday as a non-running day.

Went out for a quick spin on my bike, all was well, I really need to clean the chain.

Friday - Went to the Bluff Point fun run, we ran clock wise and I didn't use my inhaler.  Gazelle's wife stuck with me till I finally begged off and took the short route, 2 miles, Oh well, guess I got out there.

Saturday - Everyone slept in. Well not Jax, he thinks we should all be up and ready to party at 6 a.m. I took a mile hike in the woods in the morning, and had to take a two hour nap after that before tackling some yard work.  WTF is going on with me?

Gus and I took a nice stroll around town just before our towns version of Waterfire and Shakespeare in the park started.  He was quite the hit with the little girls and was loving all the attention from them.  The boys, not so much, he really doesn't like men/boys/males.  Odd. Well not really, he is a  rescue and was abused, noticing that he reacts very poorly to obese men with beards and baseball caps, I'd venture to say the perpetrator has a resemblance.  I'm glad when guys will ask if they can pet him and I let Gus give the guy the once over before agreeing on his behalf.  Most times he's ok sometimes he Gus gives me a look that says "let him touch me and you'll regret it"  gotcha pal, moving along!

Sunday - There is an 8 mile run on the schedule and I have to wait for the new refrigerator to be delivered.  Ours died after 7 years, the mother board and the fan that cools the condenser went.  Number One Smart Guy had the same thing happen to his two weeks ago, and so did another co-worker.  All about the same age.  Dave was adamant no more electronics, no ice maker, no water dispenser, just a fridge and a freezer.  I asked that it be stainless to go with the rest of the appliances, he said that since Sears was out of Avocado I was getting stainless but none of that other nonsense.  Oh yippee....  better go buy a water filter pitcher and some ice trays.  Dave?  Well he is going fishing, what a life this guy has...

What happened:

Dave got up at 4:30 realized that he needed to take off the swinging door into the kitchen before he went fishing.  That didn't go as planned.  He woke me up to tell me to tell the guys to put the fridge in the dining room and he would deal with it later.  I suggested he take the doors off the fridge and then it would fit through the door.  Jax thought this was his cue to wrestle.  Eventually I got back to sleep for an hour.

I carried G down to find the doors to the fridge in the front hall, his bikes moved so the guys could put the fridge in the dining room, parts of the swinging door and tools spread out all over the place.  I'm not surprised.  No, really, I'm not.  I'd of been surprised if things were where they belonged, that would have freaked me out!!

Fed the dogs just as the phone started ringing, Dave calling to tell me he called the delivery guys they are coming on Thursday with the fridge.  I was stunned, and said, ok, guess I'll buy more ice to keep my beer cold. I am far to nice of a wife, don't you agree?

I went for a run, it was less than stellar, it was done, the weather was stellar and it was lovely to be outside for 90 minutes singing along to Kid Rock, Eminem, and Bob Seger, my Detroit boys.  On the schedule was 8, the route  I had in my mind really was only 4, well if I'd of gone out to see the cows it would have been 8, I went right and not left to avoid the 'hill' on Boombridge, missing the cows, my loss, I added on some extras to get close to 8. Considering Oak Street is more of a climb than Boombridge I kinda screwed myself (HA serves me right) 7.6 at a pace I haven't run in months, gak....

Beth, perhaps a little testy, perhaps just snarky?

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  1. My dear friend, I hope to get to the bottom of what's trouble you. Very worrisome.
    For the week after your big event, you did well. Beyond well, you did great. Easing back in; soon you'll be back to where you want to be.
    Hugs to you.