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Weekly Recap: 8/17/15 - 8/23/15 (final)

I'm kinda getting bored with this format...  gotta figure out how to change it up.  I do like the weekly to review later... hmmmm....  then again 4 people read this so...











Monday - I drove back from MI.  Waze had me going down the PA Turnpike (I-76 for those not in the know) and over the George Washington Bridge.  Huh.  Well trust in Waze and it was good.  I left the folks around 7:40 and made a couple stops to see if I could find some Short's Brewery ControversiALE.  No dice.  That was one of the requests Dave made along with Arbor Brewing Company Sacred Cow IPA.  Not that I didn't already have a trunk full of MI beers not available here. 

I imagine I-80 was all clogged up with construction traffic?  Dunno.  NOT very surprised that the drive was easy until I hit Old Saybrook, CT the set up for night construction and ended up with a 15 minute delay and another 10 minute delay in New London, CT for some repaving they are doing before the Gold Star Bridge. I'd been on the road 12 hours at that point through 5 states with no issue, other than rain causing flooding on the road.  Seriously even getting over the GWB and onto the Henry Hudson Parkway was a breeze... 

Monday is a rest day so that's a zero. 

Nice to sleep in my own bed and with air conditioning.  Gak I can't handle the heat lately.

Tuesday - Debating on the Battle of Stonington.  I bailed with the rain last Tuesday and a chance to finally do what Dave wanted to do for dinner on Tuesday night.  Both were bad ideas, in a way.  The Taco Tuesday was a bust and now Thumbelina won't let up that I bailed on a run because of rain.   He'll be getting a box of circle band aides and I may even let Way know he has them so he stops nip bleeding through his shirts...  all in good fun, all in good fun...

What happened:

Totes forgot to bring the prezzie for Thumbelina, DOH!!  I ran the race - recap to come

Wednesday - I probably should get with my 1/2 training plan. 

What happened:  I ran at lunch and biked after work.  Running was awful.  I hate this weather.  Please when is it going to snow?  I'd rather run on ice.  Biking wasn't bad when I was moving.  I went and creeped on the WTAC fun run.  Muddy - nice tan!  Mikey  - always appreciate a hand slap and a 'you go girl'.  And then did a loop around the pond and headed back home.  Got in the shower just in time to have Dave get back from taking the young guys out to run and he got to feed the heard.  Smirk.

I have to find this training plan I made.  I am sure I had way more miles than 5 and there wasn't any biking.  I love biking, it is so freeing and so much easier than running, even when dodging summer people and crazy drivers....

Thursday - Run

What happened:  I sweated off 3 lbs for 5 miles.  No I couldn't just give up at 4.3. That stupid 5 mile kudo rule.  Yes, I say it is stupid, however it really isn't because what's the point for anything under 5, right?  I really have to get back to 5 being a minimum run and not this 3 bullshit of late.  That aside, it is hot and humid and the sun came out and made it worse.  Bitch bitch bitch...  The sun that bright on a nice 40F day, I'll take it.  A nice snow covered road with sun that bright, oh yes!  It wasn't over 80, it was the 98% humidity that sucked.  I could wring out my running gear, blech...  There was a breeze and I changed course to catch it, even just a whisper of a breeze helped.

Friday - Bike & Hike with the Jennifers - we now have Plan A, B, & C depending on one of the Jennifer's schedule and the pending rain.  I hope we stick with Plan A.

What happened:  Plan Beth take a Friday afternoon nap with Gizzy and runs the final Fun Run at Bluff Point.  If it weren't for the walkers I'd of been last!  Thank you Denise and Melinda!

It cooled off a bit, the humidity was a bit less, or so I convinced myself.  It was a good run and Denise made Terimisu (or however it is spelled, I'm going with a Beomeunisim here)...  not a bad run.  I haven't run Bluff Point in a long time.  That used to be where I'd run before I'd go home in Friday, I should resurrect this transition.  A half hour in the woods is a good way to start the weekend!

Saturday - Run, gak do I really want to run in Narragansett at 6 a.m.?

What happened: I bailed on Narragansett at 5:30 a.m. and the Mystic at 7 and ran my own 10 mile loop, which was barely going to be 9 until the cleaning guy at Northwest Marina gave me a bottle of water. I felt I had to fulfill my commitment to myself of 10.  It was a very well done regression run, each mile slower than the next.  I'm NOT apologizing for my pace, I'm stating a fact.  By the time I got home I was spent.  No fuel and a bottle of water at mile 7, I'm going to promote myself to rock star status!

The fly by shows one of the bikers who passed me and Dan from work who was running towards me and then turned left before I saw him, he probably saw me plodding along?  Who knows.  There were a couple of speedy gals out there.  Seriously, I have no issues getting passed.  Say hi, though!

Signed off on my Volunteer assignment for the Rhode Warrior 1/2 Ironman and Olympic distance tri.  Ran into Gazelle and his lovely wife and then Shawn.  Rock stars all of them in my book. That swimming thing is NOT for sissies!!  

I was going to bike down to the beach to pick up my packet to get in some much desired bike miles.  Biking with all the summah people is not wise...  I don't have to be at my post till 8 on Sunday, I should bike out there.  The weather seems like it is shaping up NOT to rain - knock on wood and potato chips!

Sunday - Bike / volunteer at Rhode Warrior 1/2 Ironman

What happened:

I volunteered.  The bikers were about a half an hour later than I expected.  I wondered what was going on.  I saw Shara, missed 5K, and worried the down biker was Gazelle.  It was a good hour? before I saw him biking through.  I don't know who crashed on Buckeye Brook, I do hope they are OK and I'm glad it wasn't Gazelle...

For my 5 hours of standing on my feet I get two race entries.  As a flagger I have no right to stop traffic.  I wish people understood that.  I can slow them down by standing in the road, and then deal with the wrath of the drivers pissed because I was in THEIR road.  It's worth the frustration, mostly.  

I was supposed to take a 50 mile bike ride or run 3 miles.  I tried my best to get invested in "Cider House Rules" and took a nap.  Irving annoys me as a writer, but I'm managing to get somewhat invested in the book, hopefully enough to have a conversation with my buddy up in Maine who really thinks I need to read this book... The nap was delightful, I can rarely think of a nap that wasn't.  

So I didn't hit my 31 miles for the week per my training plan, which I'm actually fairly on target for mile wise, not pace wise.  Ya know what, I really don't care about pace.  I'm done apologizing for my pace, I enjoy running, ok I enjoy the eating and drinking it allows me and I enjoy being called crazy, maybe not the constant right foot left foot part...

Next week is a new week to get it all together, right?  Plus a century ride on the weekend... because, I enjoy the bike so much more than running.

Beth, attitude adjusted after a weekend with her parents.  It is tough raising parents, they seem to be happy and well adjusted, at this moment.  

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