Thursday, August 6, 2015

Three Things Thursday

Competition versus Challenge 

Embarking on week one, I'm struggling with either the Narragansett 1/2 training plan or the time goal.  

The plan – it’s totally reasonable and I am capable

The time goal – it’s totally reasonable and I am capable

So what’s the issue?

I'm not sure I really want to put in the effort to get to a 2 hour 1/2. 

Is that wrong? 

I don't feel like it's wrong.  It's taken me a long time to get to this point of not feeling like I need to be a competitor to be accepted in the running community.

I'll put in the time, the speed-work, and the miles, I enjoy the challenge and I enjoy seeing the progress.  What happens happens?  Or is that wrong?

Rest Days

So my knitting student had a conflict on Monday, which was my rest day for a number of years.  We flipped to Thursdays because Tuesdays are speed-work with the EB boys, Wednesdays running with Faith, Friday’s she works from home a lot.  I kinda got used to the running on Monday thing, and I kinda didn’t.  Wednesdays I found myself exhausted and not always enjoying my Faith runs.  Thursday mornings I wake up wanting to run, but it’s my rest day.  Is that because I am supposed to rest I want to run or is this just how my biorhythms work?  Dunnno 

Monday is going to be my rest day starting next week and we shall see how this goes.  I did enjoy my Monday runs, I’m sure I will miss them.  I could always get up early and run?  Nahhhhhhh


My posts generally include something  about my favorite canine, Gizmo AKA G, Gizzy, Lord Giz of the Mo, his health is fine, it’s his back legs that are failing.  When a Boxer is 14 ½ he is old, ancient even, like 103 in people years ancient.  I’m thinking that is a bit of an exaggeration, but hey, that’s what I extrapolated it out to from the Pedigree “How old is my dog” website.  Anyhoodles, he gets himself around the house, a combination of walking and scooting.  Nothing is keeping him from his food and water or the couch, that is for sure.  He will bark his fuzzy head off until his hooman’s come and say hi to him, he’s not going to bother going to find them. 

The back leg leash was good for quick little jaunts and lately he wants to take longer walks.  Usually at 11 at night when Dave takes him out before bed.  This week I got him out on his leash and he took off, he was moving, fast and furious and not stopping.  (I took a short video for posterity.)  Ok.  I figured we’d do our usual to the end of the block and back.  Nope, he turned at the corner and was determined to keep going on one of his routes.   We got in about a mile!  I’m rather impressed with his perseverance? stubbornness?  My shoulders were a little sore as the last two blocks were more me carrying him than him walking with assistance.  

The trooper Lord Giz of the Mo
He ducked off into the neighbors bushes to bark at Yoko the crazy orange cat.  Yoko was decidedly unimpressed.

Beth, who thinks the lesson to be learned is going after what pleases you and flexibility!

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