Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Weekly Recap: 8/10 - 8/16 (final)










Monday - my rest day, it was a beautiful day to run, I didn't, I did do TRX.  Felt way better than last Monday post the PMC.  Took Gus on a nice long walk, he really does enjoy his evening strolls, I think even a bit more than Giz does.  Gus is very focused, there isn't much prolonged sniffing around or investigating or even curiosity about other animals or people.  Well the two skunks, of course, caught his attention.  He wanted to go investigate the smelly kitties and was a bit put out that he wasn't allowed to, seeings how he never asks for much.  Sheesh...

Set and sewed in the right sleeve on the sweater and sewed up the arm and side seam, it fit!  So far so good. I'll set the left sleeve sew and finish up the left arm and side seam and hope it still fits.  Definitely good in the length for the body and the sleeve, the big test is the width of the back, with the other side seam sewn.  Bites nails.  This is why I like knitting one piece sweaters, there isn't all this nail biting.

Tuesday - It rained I didn't run, no speed-work no Dog Watch.  I did go home on time and hang out with my husband who has wanted to go to $2 Taco Tuesdays at the local Mexican place for quite some time and has had his nose out of joint  because I have Tuesday activities.  So yes, Paul the rain played a part as did the spouse.  Well it was a bust, the food has been getting less than stellar and the service gets slower and slower. For two beers each and him 4 tacos and me 3 the meal should not have taken 2 hours.  Jax didn't get a walk, it was his turn, poor little guy.  I sacked out on the couch with Gizmo as Jax took my favorite chair in protest of us not being home.  Those dogs are so funny.

Wednesday - Faith was running late and clearly said I'll meet you on Easter Point Road.  I figured she'd park down by the beach where she usually parks so I veered off of Eastern Point Road and on to Meech to go down to where I figured she'd park.  Um no Faith.  Well crap.  Ran back up Meech to go back to campus to find her standing there in a nice bright orange shirt.  What the hell, I had on bright orange...  we are back to our twinsy thing again!  She parked down at the UCONN Campus and ran up Eastern Point Road.  So I was a mile and a half into my run and she was about a mile into hers.  We did the usual loop and I cut it off at Plant Street to get a little over 5 for the day.  We walked a couple times at my request.  As Faith reminded me, it takes longer to recover from big events than we think it does.  I'm going to go with that for my current performance.  Plus it was 80 and full sun.  Gak.  I'll go with I'm still recovering, rather than I'm old and slow.  Mikey's post about runners not enjoying running ran through my head the whole time.

The Strava Fly By is funny.  see if the link works for you.  We just missed each other.

I managed to get a massage appointment for a little later than I planned so I missed yet another WTAC fun run.  I've been by for several, on my bike.  That's still athletic right?

Thursday - "Run of some sort, girls night out"

What happened, a run, that's what happened.  Nice matchy match outfit Mikey!  Dosed myself with the albuterol and by mile 2 I could breathe, really breathe, wowzers, I remember that feeling.  Better follow the 30 minutes pre exercise RX, eh?  Damn, I was hoping the breathing was cause I was fat and old...   I'll cop to the old part, totally.  Go ahead, try it, tell me I'm fat...  ha ha ha ha

Walked Gus, he was happy it was his turn again.  Although he really has a thing for skunks, and this could be problematic, or smelly, if he gets too close.

Friday - "Drive to MI"

Got to my parents early, easy drive, took I-80 in and that seems to be the quickest.  Stopped at Meijers and Krogers to find my dad some of that "Not Your Father's Root Beer" - no dice, only the Coney Island brand and I'm not so hip to that brand, not as much flavor as the NYFRB.  Oh well.  Dad had cold Labatts for me.  I miss Labatts, yes you can get it out here, but it's not the same as the MI Labatts.  Yeah, my husband thinks I'm off my rocker too.

A storm rolled through and the power went out about 9 p.m. so we sat around with flashlights for a while then gave up and went to bed.  The power came on about 2 a.m. Always fun to find out what lights were on!

Saturday -  "Run the flat right angles of the Midwest, the weather is supposed to be cool so 9 probably won't kill me!"

It was hot, sitting and sweating hot.  Ugh.  I ran 5.1  I'm done apologizing for my pace, my pace is my pace and that's that.  No more "Easy" run or "Recovery" run, period.  I was a little worried about the dusty roads, but the storm Friday put enough water on the gravel to stop the dust and even wash off the corn and soybeans.  The Wagner's dogs didn't come out to greet me, they were busy chasing the grandson on his 4 wheeler.  Yeah, that's more fun than chasing me, I guess.

My kid brother made the hike over from Paw Paw on his Harley, any excuse to take a ride.  He didn't mention where he took his birthday week motorcycle trip this year.  Sometimes he just rides around one of the lakes, the Great Lakes...

Sunday - "See Saturday"

It was hot, even more humid, I made 5 and to keep it interesting I ran out to the hard top road to have a little under a mile of asphalt.  It was early enough so the road wasn't too busy.  My mother does not like this route of mine, but what she doesn't know.  Except that she was sitting out on the side porch and figured out that I wasn't running down to the hard top and back that I was running 'that route that's going to get you killed'.  That route is actually more shady and a few more corners too keep it as interesting as running the Midwest grid can be.   Amazing how shady corn can be when it's right up against the road.    Wagner's dogs did come out to see what I was up to.  They may recognize me they may not.  I saw them galloping towards me and stopped and walked a bit till they were completely uninterested in this human and went off to hunt things in the corn field. 

I have a hard time remembering how all the roads interconnect.  I was going to see if I could add on a bit.  Glad I didn't do that, a culvert went out and the road isn't a thru road anymore.  Although I'm sure I could have navigated it on foot, well depends on their farm dogs temperament, I can't always get lucky like with Wagner's pups!

Good visit with my parents, nice to see them as healthy and well.  Not at all looking forward to what this winter does to their health and spirits. 

Beth, excited to go see her mommy and daddy and her youngest brother!

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  1. It is just so nice to be home with family. There is nothing like it. Nice runs and I can't wait to see you!