Friday, September 11, 2015

New Haven Road Race - 20K - Recap

What is that my husband says when I used to run in and down load my runs to Strava, oh yeah,  "If it's not on Strava it didn't happen".  I was considering going with that this race.  But damn I did run the miles and I don't consider any miles "junk" "recovery" or what ever term is used for what amounts to a run not in the pace you usually have, miles...  So I posted my run.  Well that and the Garmin 220 kinda takes care of all that for me which was a big draw to a new watch with bluetooth.  Ok I'm a data slut.  Guilty.

Then Michelle commented, and I engaged, and though well crap, I better post something, if for nothing else maybe I can add it to my stand up routine??


Thursday night was the Mohegan Striders fun run at Sneekers.  The New Haven Road Race was one of the topics. All the hooplah around the race and I really do enjoy running with and hanging out with these folks.  I figured what a fun way to spend Labor Day.  My husband took a nasty spill off his mountain bike and bruised some ribs and frankly isn't much fun to be around and has begged off every road ride for the last few months.  Plus the weather has been so great.  What an awesome way to get in my weekly long run (and get away from the grouch)!!!  I wasn't sure if I should run long the day before the century ride, perfect solution, right?  Brilliant plan, what could go wrong??

The Race:

Well I'll be running long on Saturday a.m.  this didn't pan out how I had planned.  Bummer.

Mile 3ish I grabbed some water, but it wasn't, it was UCAN and I haven't been drinking electrolyte mixes for quite a while.  It was making me more thirsty when I was biking and opted for none on the second day of the PMC and found I felt much better with plain water.  (Thanks Fred for reciting the OSU studies at the PMC!)  I haven't been taking any when I run. The taste of this didn't sit right in my usual iron gut, and kept getting worse.

And then the crowd thinned out as my pace got slower and slower and the heat got hotter and hotter and all I could smell was the cigarette smoke of the random smokers along the course.  

Before the race Tim, one of the Strider elders explained the course to me in Quadrants, and mentioned "you run by the New Haven Green" and off to the third and fourth quadrant and some hills, but not a lot of shade.

In the first 7 miles all the roads were closed to traffic, I imagine the same held true for the last 5.  That was really cool!  Rarely do you find a road race in a city, completely free of traffic. Very cool, definitely a plus to know you didn't need to worry about getting clipped by a car.

I passed by the Green the 10K mark and Mile 7.  I stopped.  I thought hmmmm...  less shade... I feel like crap....  I turned around.  

This seems to be the year of 'quitting' for me! Feh, whatever.  

I'll stick with the cat theme
It wasn't a good run and that was what it was, a run.  I was a tourist in this race and knew that going in.  A 10 mile run on Sat, 5 on Sun and 33 on the bike later on Sun was setting me up to test my limits.  7 miles under someone else's schedule was my limit.  Also puking isn't so fun and I am positive every spectator was smoking and that was turning my stomach more than the UCAN mistake.  

So there you have it!  Amazingly I didn't blow a tire on my way home so I guess Lizzie didn't disapprove of my decision?  (Lizzie, my mother's father's mother - hell on wheels pretty much, didn't give up didn't give in didn't care what other's thought Lizzie)

It's billed as a hot and humid race on Labor Day, and it delivered.  Water stops averaged every 1.5 miles and it was a good thing.  Maybe next year I'll run the whole thing?  Maybe I won't sign up?  Who knows?

Beth, it's all good!  Merrily skipping along to the next thing.... 


  1. Sometimes you just have to throw in the towel! Smokers along the course are so bad, that smoke just seems to choke you. Ugh. Glad Lizzie approved of your decision.