Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Weekly recap: 9/21 - 9/27 (final)








Well it's kinda obvious with my last post the walking miles are divided up between Gus and Jax.  I'm finding it harder and harder to go on these walk with out my Gizzy.  We do venture to both ends of the block, that's about all my arms can take and all he has the desire for, although my arms are getting stronger.  What am I going to do when he is gone?  Drag around 80 lbs for 1/4 of a mile twice a day?  I'll think about that later.

For now he is my happy curmudgeon, yeah kinda like jumbo shrimp.  Clearly in no pain and not suffering.  We will cross the Rainbow Bridge once we arrive.


Well back to the running part of this show...

Monday - OMG what happened to Monday?  A run never happened, I think the chaos of an early morning trip to the hospital for the annual mammogram, think this was my 13th?  Gak.  Now they want to do an ultrasound to get a baseline because the boobs are dense.  Every year it's the same thing, the tech calling them dense.  It's not funny being reminded I have stupid boobs! Really, not funny...   I'm a bit at a cross roads with the additional test.  I passed on the BRCA testing, despite being heavily encouraged by a few cousins (they were negative, why put myself through it).  Now this, are we searching for problems or is this truly a baseline?  Cancer is a concern, I mean really, my  mom has it, her mom had it, her mom had it, her mom had it, my father's mom had it, her mom had it... two breast cancers in the bunch...  is it worth the agony???

Good grief this is getting depressing...  I probably won't do it if it is more than a baseline.  I see so many false positives with breast cancer and don't want to put myself through that.  The body fights it off till it doesn't.  And all the women in my family are well into their 60's when they get diagnosed. At this point it is a personal decision, I feel fine and if I was the least bit worried I'd demand tests.

SO anyhow, the rest of the day was meetings stacked on meeting (no time to sneak away from my desk) then off to TRX.  I considered running after TRX but didn't, didn't even get in a dog walk.  Huh... guess it was a rest day!

Tuesday - Worked from home in the morning, got a nice little run in on some roads I've run before and some I've only biked.  That was a fun little jaunt around.  May do that loop again.

I had a long conference call so I took Jax on a walk at lunch to wear him out a bit, he gets a bit freaked out by the dining room table talking so his post walk nap was perfectly timed!  Loving the cooler weather and being able to walk dogs in the middle of the day!

Gus got a walk at night, he's been so hit and miss on his mood with the walks.  He was totally engaged and happy.  The cooler weather agrees with him.  He is my next worry, at 8 years old...

Wednesday - I had to go into the office for most of the day.  Took a nice run at lunch, did something completely different than the usual loop and ran "The Bitch" twice, a nice 0.2 mile 9% grade hill.  I only lost 10 seconds on my time from my first pass and my first pass was following a long down hill and my second pass was following a bit of an incline.  I did have the benefit of Faith flagging me down on Thomas Road, so I got a short breather.  All in all I was very pleased with this run, especially seeing a mile back in the 9 minute range and a portion of a mile in the 8 minute range.  Point out they were down hill and I'll smack you, tee hee!!

Posted Wednesday - and can I say how many times I think Wed - nes - day as I was taught in elementary school?  that and Feb-ru-ar-y, Mrs. Kanutsen, you rocked third grade for me!!!  

Note:  Gazelle that was on how to spell it not say it.  You don't even want to know what Wends-day sounds like with a northern Wisconsin accent!!  Ask me to say milk sometime and have a laugh!

Thursday -  working at home all day - I'll get a run in at some point and probably go to the Sneekers run for a double and some human interaction.  I love the pups but really, I go a little nutty being alone all day, which truly surprises me.

What happened - I worked at home, no surprise.  I got in 6 miles during the day and 3 miles for Sneekers plus much needed human conversation!!  I really need to remember to use the inhaler before I run, otherwise my pace is picking up to pre-heat levels.

Friday - I took the day off.  A run in the a.m. maybe a bike ride.  I miss the bike.  My wounds are healing nicely.

What happened - I worked a bit, took a nap, went for a hike, went for a run, took Gus for a walk.  I'm thinking the ASICS GT1000 aren't getting any more flexible, they still feel stiff with about 25 miles on them, I don't think I dislike it and I'm not sensing any new aches or pains and the usual ones aren't any worse or any better.

Saturday - Morning Heart Walk in Watch Hill and the Mixed Doubles 10K in the afternoon.  I have to look up my time from last year.  I'm not in any sort of shape for speed.  Gak...

What happened: Heart Walk for Team Brylee.  Brylee is a 7 year old girl in Indiana.  She is Jennifer's 'Run for Buddy' and has a heart condition, 7 open heart surgeries, one for every year of her life, I can't even imagine.  It was an emotional walk for Jennifer, and the rest of us.

Mixed Doubles 10K, she runs 5K he runs 5K age groups based on the combine ages of the partners.  The curmudgeon and I ran, we were in the 100 - 109 age group (age:  104)  We placed 5th out of 7. After the walk the gals went to The Malted Barley for lunch, so a Ruben pretzel sammich and a couple Founders stouts probably weren't the best idea for any kind of stellar time...  However the power of focus proved pretty powerful for a 27:44.  We were about 10 seconds off last years time.  He was a little ticked I actually tried and this meant he had to try.  HA!  I'm horrible, I know!

Sunday - Bike ride for sure, I need a nice long one.

What happened: Finished up the Berlin Marathon Challenge (26.2 over 4 days - it was a combo of running and walking finishing up with a dog jog!)  Ran errands and stopped at a pub to watch the Pats  / Jaguars game.  I'm slowly getting over my 47 year avoidance of football.  It's a long story.  Let's just say its tough for me to watch the Superbowl.   The husband arrives home late, sure to be disruptive to my sleep, the dogs will be happy to see him. I'll be happy Monday or after a good nights sleep. Hey, it is what it is.

Beth, who may see if one of the neighbors has a wagon maybe she can cart the curmudgeon around so he can see the old sights and smell the old smells...

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  1. Wed-nes-day, really? I guess I've always spoken it as two syllables, albeit likely incorrectly.
    Feb-ru-a-ry, yes, as well as lib-rar-y, but you sure it's not Whens-day or Winds-day? :)