Thursday, September 3, 2015

Three Things Thursday

Runaway Bride:

I was asked to stand up for another runner in her wedding!  This was very unexpected and I am honored to be asked and to participate!  They will be getting married before a road race and the wedding party will run the race in matching tech shirts with the bride and the groom in their special wedding attire.  It is a second wedding for both and they are runners, seems rather fitting. 

My 30th High School class reunion is next month; I’m not sure about going.  The people I want to see I keep in sporadic contact with the others, I’m mildly curious about.  The onset of Facebook helped get a glance into many people’s lives so it’s not like they are all total strangers, yet they still are to me.  I graduated with 85 people, two have passed away.   As it was for most, High School wasn’t something I recall with fondness, the teenage awkwardness got a hold of me and didn’t let go till I was in my 20’s, shy, bespeckled, acne faced, frizzy haired insecure me hasn’t really changed much, I have contacts and thankfully the acne is at bay!  Do I make the trek out to Michigan for an evening with other late 40’s folks trying to figure out why they never fit in?  Or not? Granted it would be nice to see my mom after her yearly CT scan (scheduled for early October).   But would making plans to visit bring bad luck? I've never visited in October!  Like my travel plans could prompt activity in a dead tumor, but who knows.  Hey, even the paranoid are right sometimes!
I’ll continue to ponder this until someone presents a go or no go that resonates.
In the event you counted pictures and names.
Yes there are 86, the girl in the top middle died of Lukemia just as our senior year was starting.
(the bottom three middle are faculty)
Gak it is so hard watching his back legs fail.  He’s a perfectly good dog other than those damn back legs.  He gets himself around and takes full use of the times we put on the back leg leash and take him out for little walks.  He seems happy and adjusted well to the new normal in his life.  So this is how it will be until his health takes a turn, the vet declares him probably the healthiest 14 ¾ year old boxer she’s ever met.  
Whenever I think of giving up he inspires me.  My mom and her cancer support group also find comfort and hope in the stories I relay of the canine curmudgeon.
Hanging in the front yard!
Beth, and life goes on!


  1. It looks like I won't be able to make the reunion - and I'll bet it's going to be a blast. On the upside, we're lining up a cottage for Oct 6-9, and I'm leaving from there. You're welcome to pop in if you're nearby & want to stretch those legs out on a colder-than-RI beach.

    1. You know 'pop in' means stay for a visit, not stop by for a few minutes, but I'm always checking I'm as clear as possible, and this post isn't clear. You're welcome for the entire visit. Yeah, I know you already know that. Just sayin...

    2. Thanks!! I was going to send you an actual note. At this point I WELCOME the lovely coldness of a Lake Michigan breeze!

  2. My 20th is next year, amazing how time flies! I love the runner wedding!

  3. Yay for runner wedding! That just sounds like so much fun!

    I think you may enjoy the reunion. I went to my 10 and 20 and had more fun at the 20. I do not think you going in October will play a part in the outcome of moms CT scan.

    Giz is such an awesome dog!