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Weekly Recap: 8/31 - 9/6 (final)












Wow where did the week go?  So odd for the week before a holiday weekend to go so quickly.  Then again mine was a chaotic scheduling nightmare so that may have had something to do with it!

Monday -

Back to knitting with Rory, I have one more seam to sew up on the sweater before the crochet edging begins. Rory is retiring at the end of the year, or so she says, she's said that the last two years.  Who knows if it will happen or not.  I said she can't retire till she finishes the sweater.  That didn't go over well.

Tuesday - 

Ran up to the Rainville Lot to run laps with the guys.  They were running down the hill.  Ok so I was 3 minutes late, I figured they would do an extra warm up lap and wait for me.  Oh well, it was hot and humid and miserable. They went on their merry way encouraging me to run with them.  HA! Like they want to go my pace.   I figured I'd get the 10K Strava Challenge out of the way on the first day and ran. 

Wednesday - 

Scheduling nightmare, got in to work to find that I had a Dr. Appt back home and just enough time to make it, this would mean I wasn't going to be able to run with Faith as I'd be late to work.  It would look bad to come in have a couple meetings and leave again to run.  Ended up not such a bad thing, it was even more miserable out, I ran into one of the speedy runners in the cafe and asked him how it was, miserable.  Figured I'd run something at Bluff Point on my way home either the full 7.4 mile loop or something that made up 5 miles.  I haven't been on single track in a while.  I do miss it.  It was fun to bop through the rock gardens and try and not catch my toe on raised roots.  It was much cooler than running at lunch too!! I really should get back to running this on my way home from work on Fridays like I used to not so long ago.  It really is a beautiful place to run.  

Thursday - 

Mikey was drenched and just back from speedwork, this started my doubts about this run...  then he said he took his shirt of it was that horrible.  Mikey doesn't run shirtless, my doubts doubled.  Once I got outside, it didn't feel that horrible.  It didn't seem as humid and it felt like a breeze, I stayed near the water and it wasn't as miserable a 5 miles as I though it should have been.  Weird.  

Friday - 

After a nice lobster lunch with the girls I planned on going for a bike ride.  I took a nap.  I needed it, I guess.

Saturday - 

Run with the Housewives of Narragansett.  Well they all aren't housewives, but I like the way it sounds.  Nicole, Jackie, and Mary had 18 to do.  Patti wasn't sure.  They were going to meet at 6 a.m for the 8 mile loop then the 5 mile loop and an out and back to make 18  I said I'd be there at 7:30 for the final 10 miles (I hated leaving Nicole to run alone last week - and yes I did enjoy sleeping in a bit).  I got there a little early and was getting worried I missed them, checked Nicole's truck and clearly her water stash had not been depleted they must have been a bit side tracked.  Everyone showed up.  Patti was done, she was running home, just not a good run for her.  That happens. Mary and Jackie had soccer with the kids at 10 so they met at 5 a.m. to run 5 and meet Nicole for 8 at 6 a.m. So yeah, a little side tracked, and it all worked out.  This would be the longest Jackie had ever run and she wasn't so sure she was in for the last 5.  Somehow she got sucked in along with us for the 5 mile loop and ran it quite happily.  

Their kids were back in school so there was lots to talk about with who was in who's class.  Mary, Nicole, and Jackie all have kids in first grade together.  Nicole and Jackie have sons in 4th grade together.  It was fun to hear all the stories and the drama of the bus driver sorting out who sits with who on the bus.    Listening to the mom talk is the fun part of these runs for me.  It's all very foreign and fascinating.  I never feel like I have much to add to the conversation, I don't.  I do enjoy the stories.

Gizmo has been dragging me to my car every time we go out.  I guess he wants to go somewhere so I took him on an adventure and he's been quite content since then.  Considering he usually got out once a week for a walk on the beach or too the park and dogs are very schedule driven, his schedule was off, and he was letting me know this was unacceptable.  It's hard to take him someplace with his walking issues.  I took him where there were bit open grassy areas and shade and we wandered around for a good long time and sat in the shade for a while.  It was enjoyable and he was happy to get out for an adventure.

Sunday - 

The morning run was nice, it is still dry, breezy and cool.  The sun is starting to feel good, although still strong. 

Decided to try the Narragansett Bay Wheelmen ride #60, I could pick up the course from my house instead of going to the start and the 810 is good about telling me when I'm back on course and directing from there.  Pretty nifty!

I got to the point where it's 11 miles to Westerly or go down Wintechog (yellow dot) and stayed on rte 2.  That road sucks for biking, it was the quickest way home at that point. I was getting tired and not enjoying the ride (I also woke up rather surly and the mood wasn't lifting). The rest of it looked interesting some roads I've never been on.   Actually many of the roads I had never been on.  Lantern Hill was pretty cool road, although at points I got the feeling I should be hearing banjos, it felt creepy, however a really pretty road to ride, and not very heavily traveled.  The NBW do a great job with their ride routing, I haven't done many however I've enjoyed the ones I have done.  

Beth, who thinks shes ready for the century next weekend, and not sure why she's feeling so surly...

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