Saturday, May 26, 2012

A day later - positive self talk

Yesterday I ran Bluff Point.  7.4 miles.  I've been reading "The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer"  while I am a runner this book is ultra helpful in the basics.  Positive self talk was the chapter I read this a.m.  As I reflect back on my run yesterday the new part of the run I wasn't positive self talking and it was tough.  The old part of the run I was like a free bird.  Except for the part getting spotted peeing off the side of the trail it was all good.  I am amazed at how much the positive self talk actually helps!  Monday I will go out to Bluff Point and run that course with positive self talk.  I can do this, I can run a 1/2 marathon what is 7.4 miles.

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