Saturday, July 25, 2015

Blessing of the Fleet - Recap

This is the 4th year I've done this race

2012 1:45:51
2013 1:43:04
2014 1:53:40

And wait for it
2015:  1:50:40

My Goals:  A: 1:40 /  B: 1:45 / C: Don't die

The highlight of the race was knowing through other friends running the race (as they passed me) that Nicole, who over came a rough start, was gaining on me!  I knew she was behind me.  I was wondering when she would catch me.  On Avice St. (a mile left to go in the race) I heard someone shout 'Go Nicole'.  I saw what I thought was her yellow truck (1/2 mile left to go in the race), and again heard, this time closer "Go Nicole".  With 1/4 of a mile to go there she was beside me, and there she went, hitting her goal of 1:50, well actually surpassing it 1:49:59.  GO NICOLE!!!

My race:

I didn't die, my hopefully always easily met goal!

What happened?  A little bit of, what I said to Jonny before the race, I kinda give up at some point.  I think it's also a little bit of what Jennifer and I talked about Sunday when we volunteered for a water station at the Fat Clam Sprint Tri, running is great, running races is not.  I don't like pain, I don't embrace it, it starts I go slower, probably prolonging the pain?

Jennifer also suggested that the Century ride the weekend before could have played a part.  The weather certainly didn't, even with the rain, probably miles 3 - 7, it was a great cool temperature for the usually miserable Hot Humid Hazy (HHH) month of July.  

So the race:

The Curmudgeon's been threatening to run long with me for a while, he signed up for the race committing to run with me and had all these grand plans of keeping my pace under 10.  Yeah, no.  I'll have to wait till he uploads his Garmin before I see any splits.  The first 4 miles were on target, the next 6, not so much.  My Garmin?  Well my Garmin decided to update and I decided to say, sure update, and it never did and well I had no watch.  Which is probably not a bad thing.   

At the end he decided this wasn't a great idea, going that slow was hard on him.  I told ya, it would suck.  I'm sure me barking out "Stop looking at your fucking watch, I know I'm going slow." didn't help.  I can't say I was surprised when he called me annoying because at the end I finally picked up my pace and my feet, why wouldn't I, this torture was almost over.  He says I do the same thing in speedwork, the last stretch I fly, and why the hell can't I do that on the back half of the loop?  I dunno...  Because I still have to finish?    

He committed to running with me and he stuck by that.  For that I give him a lot of credit, it sucks to get ditched in a race when someone says "Let's run together" and they don't.

Beth, the annoying runner (ha)


  1. You are funny. I do have a lot of friends on that course. Not gonna lie, it is nice to hear your name and people cheering you on.

    I was happy to see at the end. Sorry it was not your A race but you finished and that is great!

    I was due for a good race, since the last four were crap. Feeling much better about things now.

    Very cool of your friend to hang with you. He did the right thing. Hope to see you soon.

    1. I was so happy to see you. I knew you were behind me. I cried, I really really did. I'm tearing up a bit now... So so so happy you had a good race!!!! I've had plenty of good races this year, I'm not worried. Besides I got to torture Steve for nearly two hours, usually it's only 30 minutes!!!