Thursday, July 30, 2015

Weekly Recap: 7/27 - 8/2 Final

Pan Mass Challenge this weekend.  164 miles from Wellesley MA to Provincetown MA.  I doubt I'll ever spell Wellesley right the first time...  I am hopeful it won't rain all day on Saturday, as it did last year.

Looking forward to meeting up with a big portion of the LUNGstrong team on Friday.  Some start from Sturbridge, MA, the traditional start, some start from the NY/MA border to do a true Pan Mass ride.  I may do this next year.  Sunday night when Dave and I were out to dinner, he caught me talking about the bike first and running second.  His big dream is for me to get back into mountain biking so we can do that together.  He really isn't a roadie, which is really what I prefer.  All that packing up to go ride in the woods seems annoying.   We shall see. Running is so much easier to do, the essentials are shoes and a sports bra.  Biking, bike, helmet, shoes, chamois, and a sports bra.  So yeah...  I think he shall continue to dream this dream.  Me?  I'll do what pleases me and doesn't annoy him to the point of him being annoyed annoys me.

Marriage explained.


Getting G moving a bit!


Getting G moving a bit!


Getting G moving a bit!


PMC Day 1

PMC Day 2


Monday - Rainy run.  One of the guys I see in the fitness center we exchange polite waves, never spoken. I'm really not that scary, honest...  He looked like he was hemming and hawing about going out.  I said "You going out?  You never seem to like the inclement weather."  He grumbled something about rain and it was going to be hot or something.  I said "Well, I'd prefer if it were snowing."  The rain was nice and warm and from the first steps I could tell this was going to be an enjoyable run.

I got 3.6 miles and was happy with that.  This is supposed to be an easy week so I don't implode on the PMC.

Took Gizzy out with the back leg leash and we walked the whole block up and down.  He was cruising!  This a.m. I noticed a weird niggle in my neck, and once I started walking with him I felt the niggle, ah, ok.  So now I know what's causing it.  When he wants to take a break I don't hold him up, I let him sit and the niggle seems to be calming down.  I don't need neck pain while riding this weekend.

Tuesday - "Speedwork / Dog Watch"

What happened:

It was HHH for speedwork, there was a breeze on the front half of the loop, made it a bit more bearable.  I was focused and it paid off! The first three laps were great, the last two decent.   The lap is 1/3 of a mile so a bit over 500 yards, my math is correct?  so this is a little more than two laps at the track?  Bottom line it felt good and sustainable.

Ran/Walked with Pam and Ro.  Pam is giong to be ready for her 5K, for sure!  Nice to jibber jabber with gals.  Dave chastized me as this is supposed to be an easy week.  Blah blah blah...

Wednesday - "3 is on the schedule, however I'll miss my 5 miles on Friday so I may swap these."

Decided not to swap the 3 for 5 and managed a progression run, versus my usual regression run.  I'm kinda bummed I won't be able to get out on the bike tonight, Tuesday was the last day I could ride before the PMC.

Tinkered around with the Jack Daniels Calculator for a bit.  Next weeks starts training for the Gansett 1/2, and me getting serious about this speed thing and not giving up a few miles into a run and getting into that comfortable sloggy tourist pace.

Gizmo is really taking to the back leg leash!  He trotted down the block and back with ease. He really wanted to cross the road and go on his usual route.  When it gets a bit cooler.  He was wiped out by the time we finished our whole 1/4 mile walk.  Silly dog.

Dave and I went out for dinner for his birthday.  A tradition from my family he was happy to adopt.  Birthdays are always a big deal.  I think having one parent with a birthday on the 25th of December and the other the 3rd of January, they kinda got passed over as kids.  Not really sure, I bet I knew at one time.  The aging mind forgets things and remembers others things intermittently. 

Thursday - "Rest, unless Rory bails on me for knitting.  I actually want to start sewing up that damn sweater."

What happened:  Rory didn't bail for knitting, I got the shoulders sewn up on the sweater and draped it over my shoulders to see how it was looking.  Rory asked about the missing button hole.  I ran my fingers up and down the left side where the button holes should be.  They were not there!  Huh...   I noticed something was funny when I was trying to set the sleeve in.  Then it all came together I put the right front on the left side and the left front on the right side and the button holes were under my arm.  Um, no.  Ripped that out and got it sewn up correctly and this time the sleeves fit in nicely and it looked right draped over my shoulders.   Still not sure about the button hole.

The evening was the annual pool party at Joy's the more adventurous of us swam in the rain, she kept watch on the lightening and called us nuts and to stop running on the pool deck and doing cannon balls there was more water out of the pool than in it.  It was fun!!

Friday - "I should run the 3 from Wed I intended on swapping, before I head up to Wellesley, MA."

What happened:  I had to go to work for a meeting that was scheduled for an hour at noon and took 10 minutes.  Instead of a vacation day I worked and got a little perturbed about the meeting.  Since I had assumed this was going to be  the full hour and slightly contentious I ate lunch because I'm grumpy when I'm hungry and didn't need to add that to the mix.  I am happy it wasn't a brawl, bummed that I couldn't see it play out the way it did, and went home to take a nap and pack.  I couldn't get enough sleep this week...

Saturday - PMC 83 miles

What happened:  84 miles, nice ride, recap to follow

Sunday - PMC 81 miles

What happened: 77 miles, why do they say 81, argh...  still 161 total, nothing to sneeze at, recap to follow

Beth, looking forward to the Pan-Mass Challenge and maybe some cooler weather?  Please!

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