Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Weekly Recap: 7/6/15 - 7/12/15 (final)










So I refer to 'the schedule' - I have a Gansett 1/2 Marathon training plan and July is the base building month - I think I'm good with a base after the 10 miles on Saturday the 4th, however I like having a schedule to follow, so I will.  It is M - 3  / Tu - 5 / W -3 / Thu - off / Fri - 5 / Sat - 3 / Sun - 7 with 26 for the week.   Plus Gansett 1/2 Marathon training starts after the Pan Mass Challenge  (fair warning this is my donation link) so it all works out nicely for me to balance my biking and running training schedules. 

Monday - "Run - 3 on the schedule"

What happened: 

HHH Humid Hot and Hazy – not horribly HHH however, we are at that time of year, my least favorite running weather, yeah, I know some of you love this weather.  It is actually great biking weather; this stupid job thing (and important sleep) gets in the way of my fun.   Decent run, nothing spectacular, not sure what happened with the new space watch the first mile I didn’t stop like it says I did, yeah I’m sure I didn’t. Oh well.  I went the usual way I go right out of the guard shack, I ran that way for years and I know I need to mix up the path by going clock stupid from time to time, it’s like putting on that favorite old pair of jeans, ahhhhh….   Why I skipped the Eastern Point beach loop is beyond me, lost ½ mile on that, whoops.  I skipped Jupiter Point because I thought the guys were doing speed work there (they weren’t lame excuse, eh?)  

No TRX, so I opted for a Bike Maintenance class for women at the Newport Bike Garage.  It was from 6 – 8 although the website said 5:30 – 7:30.  I opted to get there about 5:15.  What I didn’t opt to do was eat first.  I REALLY should have.  Chatted a bit with Liza Bean she oversees the workshop and works for Bike RI, then chatted with Allison.  Both ladies were sure this was well below my needs but I was welcome to stay since I came all the way from Westerly.  Funny thing about the folks out here in RI anything more than a 20 minute drive requires a meal and an overnight stay, it’s kinda cute especially growing up where everything was minimally 20 minutes away and usually closer to an hour!

Anyhoodles, Allison gave me some great tips, on chain cleaning and clip cleaning, and the reason behind the advice she gave me.  Which helps better than Dave’s you do it this way, period, end of discussion.  But why?  Girls tend to ask why a bit more than boys don’t they?  That’s normal right?  I have been in too big of a rush to clean and lube my chain.  I had no idea I could clean my clips!  Also she let me know that the newer clips are harder to get out of due to the boys messing around with them, wanting their big feet to stay better in the clips. You guys have more leverage getting your foot out of the clip, hmmm wondering if this will open up a market for a women specific clip, and I don’t mean  painting clips pink!  Hopefully cleaning the clip will help it release just a bit better, and yes they are on the loosest setting!  I’m not quite ready to switch back to my mountain biking clips, however even after nearly 650 miles on the bike I’m not quite comfortable unclipping.

All and all, it wasn’t a waste of my time, had I eaten before I would have been a little less anxious to go home and much less grouchy once I got home and started shoveling food in my face.

The fun introductory exercise for the 6 women in the class was to tell about your first bike. I immediately thought about was the very first bike I bought when I was an adult.  Then I thought about my 10 speed in college.  Of course I got to go first, ugh.  And it all came flooding back, the day my father took the training wheels off my bike and sent me across the lawn on two wheels.  I’m pretty sure I eventually toppled over and he and my mother laughed.  I hadn’t thought about that in forever.  Blue bike with a little red basket on the front I used to put my kitty, Bells, in that basket.  I doubt she stayed in it long.    

Bells - yeah strips and plaid DO go together!!

Tri-cycle at Grandma and Grandpa Lazor (my two weeks a summer in Cleveland) with Buffy
I have no idea what's going on with my hair!

My two weeks a summer in Cleveland with my Paternal Grandparents!
Yes Training wheels - these are the only pics I have in RI the rest are in MI!

Tuesday – "Run  - 5 on the schedule / Speedwork"

What happened:

Much worse HHH conditions, although I really have a hard time with the hot part, it was mid 70’s and there was a brief breeze… but it’s not the heat it’s the humidity, right?  All in all yesterday was pleasant and today was not in comparison.

I got to the lot before the guys. Instead of doing a lap to make sure I was over that magical 5 mile kudo mark I waited and enjoyed the brief and fleeting breeze and hoped the guys wouldn’t show.    They did.

My goal was to be better than the 2:43 average of the first week and match the 2:32 average of the second week.  I managed a 2:31 average, even with my last lap being completely uninspired.  I was satisfied with the first 4 laps and while I’m far off my goal pace of 2:14, I’m not expecting miracles in a week and am pleased with a small improvement.  I knew there would be a HUGE jump from week 1 to week 2.  My body is getting more used to this and I know I need to push harder on the back half of the lap.  No one likes speed work and I do my best to get out of my own head and let my legs arms and lungs do their thing.

Dog Watch fun run - I actually ran the whole thing.  A whole 3.1 miles, whoopie twang!! Decent pace for a fun run.  Ran most of the second lap with Ken, he does the announcing for the Hartford Marathon Foundation races.  His wife, Beth, is the Race Director, he said it would be easy to remember my name, ha!

It was tough keeping up the pace, I don't like this weather much, however the fact the temps are in the 70's and the humidity is in the 90's makes it easier to bear.  It is humid and cool, not humid and hot. Having someone to run/compete with does help to not stop and take a breather. I'm such a whimp!!  I hung tough up the last little rise and pulled Ken with me,  he did finish ahead of me, feh, whatever, 3.1 on the watch I was d.o.n.e.!!

The best part of this fun run is catching up with people!!!  Nice catch up time with Mikey B, Gazelle and his bride.  I don't think we've ever talked about personal lives before, usually just running and other people.  Many similarities, very cool and very nice to jibber jabber about personal things, getting to know them as people. 

Wednesday – Bike if the rain holds off  20 - 30 / Run - 3 on the schedule

What happened:  I did not sleep well, I must limit myself to two, possibly three beers, but really two during the weeknights.  I was up for about 3 hours tossing and turning and wandering the hot house.  I hate to wake Dave up by flipping and flopping around like a dying fish, I'll never win the wife of the year award, but I do do unto him as I'd hope he'd do unto me (fortunately when I am sleeping I can sleep through a nuclear explosion - Dave is a light sleeper, oh what a curse upon man, being a light sleeper).  Anyhoodles, then I stress about not being able to sleep and count backwards and wake myself up because I count backwards when I run hills and now my mind thinks I'm running hills and well it gets ugly.   

Jax felt me being restless so he thought this meant it was time to wrestle.  Fortunately a good leg scratch knocks out that canine and he went back to sleep!

Managed 3.6 mile run/swim.  It was OK until the sun came out then, BOOM not fun.  Before that happened the swan family that lives down by Eastern Point Beach were out swimming.  Mommy and Daddy very protective of their cygnets, I saw three when I ran by, I wasn't stopping, after being attacked by a goose as a child anything with long necks and big bills are scary, even at my advancing age, so I didn't get an accurate beak count!  The cygnets were all fluffy white and cute.  

Gus and I got out for a quick walk, it is miserable humid.  I am not good with this weather. 

Thursday – Rest

What happened:  I didn't do a damn thing.  Worked, caught up on some projects.  After work visited with some girlfriends I don't see often enough, and blessed ones new home with horrible for you food, too much booze, and obnoxious laughter.  Promises of a girls only outing in the near future.  Ahhhh... While the weather was absolutely perfect for a run and I received a new running tank in the mail, I abstained and played with the dogs and blocked the sleeve on "The Sweater"

Friday – "Run - 5 on the schedule / Bike /  Call my brother for his 46th birthday!"

What happened:  Got in 6 miles of hills, well three down and three up with Jennifer.  Running / Walking / Talking always a good time and a decent effort.   Called the kid brother for his birthday, he had forgotten and was tired of everyone calling to remind him.  Sheesh.

Saturday – "87 mile bike ride  (http://www.nbwclub.org/rides/maps/nbw043-westernhills.pdf ) should be fun! Run has 3 on the schedule"

What happened: 87 mile bike ride, write up here

The run didn't happen.  Go figure.

Sunday – "Run - 7 on the schedule  / Bike 55 on the schedule (yeah I doubt that will happen)"

What happened:  Ran the Sailfest 5K came in 30:13, not bad considering what I had put my body through the day before.  I'm not disappointed, and I did pull some of my, just keep peddling mantra into the race when I wanted to ease off a lot, and by that I mean walk.  Well there was this gabby pregnant woman I felt I needed to beat, so I did.  Doubtful I'll recap this race, it was a whim.  But who knows, I may get bored this week.

Beth always amazed at how much water does seek out it's own level. 


  1. BLS, what did you think of the Sailfest race course? One of my favorites.

    1. I liked it. Could have had a little more shade, good mix of rises and falls!

  2. BLS, what did you think of the Sailfest race course? One of my favorites.