Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sailfest 5K - Recap

I'm really not sure what possessed me to agree to running this race. Mostly I knew I needed 10 miles this weekend and well on my own that definitely wasn't about to happen and a 5K would at least get me 3 and over my 25 miles per week goal.  So I agreed.   Yeah, I alternated beer / water on my post ride hydration, someone caught me at a weak moment?  Or maybe I just like hanging out with the SNERRO (Southern New England Road Race Officials)?  Anyhow, I was told the race started at 9:30 I would be up and moving early as Dave was going to be up and moving early, I might as well.  

Dave suggested I don't understand the concept of recovery as he left for his Sunday ride. 


Results here.  

Bib 105
30:13  (9:45 Pace)
Overall: 143 / 235
Age:  9/18 

Race actually started at 9:15 I made it in the nick of time to get a bib and run!  Whoops, a warm up may have  been nice, ah, why waste what little energy I did have!

Saw a few folks I knew before the race, nice to see Matthew smile and then get mad because I saw him smile.  Great race to both Matthew and Jeff!  

It is 3.1 miles and what can you say, I started out with Bob B and his kids and his daughter zipped off and he and his son hung back for a while and as Bob passed he asked how my legs were feeling. Bob, not so good, they are pretty mad (we weren't even through mile 1 yet).  He snickered, thanks Bob.  I sucked it up and ran. 

A trio of chatty people were behind me.  And as they passed one of the women was pregnant.  That is about as bad as getting passed  by the mom and the stroller.  Ok maybe it is worse.  We hit the first rise and this trio walks, till the point I'm passing them and now it's time to run, really?  Whatever, I go forth up this rise and think about the hills from yesterday's ride and realize that I can do this, right foot left foot right foot left foot.  After reading so many race recaps from the top 10 guys in races, I think this is pretty much what they do also, except they are also gritting through the pain of running that fast.  I don't know if I'll ever be able to embrace that pain for more than 1/3 of a mile then take a walk break for a few yards and then run again....


After that little rise it is down hill for nearly a mile?  I passed the chatty trio and never really saw them again, even with the final rise before the final decent to the finish line.  

I did happen to drastically slow down after I crossed the finish line.  That chute post finish line was more than adequate for two people across, so I was rather surprised to hear the gal who finished behind me loudly suggested I get out of her way.  


So there you have it, nothing spectacular.  I'd of like to be under 30, but I did stop and drink a cup of water at the water stop, that's probably where that 14 seconds came from.  I'm happy with this as speed work is going to be tough as I am in NY all week.  So I'll call this speed work a few days ahead of time?  

Had a couple beers and couple slices of pizza with the SNERRO crew and ventured my way on home to clean the house and pack for NY for a week.  

Beth, yeah, I'm feeling a wee bit sarcastic, and actually glad I ran the race!

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