Thursday, July 23, 2015

Weekly Recap: 7/20 - 7/26 (final)

I'm still on a high from the Mt. Washington Century.  It truly was fun and I'll be remembering that ride for a long long time the pure thrill of the long grinds and the long coasts downhill.  What an amazing place to cycle and I'll be doing it again next year.  Which probably means missing Running with the Beavers.  Dunno.

So on to the week....

It was tough getting back to running, my pace and breathing are a bit labored from recovery as well as the humid hot and hazy weather we have been having, either all three or two, make it miserable for me.  Perhaps digging out the inhaler may be a good idea?

Decided to rotate in a new pair of shoes for something to look forward to.  I get about 300 miles out of my shoes, before my knees give me grief.  I think that is awfully low and will try and push a bit more out of them.  Or maybe not.












Monday - 3 was on the schedule and that is what I did.  It was a HHH slog, it was done and I was glad for it to be done.  Gus really wanted a walk and we went for a walk.  He is picking up where Gizmo left off.  Gizmo is done walking any distance.  His legs are giving out.  He is determined to be mobile and is happy, his love of life is what is important.  A 14.5 year old boxer boy is old, very old.  I was talking to the neighbor about Gizmo's apparent determination to outlive everyone.  He may, who knows.  We enjoy our time in the front yard where he hobbles about and visits with the neighbors and watches the cars drive by and the occasional biker and runner.  Everyday is a gift.

Tuesday - lunch run and then a run walk at the Dog Watch fun run with Ro and Pam.  Pam is getting back to running and these are great training for her and it was a perfect way to get some more miles for lazy me!  The run was nicer, still sweltering.  Always good to see Mikey B out there.  I was hiding from speedwork, I missed last week and knew Steve wan't back from where ever he was so it would be me and Dave.  Dave recruited Josh who then had a grand time giving me hell for ditching them.  Thanks pal...  Next week I'll get back to running around the parking lot.  Gak.

Wednesday - 4 mile run, 3 on the schedule, I hemmed and hawed about going around the UCONN Avery Point campus, to make it 5,  I bagged it, and ran into Dave, Josh, and Steve!  High 5s all around and that perked me up for a few seconds. I was ready to be done running when I got to the point of 1 mile left.   Speed was a bit better than Tuesday, still felt sloggy.

Went for a bike ride when I got home.  Nice and flat along the coast.  All seemed fine, pshew.

Thursday - Rest day walk Gus in the evening.

Friday - Blessing of the Fleet Sufferfest which may turn into a torturefest... recap here

Saturday - Volunteer Fat Clam / Bachelorette Party

What happened:  Volunteered at the first water stop for the Fat Clam Sprint Tri.  The family manning the second water stop (across the road) assured me this was the easiest job.  Usually I flag.  The mom (sorry I forgot your name) said that was too stressful.  I'll go back to flagging.  Passing water out was not easy.  A lot ended up on me and the runners and I think some actually made it into the runners.

Passed on all three party invitations for the day, opted to nap and meet up with Dave when he took the  young pups to run. Giz and I met them with a pizza and some french fries.  Gizzy is getting used to the back leg leash and was trotting around pretty well, I had to run a couple times to keep up with him!  Good to see him up and about and adjusting to his new normal.  I was so sad driving out there, remembering how he used to run with such ease last year.  Getting old sucks.

Sunday - Lil' Rhody Round Up as a possible bike ride, or just bike solo

What happened:  Biked the Coventry / Washington County / what ever other name it has bike path with Jennifer.  Therapy, totally therapy.  It's been weeks since we talked.  Guess the guys talk about bromances this is a sismanace?  Who knows.  She's the sister I never had and didn't know I wanted.  We biked and talked and stopped for iced coffee because the bike path ended sooner than we thought, doesn't it go all the way to Providence or Lincoln?  and then biked back and took her son (embarrassed him unmercifully, what a good sport) to lunch.    

Beth, doing her best to enjoy this weather...

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