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Weekly Recap - 7/13 - 7/19 (final)
















Century Ride 






This is my big week of chaos, NYC for 4 days and then off to NH for a Century ride around Mt. Washington.  Nothing ever goes the easy way for me and I am totally ok with that.  If it did it would take all the fun out of life!  I knew it wasn't going to be easy to get many miles in and I figured resting up for whatever this Century ride especially with being away from home 3 nights and 4 days always puts me on my backfoot, add in Gizmo's declining mobility and Gus seems to be feeling left out so he's developed some sort of ailment we can't quite pinpoint.

Monday - ZERO - Travel to NYC, I didn't sleep well on Sunday night and worked on the train so there wasn't any dozing off there...  the day was chaotic and I did my best to get out with enough time to maybe run.  Once I got all my stuff into the hotel room and made the mistake of sitting on the bed, I was done for. 

Tuesday - Run - I got a break for 90 minutes and scurried to the gym, got a quick tour to get my bearings, I hate going into new places completely unaware.  I did know they supply work out clothes, sports bra, socks, shorts, t-shirt.  I opted for my own bra and socks.  That was a little too weird for me, plus I like my sports bras and can't figure out how to get into and out of those pull over the head kind with out throwing out my back or twisting my arm.

Running on the treadmill sucks, doing it in cotton doesn't help, not having to haul around sweaty workout clothes for the rest of the day, I'll deal with the cotton, not a problem.

This fitness center is like The St. Regis compared to the one in Groton.  Personal TVs for all the equipment, towels big enough to fit around you when they are dry (the ones in Groton are big enough to comfortably fit around a person after they are damp) and actually kinda fluffy, not super fluffy, definitely NOT the 200 grit sand paper of the Groton towels.  All the amenities, even disposable razors!!

Walking consisted of commuting and those miles only count when I'm commuting on the bike to work!

Wednesday - Run and a Walk - Snuck down to the fitness center for lunch, why do I feel so guilty about this?  Didn't start the space watch till I had 0.2 on the treadmill (watched CSI with subtitles, much more interesting).  I do love this Garmin Forerunner 220, the Bluetooth and auto cadence sensor.  I really am not interested in the heart rate, that still freaks me out seeing my heart rate so I'll continue to pass on monitoring that with any real frequency.

Opted out of a team dinner and decided to take myself for a walk.  My mother has been to NYC with me once.  She wanted to walk around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reservoir, we never quite made it, this was a few years before her cancer diagnosis, not too many one or two, she had stopped running and was walking daily,  The whole day was long and she was getting tired.  I looked it up on the map 20 blocks to the reservoir and 1.5 miles around the reservoir, about a 10K.  I can walk that.  Well that turned into 10 miles because nothing is straight in Central Park and I enjoyed all the meandering trails and paths!

Thursday - Zero - I was supposed to be doing a presentation, planning was not done well, I'll get a chance to fret over it and do it another time.  Caught up on some other work after the team meeting and before my train home.  I missed out on the team building, but really I had enough of people at this point.

Friday - Zero - make sure the dogs and the husband remember who I am as I pack and get ready to be gone for another two days.

Saturday - Mt. Washington Century recap here

Sunday - Hike bridges and travel home, the dogs were happy to see me, the husband, well he'll get over it, either me being home or me having been gone for a week.  Jury's still out on the issue.

Beth, feeling accomplished.

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