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Weekly Log: June 29 - July 5 (final)












Watch out she’s blathering again…

Monday – 

Got into work to find Number 1 Smart Guy and Jackass discussing the new plants, “Beth, do you know anything about ALL these plants?”  I smiled and nodded.  “All” meaning the one they actually noticed, I brought in three, and will probably sneak in a few more.  Mainly I needed the loaner SUV,to haul in the tall corn plant, Vinnie is getting his face restored, getting smacked in the face with a pole is never without some damage!  Offices need plants, they absorb the bad juju and make it into clean air and make it nicer.  Plus, the weeping Buddha was starting to crack from absorbing too much nasty toxicity.

Rescue plants you ask?  Well you probably didn’t, since I’m feeling blathery…  I was on the final information sweep of the building we closed down in 2010.  I was amazed, people left their office, coffee cups on the desks, personal items in the drawers, everything, like they were coming in the next day.  They abandoned plants.  Plants, living breathing creature, how horrible!!  It was very sad, I’m not good with abandoned anything.  I rescued 10 plants, all were on their last legs.  A few went to the great garden in the sky, they were beyond help, the rest flourished and were divided and re-potted.  I have more than 10 extra plants in the house and well Dave now sounds like my father with the “why do we need ALL these plants”, sheesh, I should ask the same thing about instruments, bikes, and RC planes, or no?  Yeah, no…  

(Oh yeah and one of the guys I did know left some of his daughters drawings in his desk.  I did get those back to him, very sad, he still thanks me for saving them.)

I brought in a Corn Plant, Philodendron, and an Umbrella Tree.  They look nice and the Corn Plant actually is getting ready to bloom!

Umbrella Plant


Corn Plant

So my Monday run, Hoo Boy the left glute (a week out from Mt. Washington and one would think this would no longer be a problem) was none too happy at mile 4 and argued with me the rest of the run.  I did my best to not think about it and then I’d step funny on my right bunion bone and forget all about the glute, yelp from that and focus on my form.  Sheesh this running stuff is stressful; no wonder I was taking a break.

On a different note, because someone told me “And don’t ever put your efforts down.  You’re out there and you’re trying! Look for the silver lining.”   Point taken, got it!  And when did you start channeling me?

The silver lining?  I ran the full 5.6 miles with no walk breaks.  I’m proud of that.  And I was closing in on a 10 minute mile.  I’m proud of that.

Giz wasn’t too up for a walk but he enjoyed hanging out in the front yard and wandering here and there.  We have a support leash for his back legs.  I tried it again with him and he gave me the G Look of ‘You have got to be joking’, guess I’ll wait for a time when he wants to walk and see how it goes. So he did his crab walk thing around our itty bitty yard, smelling flowers, eating grass, and entertaining the neighbors.   

Oh, the back leg leash.  We used this with Diesel when he was recovering from his surgery and he was never supposed to walk again.  Being who he was, he learned to walk, twice. Eventually he was completely paralyzed and in wheels.   July 21st is the 5 year anniversary of Big Guy’s death.  Still feels like he was just here and other times it is hard to remember the big goof!  Guess I’ve been thinking a lot about him lately.

Yeah it doesn't look so comfy, Diesel didn't mind, however he was much more agreeable; Giz, not so much.

And Diesel

Diesel and Sage

Very windy day at the beach!

The sand bugged his feet, this was the best solution!

Jax got a nice walk and managed about a C, he has too much energy even for being on the cusp of 5, and gets too distracted with other dogs, fortunately not so much with people, anymore.   We will continue to work on one thing at a time, all in all it is better, and I’m less reluctant to walk him and am starting to enjoy it more.   In the winter, it was dark and no one was out, so that made walks super simple, except for the occasional snow man he would need to bark at.  He is very much like Diesel in the nonstop energy department.  Diesel listened, Jax, not so much.  Diesel only got frustrating to walk when a male would want to talk to me then he got very very protective and kinda scary. 

Tuesday – 

Speedwork, I left the office a little late and made it there for the first lap of speed, the guys had already done a warm up lap.   No one likes speedwork, I have to remind myself of this.  Well I think when the guys take a turn one lap and push me they enjoy it because they jibber jabber, well Dave jibber jabbers, he says he does this because I can’t talk and he can answer all the questions I ask during the recovery lap – speed talking for a little over two minutes!!  Steve keeps quiet, with a few Deep Breaths, Stop Panting, Come on You Can Do This, and occasional Suck it up Princess.  

My goal was simple: to be at or faster than my average of 2:45 from last week.  I did it!  2:32 average with 2:26 / 2:29 / 2:34/ 2:29 (walked that recovery lap and it showed) / 2:43.   Gave me a boost of confidence when I saw the drop of over 10 seconds in my average from last weeks times.  I know that I won’t see that every week, I am confident I’ll see 2:14 average.  And I’m also dreading when this goes from 1/3 mile intervals to 2/3 of a mile to a mile.  

My legs were completely spent by the time the guys dropped me off at campus.  I seriously would have appreciated a push home in a shopping carriage.

HA!  One of the best movies, ever!

Silver lining:  I didn’t die and it’s over for another week! Not dying is always good.

I made a lap at the fun run at night to get me over 5 (running) miles for the day.  This is more for the social aspect for me, anyhow.  

Wednesday – 

I went to bed Tuesday night with the intention of biking in, every thing was all laid out and packed.  Well the thunderstorm that woke me, well ALL of us up with its loud boomers indicated otherwise.  I set aside my biking clothes, checked the weather and decided on a ride, after work, missing yet another running club fun run.    

A bit dubious about the humidity after the storm I went out for a lunch run with a bit of trepidation, I am not a fan of HHH (Hazy, Hot, Humid).  There was a breeze, oh this wasn’t so bad, it was coming up from the South so half the run would get a breeze, always a plus, off the water, double plus.  5 miles right on the nose.  Keeping this up I’ll break 20 for the week, possibly 25!!

The ride was short, an hour and a little over 15 miles.  I stopped for ice cream at St. Clair in Watch Hill and buzzed by Taylor Swifts house - love listening to the tourists walking by.  This is the fun part of living in a tourist community, probably the only fun part...  

No dog walks, my legs are dead and even though Gus and Giz are giving me the evil eye (it is rather disturbing) I settled in for the night after my ride.

Silver lining:  The day started out a little scary with the thunderstorm and turned into a beautiful New England summer day and evening!

Thursday –  "No knitting so I’ll run.  I finished the sleeves, over the weekend.  I’ll have to block them and start the sewing.  This nearly two year torture will get its own blog post… " 

What happened:  My legs wanted a rest, I wanted a rest.  Friday afternoon nap on Thursday!  It was my Friday with the office being closed on the 3rd.    I've been jonesing to read and I picked up "A Long Way From Nowhere:  A Couple's Journey on the Continental Divide Trail"  by Matt and Julie Urbanski off my stack and got about 1/3 of the way through and drifted off for an hour or so.  Woke up feeling much better!!

New watch arrived,  I guess you could say I down graded to a 220.  I have a bike computer so didn't need that functionality in the 610 and I really really like the bluetooth uploading of the 810, and the 220 offered that and what I need in a space watch.  Its lighter and a little bigger than the 610, it will work great and I have a spare or I can sell it.  Dunno.  

Took Giz for a walk, he wasn't interested so he walked to the end of the block and then walked me home and I grabbed Gus and we went for a walk.  Had a little interaction with the renters who let their dogs run loose.  A giant German Shepherd started towards Gus, usually he looses his shit over stuff like this.  I asked the owner to come get their dog please, and she started yelling at the dog, who was not listening.  Really?  Dogs that don't listen, imagine that?  Gus remained calm while I lost my shit.   Besides being rather embarrassing it was kind of freeing, I haven't yelled like that in a while.  

I am a dog owner and a dog lover, I do not for one moment trust dogs, I trust mine to a point, at the root they are domesticated animals and need to be treated with respect and they will do the same to you.  Gus was abused and lived in a shelter for 18 months, he does not generally do well with other dogs and dogs in general do not do well when approached when they are on a leash.  And add to that an agitated owner and well, I am very proud of Gus, he stood there, not a hair raised on his back and he walked away.  Me? I should be and I am very embarrassed.  Don't poke the red head they come equipped with an unpredictable and volatile temper.  (Sheila, can you hear MZ. Varner saying VOLATILE?)

Silver lining:  I got a nap and started a new book, and still don't have an assault record.

Friday –  "Biking"

What happened:  Biking!  My first metric century of the year!  Tough do do solo, but hey you do what you have to.  I was so done by the time I got back to town I let out this exasperated gasp as I unclipped to check traffic before a sketchy intersection.  This poor driver says "Oh sweetie, I'm sorry did I do something?"  I assured her she was absolutely fine and I was tired!!  I hope she believed me.  Drivers and bikers not always a good mix.  

The ride was good.  I aimed to stop every 25 miles and then when there was a store, so 4 stops.  The stores I could get more water and a candy bar (only at the first one).  I brought fuel with me and was better about hydrating while I was biking.  The rule is 1 20 oz per 25 miles, I think.  I went through nearly 4, more towards the end than the beginning.  I know the beginning is more important to keep hydrated.  

I wore a short sleeved jersey, I have a tan/burn line.  Crap.  Sunscreen silly SUNSCREEN!!

The fireworks have Giz and Gus worked up into a lather.  I took Jax on a walk.  He doesn't seem bothered by them.  Unfortunately the Catholic churches in town sent  him into a frenzy, it is very very odd.  He busted through the privet hedge to bark at the rectory tonight.  Wonder what that is all about.  I know he gets all wiggy when he sees the priests crossing from the church to the rectory.  Weird.  I have to alter my route with him to not put him through this torture.

Silver lining:  I had a fun ride, the corn is also more than knee high by the 4th of July!

Saturday – "Biking or running or both  - The Narragansett housewives are running the Blessing Course at 7 a.m. I should join them and Dave and I can go for a scenic ride somewhere away from the shore."

What happened:  I ran 10 with Nicole and Jackie.  There must have been 30 Narragansett Running Association (NRA) runners.  We all broke up into our respective pace groups.    Bethany, Jennifer (who just broke her 2 hour 1/2 marathon time and is still all smiles!  WELL DONE!!), Nicole, Jackie and a few others started out together.   After getting attacked by a vine, ( it clothes lined me, very scary and I have a nice red mark on my neck - must have looked like I was out with Christian Grey?)  Bethany and Jennifer sped up with their crew and we were to meet them at the Cumberland Farms.  The other gals were only up for about 4 and they dropped back.  The three of us had a grand time catching up.  So grand we TOTALLY missed the turn off for the route and to meet up with the speedsters at Cumberland Farms!!!  We were a mile out before we noticed, so we turned around and ran back the way we came to get to 10.  Well I got to 10 on the Garmin, Nicole got to 9.5 on Strava and we were going to lap the parking lot to get her to 10.  She likes to get to the number she set out to, me?  When I'm back to start I'm d.o.n.e.  I ran around the parking lot with her until she determined it was futile and Strava wasn't going to give her back that 1/2 mile.

Yellow where we were supposed to go.  Red what we did.  Whoopsie!!
Silver lining:  Catching up with friends I used to run once a week with now it seems like once every few months.  Better get my butt out of bed for a 7 a.m. run in Narragansett!!

Dave wanted to go on an easy spin for about 20 miles, so after a bajillion "I'll be ready in just an hour" (HIM not me) we finally set out on a nice bike cruise.  I logged two miles riding around on the street while he searched for his road bike gloves...  and we were off!

A couple new to me roads, much nicer than some I usually ride.  I'll add them to my list.  Diamond Hill a bit hillier than the alternate road, however much nicer tar.  Collins with an AWESOME speedy down hill (where I spied a familar gray truck with a LVL decal in the window).

Despite a few drops of rain it was a nice easy ride and just the thing to work out the kinks from the 10 road miles from the morning.  

Sunday – "Biking or running or both"

What happened: After a venture out beer shopping I read and took a nap.  Dave got home from his adventure mountain biking.  Eventually I biked, very late in the late afternoon, 26 easy pretty flat miles.  I really don't know how to judge flat versus hilly...  They were easy and relaxed and I opted for the shorter route home because I didn't want to deal with the beach traffic crossing Rte 2 in CT to get back to RI.  I like those roads nice soft uphill and a nice down hill cruiser.  

Dog walk likely in the evening, I'm not counting the miles yet...

Beth,  scratching her head wondering how she gets reminded to look for the silver lining

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