Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Recap

I felt like posting, not a lot to say, not sure if it is a case of if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all or not...  I'm still mortified about what I said to Mike B on the phone on Tuesday.  I should only share those observations with Jackass...  sorry Mike!

This morning Dave left to ride Arcadia and suggested I'd be better off running on the treadmill at the Y, it was 11 degrees outside and it would be nice if I'd spend THIS month healthy.  Roger that!  Not that I've been curled up in the corner with my tissues and NyQuil every night...  So I got up, rinsed off (I might as well be polite to anyone next to me) packed my bag and headded out.  Well it seemed a heck of a lot warmer than 11, he must be crazy (or that was an hour earlier).  So I went to the grocery store instead figuring maybe I'd feel more like running inside or it would be warmer?  It was warmer, I ran 10K outside.  It sucked, it really really did. I think I yelled at the cross walk sign on Grove and RT 1....  I was delirious, I'm sure.  (but seriously 3 light changes?)


Still can't get the Strava html to load.

Dave was home, he shook his head and said, "Lethargy begets lethargy, I'm glad you got a run in, I really wish you would have done it inside you look like hell."  That is love for you, brutal honest truth, and he was being really nice I looked worse than hell.

After I got showered and warmed up, I started feeling better, better than I had since before I left Florida on Monday.  

So begins March in like a lion out like a lamb?  Or vice versa?

February, wasn't so bad, truly, I didn't hate it, first in a long time!  

Even looking back a year, more than doubled my miles 56 versus 119, no injuries, added in strength training to TRX,  slowly incorporating changes into my usual running routine: adding in hills and some endurance work with a run / spin / run work out once a week (ish)

Sucks it ended feeling like I got run over by a Mack Truc, but considering how much pain I was in with my SI joint last February I'll take the Mack Truck!

Weekly Stats:

Monday:  Run: 3.1 / Walk: endless in airports / Other: 0 (I didn't strangle anyone on the plane?)
Tuesday:  Run: 0 / Walk: 0 / Other: Spin and Weights
Wednesday: Run: 0 / Walk: 0 / Other: 0 unless you count hauling my gym bag to and from work!
Thursday: Run: 0 / Walk: 0 / Other:  0 (I slept all day)
Friday:  Run: 0 / Walk: 3.1 / Other: 0  (considered a bike ride)
Saturday:  Run 6.2 / Walk: 0 / Other: 0
Sunday:  hopefully 10

Onward to March!  Swimming lessons start on Wednesday!  I'm sure the base of dog paddle and side stroke I cobbled together from my childhood swimming lessons and application in lakes, ponds, and the occasional pool will be exponentially helpful and a fun bad habit to break!

Beth, Looking forward to a new challenge! 


  1. Will be interested to hear about your swimming trials and tribulations. Not my favorite sport, but tris are so much fun and any improvement you can pick up in swim form/stroke makes it that much more enjoyable.

    1. That was my hope at least have some semblance of form to move efficiently through the water versus now...

  2. I see you picked up another Epic Suffer Score, and I'll bet it felt that way, too...good mileage last month, by the way!

    1. I was SO happy to see that as EPIC because it felt that way and I was really suffering and really wanted to quit. Funny the run the next day was at a faster pace and longer and just tough, guess I got the bulk of the crap out of my lymbic system? I was happy to see it was over 100 and a short month! Double digit back to back long runs till June for you will help!

  3. Good luck with swimming. I'm 3 years in and still don't have it figured out lol. Hope you are feeling better!

    1. Feeling much better, thanks!!! I am sure you are better than you think you are!!!