Friday, March 21, 2014

Lucky Week 13 - 50K Training

I think my making it up as I go along endurance training is helping.  I feel less fatigued after 2 hours of either running or a combo of spin/run/weights and am fitting in a dog walk the nights of the week I’m home before 8.

Kind of nervous about my long runs over the weekend and committing to the Brrr-lingame 10 miler.  As long as I am there I’ll finish out the 14 miles getting the 24 on my schedule.  I imagine it will be OK to break it up.  It will be nice to see friends and it is supposed to be a pretty nice day on Saturday.

So what have I been up to…

I have to share this picture of a frozen Lake Erie from Lakewood Park.  I used to come here with my paternal grandparents.   My father told me how the park was built, it’s a garbage dump.  Garbage dumped off the cliff including several cars and trucks which the owner backed up a bit too far and the vehicle went sailing over the cliff.  One was a Morgan, ooops!

Lakewood Park, Lake Erie Frozen, Cleveland in the distance

Lakewood Park, Lake Erie Frozen
It was amazing to see the lake frozen like that, and my legs appreciated the hike down to the water too!

Monday – I drove home from MI, I've been comparing the different routes I went out on I-95 / CT 9 / I-84 /NY 17/ I-86 / I-90 and that is about an hour and a half longer than taking I-80 to the Garden State Parkway and over the Tap to the Merritt and back to I-95.  If you were curious, and I’m sure you weren't.  

I love the drive, anyone of the different routes I take.   Usually making a stop either coming or going somewhere I used to go when I was a kid.  In the spring I like to take a buzz by my Alma Mater, Kent State University and see the Kent State Massacre and Vietnam Memorial in the field of daffodils, and of course the black squirrels running all over the place.  I've never seen black squirrels any other place but Kent, Ohio...  It is an amazing site, all the daffodils (one planted for every life lost in Vietnam) and the four black granite tombs.  So tragic.   Neil Young "Ohio" if you want a musical reference.

Tuesday – R: 4.2 / W: 2.9 / O: Spin

It was nice to run without having to don on so many layers.  Really nice to just move. I did wish I had gloves and made a mental note to stash some in my bag.  Fortunately my sleeves were long enough to pull over my hands.  Kept a good pace and made it back with time to change my shoes for Spin class.  Ahhhh….  Gizzy hadn't been out for a walk in a while and was sure to let me know his displeasure with this and also me being gone over the weekend.  

Wednesday -  R: 7.5 / W: 0 / O:  Swim

I packed the gloves, and forgot to wear them, doh!!! The wind was strong from the East and my shirt sleeves weren't cooperating.  Did ‘the bitch’ backwards and out to Thomas and around the regular loop.  Ran Mike B's route along the water, instead of between the buildings at UCONN Avery Point.  Wind off the water was colder, but not as wind tunnelish as when I would go between the buildings.  This time I noticed the truck and averted my eyes to not witness the shenanigans going on behind the UCONN Avery Point buildings.  Seriously find a less public place for your lunch time tryst.  Ok yeah, behind a bunch of buildings may seem less public to some.  

Swimming was good, excellent, I might venture to say.  Toward the end of the lesson something started to click with turning my head and lifting my arm with Freestyle.  The instructor (Brian) had us using the kick board the hand in the water was on the board. I appreciate that level of security.  Adam (the life guard) suggested the right way to hold the board.  I’m honestly impressed with these guys and their teaching abilities, finding what is going to resonate with different people, and concern to make sure we ‘get it’.  I managed what I thought were damn close to nearly right swimming strokes and breathing. I’m still lifting my entire head out of the water but the appropriate movement is starting to click for me.  I need to spend some time at the pool practicing – after all how does one get to Carnegie Hall – practice practice practice!  I came home feeling tired and sore.  

Thursday:  R: 4 / W 5.6 / O:  Weights and Spin

Mixing it up a little bit, Ro and I did weights before Spin and then I ran Bluff Point after spin.  Don had mentioned Bluff Point on our lunch time walk.  I’m glad the weather is shifting so we can get back to these walks, nice way to break up the day.  I thought, oh that would be nice, I haven’t been out to Bluff (or Buff) Point since November, I think.

Ro introduced me to this thing called a Slam Ball.  Very cool 15 lb, 20 lb, and 25 lb ball kind of like a bean bag you lift up over your head and SLAM it down to the ground, bend over (bending at the knees!) pick it up and do it again.  We did it with the 20 and then the 25.  4 with each followed by a circuit of bi/tri/back/shoulder x 4, 20 minutes done and dusted!  Fun stuff, I feel it to day more than I felt it last Thursday.

It really is fun to throw stuff and way better than dishes to ease frustration!

I kept an easy pace for Bluff Point.  I felt like I was running through pudding, imagine that.  It didn't feel like I put in a lot of effort and based on my ‘Suffer Score’ I didn't!  There was a lot of trail maintenance done, cutting down the trees and brush encroaching on the main trail.  One of my favorite places to run, for sure.

Friday:  R: 0 / W: 3.3 / O: The best nap ever

Lunch with some girlfriends and a hair appointment afterwards.  I'm able to take advantage of a compressed work week  AKA summer hours!  They start at Spring Forward and end at Fall Back.  Reporting into NY has SOME advantages other than my boss not being in the same state! 

I got home after 4 and weighed my options, a) work on this swimming and breathing thing, b) bike ride, c) organize my books, d) nap.  Nap won.  I'm exhausted by Friday afternoon and I was out like a light till Dave called at 6 to ask if Subway for dinner would be ok.  Sure, I totally forgot to take chicken out of the freezer.  

Saturday: Brrrr-lingame 10 miler and 14 additional

Sunday:  10 miles

Beth, now wide awake after a 2 hour late afternoon nap...  crap...

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