Thursday, March 13, 2014

Week of 3/10/14 - 3/17/14 Updated Wed / Thur

Monday:  R: 0 / W: 3.3 / O: Sufferfest "Revolver"

Daylight Savings time combine with a couple hard runs made sleep not come easy to me.  Even with a stiff drink and a couple Vitamin I p.m.s…  Ridiculous…  by 1:30 a.m. jealous of Dave and the dogs blissfully sleeping I crawled down to the couch.  My quads a little bit less sore after the afternoon run and evening walk so the stairs weren't incredibly painful to navigate.  A glass of milk and a wander around to find a pillow and quilt and I tucked myself in, 45 minutes of Words With Friends and I was out.  We don’t have one of those big wide puffy squish into it couches, ours is remarkably comfy despite its narrow victorianish settee stodginess.  

I woke up to some semblance of daylight, a dusting of snow, and Dave and the dogs were still out, are you kidding me? 

Monday’s aren't a running day for me and TRX was cancelled, so I decided on trying a new Sufferfest, Revolver, followed up by some serious foam rolling.

Revolver 'agenda':
  • 7:30 Warm-Up, featuring footage from the Women’s 2012 Track World Championships and the 2012 Downhill Mountain Bike World Championships.
  • Then the main event – 15x 1:00 intervals, with 1 minute rest in-between each interval, for a total of 30 minutes of intervals. 
  • The ‘on’ intervals are not for the faint of heart. They should be done at 9/10 on the RPE (recommended perceived exertion scale). They feature footage from the UCI Track World Championships 2012, the UCI Cyclocross World Cup 2012 and World Championships 2013 and the Women’s UCI World Road Championships 2012.
  • The ‘off’ intervals features some beautiful footage descending the Col du Soler, from
  • 4:00 warm-down featuring some footage from a bike ride around Norwich, UK in 1935.
Ummm… they lie, 16 intervals.  Probably because they knew there would be a wimpy one buried in the middle somewhere?  I know #7 and possibly #8 weren't quite up to par.  I did give it all I had for #15 and may have sworn out loud when 16/15 popped up.  Really?  The video is cool to watch of the bikers.  I missed a lot, keeping my eyes closed, eating the stem, and trying to fly my feet around in circles as fast as I could manage.  Fortunately they have audio cues so you know when you get to take a break for a minute.  Forgot my HRM at home, drats.

After this I could navigate down stairs much easier, not quite skipping, mind you.  

Got back to my desk to hear Jackass wonder out loud if I’d worked off the box of Girl Scout cookies I ate.  Thanks pal, we weren't going to speak of me inhaling a whole box of Samoa cookies, at what 1,050 calories, after lunch.  They were good, don’t judge!  

Tuesday:  R: 4 / W: 0 / O: Spin

The weather couldn't be more perfect, shorts, long sleeved shirt (could have went with short sleeves) 4 miles on the plan and it had been a while since I did ‘the bitch’ so I did.  Felt it by the time I got to the top; suffer I must as it was all downhill back to campus.  I’m sure I had a goofy smile.  I shaved a second off my best time!  Hill work is paying off, imagine I could have shaved off 5 seconds after an easy weekend of running?  Bwahaaa... Which Muppet said "I crack me up!" or was that ALF?

"The Bitch"  0.2 mile 9% grade hill 21 ft to 116 ft (95 ft gain) 

Hidden segment -
I really don't want to be depressed looking at Mike B's results, but now I may be forced to open it up?
When I got into the locker room Addy, one of the trainers at the gym, said there was an issue with the hot water (none) after the noon class, one of the two water heaters for the women’s showers was not working. She went back to the showers and checked, the water felt warm so maybe we’d be lucky.  It wasn't cold or hot, warm and seemed to be getting cooler as the seconds ticked on.  I was glad it wasn't freezing outside and I was banking on the shower to warm me up.   Addy did mention her shower got warmer, yeah once the other gal and I got out.  Honestly, she works hard in the gym and deserves a respectably warm shower!

Back to the grind for some odd ball required meeting on the flavor of the month to improve morale/culture.  I'll spare you my comments.  And then back to the gym for Spin. :)  

Wednesday:  R: 7.9 / W: 0 / O: swimming ~400 yards

Work has a rah rah site meeting, the weather and timing was absolutely perfect for me to sneak away for 2 hours and not really be missed.  So off to the Gold Star Bridge I ran.  Totally forgot my space watch so I turned on Strava and put the iPhone in the SPI belt, and found my tunes.  Not really worried about pace, ok I lie, I do.  I ran and enjoyed it very much.  Very cool!  Map My Run (thanks Mike B) helped me figure out what was going to get me closest to 8 miles and I ran that route.  

The rain held off till later in the afternoon, yippee.

I felt rather silly using my umbrella to walk from the parking lot to the Westerly Y considering I was going to be in water for the next 45 minutes.  

Shawn got a new job and moved on.  We had a new student, Jim (much closer in age to me - biker looking to learn to swim well enough to compete in a sprint-tri). And I've forgotten the instructors and lifeguards names (I want to say Eric or Ernie?).  How horrible of me.  

The lesson was a little different, slightly confused, but all in all the instructor and the lifeguard gave me the right tips to get me to get my face in the water and breathe.  The goggles helped.  Dave was aghast, his comments as I recapped class:  "Why didn't you wear the goggles for the first class?"  "I can't believe you don't know how to swim."  I protested that I do know how to not drown and that is swimming, no?  He laughed.  I chided him for his Swim Team and his private school.  He wondered out loud why I didn't join the swim team in my high school.  I said "You are joking right?  Clinton had an outdoor pool at the middle school, that closed shortly after my mom signed up me and my brothers for swimming lessons.  Swim team, HA!  

I explained the explanation, first of to keep an eye on my hand on the side I'm most comfortable breathing on, that will help me pull my head up at the right time.  Dave gufawed at this and then demonstrated freestyle and had to admit, that would work.  What is it with husbands and having to know better?  Then we got to the breathing part and keeping my ear in the water, blowing out the bubbles, talking to the fish and then keeping my ear in the water to hear their response.  THIS time he did supply me with something useful.  After finding the explanation ridiculous, it resonated with me and that is what is important, right?  That when I turn my head there will be a divot (wrong word) in the water allowing me a water free space to breathe in air and not water with my ear still in the water.  Aqua dynamics or something. I kept envisioning turning my head and my mouth being halfway in the water.  Huh.  Yeah, Dave, you won that one! 

Thursday:  R: 4 / W: 0 / O: Spin & Weights

The weather turned brutal, 25F with 25 MPH winds and a feels like 5F...  Forgeddabout it.  I have stuff to do and will run on the treadmill before spin, and maybe redeem my pace for the week.  Success, although I was totally not into the run or spin.  Exhausted much?  

Ro tortured me with some weights and this thing called a Smash Ball, 20 lbs pick it up over your head and throw it down pick it up lift it over your head and throw it down.  So fun!!  She ended with "OK 200 crunches."  I laughed and said "Goodie"  She said "You think I'm being sarcastic don't you?"  I retorted with "You are aren't you?"  Um no.  Break it into sets of 50 and it isn't so bad.

My mom called to let me know the snow was drifting and to stay on the hard top roads and not go the back way, and the road is a disaster, the plows haven't been down, yet.  But it might get up to 45 on Friday so maybe it won't be too bad, but most likely the county won't plow till Saturday.  Good to know.

Friday:  R: 0 / W: 0 / O: 0

Driving to MI &  listening to “The Aviators Wife” by Melanie Benjamin

Saturday:  R: / W: / O: 

10 on the schedule – have to see just how much snow is still left on the roads if I can do a “Back to the Future” themed run ala Mike B.  I did do one last June; there are a few places I'd like to revisit, depending on the snow conditions, they are due for 8" Wed night...

Sunday:  R: / W: / O:

6 on the schedule – see Saturday’s comment

Monday:  R: 0 / W: 0 / O: 0

Driving to RI and listening to… 

Beth, is it really only Tuesday?  and yeah it is Thursday and I get to spend the day being very sedentary tomorrow, yippiee!


  1. LOL on the Girl Scout cookies. I actually bought 2 boxes from my girlfriends daughter, but when they came in I asked if I could donate I never even saw them. I knew I wouldn't be able to control myself. I wanted them bad.

    That Sufferfest workout sounds crazy! I have a few Spinerval workouts that are pretty tough!

  2. We won't talk about the first box... *whistles and looks away* Spinerval I'll have to look that up thanks for the tip.

  3. It was definitely Alf.

    The girl scout cookies are officially gone here and I am happy to say the my MIL ate most of them. Ok, maybe she just ate a coupe more than me. Whatever, we only get them once a year.

    No swim? I am going to sign up for official swim lessons on Monday. Need to kick things up a notch.

    1. Ah Alf!! They were good and it is only once a year... but that doesn't account for all the other times I find myself woofing down sweets!

      I swam on Wed... trying the WTAC blog format. Not so sure about it...

    2. Wait...there's a format for the blogs???

    3. There seems to be Crutch...but I'm not one to follow convention so I'll make it up as I go along!

  4. enjoy the Back to the Future run - they are the best