Saturday, March 29, 2014

Week of March 24 - 30 - Week 14 of 50K Training (easy week)

After a 10 minute 'discussion' with Jax that his ball could not possibly be on Dave's desk, it must be under it.  He was insistent that it was on his desk.  Well it was.  Color me amazed.  I know I shouldn't be.  I had a 6 month battle with Diesel over a ball he insisted was in a wall, or rather an open space in the wall.  He spent at least 30 minutes a day staring at that hole in the wall with his 'get my ball' whine.  It wasn't until I was home and it was day light and I decided, oh what the hell I'll take a closer look.  I looked and I'll be damned, there was a ball resting in the hole in the wall.  Jax's ball was in the keyboard tray.  Argh...

Dogs.  Amazing creatures they are, for sure.

So what have I been up to this week, other than having a battle of wits with a dog and being the unarmed participant?

Sunday - 11 on the trails in Burlingame - bliss.  Strava link

Monday - R: 0 / W: 2.6 / O: TRX

Finally back to TRX, it has been a while.  Between my friend losing her best friend to cancer and scheduling conflicts it has been what 5 weeks?  I was a little apprehensive at how much I had lost, because while I have a rig at home, um, it didn't get used...  I should know better I suck at home exercise.  We got to side planks and they sucked.  Surprisingly the side plank curl unders didn't suck.  Well until Wed a.m. when coughing hurt, or rather HURT!

Tuesday - R: 4.  /W:  2.4 / O: Spin 

Just a run.  Same old same old native american head course around campus followed by a spin class.  

Wednesday - R: 0 / W: 0 / O:  Swimming and Nap

This was one of those days where I had an eye problem (to quote GDogg) I can't see myself being here.  I had time blocked off for a nice 7 or 8 mile run, in the wind.  Got to the gym and bloody hell, no sports bra.  You'd think I'd learn my lesson, um, no...  a couple friends offered me their spare, ah, you are as big around as a pencil and I'm not...  Besides, ew gross...  dejected I went back to my desk, figuring I'd leave early and get in a run before spin.  The siren sound of the couch met me at the door.  I did wake up in time for swimming.

I made a monumental step forward.  I can swim freestyle without breathing for 1/3 of the pool.  Introducing breathing introduces panic.  Fuck...  sorry to my sensitive readers.  

Practice is on the agenda for the weekend, now to learn how to read the Y open swimming schedule...

Thursday - R: 7 / W: 2.5 / O: Spin and Weights

I think I got my crap together for Thursday, wrote a packing list ON my gym bag, hopefully that will help!  Getting back into the habit of getting up at 5 and running from home would completely solve the problem.  Yeah, that isn't happening.

Blocked off my calendar and moved meetings to have 90 minutes before spin to run 6 or 7.  Mike B said "Go left." and I trusted him on this.  I was a little iffy until I got to the part of going left I dread the long slowly increasing incline on Shennecossett.  Wind at my back.  Mike B you are awesome, thank you!!  Even though I was running into the 20 MPH wind on the way back to campus, it was down hill and absolute bliss.

With my spare few minutes I hopped on the treadmill to do a mile of 2% incline increases, up 2% every minute till I got to 12%.  12% is the incline of the majority of Mt. Washington (we won't talk about the 18% part at the end, shhh).  While Galoob will be racing this, I just want to get to the top and not die!!  

Friday - R: 0 / W: 3.1 / O: 0

Friday isn't typically a running day for me however with the pending rain if I could fit it in I was going to run.  Between a New York colleague in for the day, surprise, and other "gotta get this wrapped up before Claire retires" odds and ends, running didn't happen.  No running at night as I had an evening outing planned with the "Housewives of Narragansett" for "Dessert and Dabble", an instructor led painting class to help the youth group raise funds for their trip to Scotland over the summer.  These are typically "Drink and Dabble", being at St. Peter's by the Sea, dessert it was.  And WOW great desserts!  We went for a drink afterwards, I'm sure breaking into the sacramental wine would just be added to the list of reasons this heathen is going to hell?


Took a walk at lunch time with the usual suspects.  I suppose I could have run instead, sometimes it is just nice to walk and chat.

Saturday - R: 13.3 / W: 0 / O: 0 

Crutch organized a group run, on Thursday it was with a friend of his that runs a similar pace to me recovering from a hamstring injury.  Ok, pressure is off.  I get so nervous running with other people.  Ok so not so much anymore with the "Housewives of Narragansett" for the first few runs I was nervous. Dave was up and out the door by 6:30 for a bike ride.  He grumbled about being woken up at midnight (whine whine whine), warned me the rain was supposed to start 11ish and, finally, to have a fun run. Crutch arrives at the meeting spot and reviews the map and says Gazelle is coming.  Oh crap, I can't keep up with him!!   Gazelle was up for an easy few miles on the trails after a tough week of illness and injury.  Ok. All is good. Glad you are feeling better! 

We ran 4.5 at Long and Ell Pond, in Hopkinton, RI. Strava entry (still can't get the html to load a picture)  OMG gorgeous.  The day was warm for the weather we've been having, 40's, no sun, cloudy due to that dratted looming rain.  Even with the less than spectacular lighting.  Amazing.  It was hard to not look around and to keep an eye on the trail so I didn't slip and fall or break an ankle.  I managed.  Only one near fall.  Jeff was behind me and commented on my grace.  Lots of practice with near falling, glad it is paying off!  Thanks!  Great to have an actual live conversation with Gazelle too.  

The last climb. 
In honor of my mother doing very well in her Pulmonary Rehab, I selected the one with my thumb in the picture.  
We were all a little spent with the rock climbing and called it a day. Definitely some place for more exploring!

After a little rest I had a little something left in the tank to finish out the 10 for the day, I went out to visit with the cows, figuring I'd get about 8 in (8.8, not too bad) and hoping to beat the rain.  My last 2 miles were in the light spray of rain, not too horrible, just a little chilly.  It was very strange going from roots and rocks and climbs to flat asphalt. 

Sunday:  R: 6.5 / W: 2.6 / O: 0
I need 5.5 to meet my weekly 30 mile running goal. The relentless rain sort of let up to a drizzle, about 10 a.m. so off I went, with 6 in mind, trying to stay on roads with sidewalks or less busy roads.  It was a make it up as I go along route hoping like h3ll that some bozo didn't spray me from a puddle.  I did manage to scare the crap out of someone driving a gray Land Rover.  Sorry pal!  I thought you saw me and my day glo pink shirt in the cross walk.  Whoopsie.  The rain picked up for the last 2 miles of the run and I got home dripping wet.   Dave was still at his bike race  (King of Burlingame he took 2nd in Masters Sport division - seemed pleased with himself, absolutely not a competitive kind of guy and chalked it all up to the rain and no one good being out on the course.  Hey you race who is there right?) alas no one to grab a towel for me, the dogs were more interested in sniffing me rather than helping me, so I dripped all over the house.  

Gizzy and I went out for a walk when it seemed like there was a bit of a break in the rain. Went to check out how high the Pawcatuck River was getting, definitely higher than when I ran by and over it in the a.m. The last mile it started raining and was a full on downpour when we got home.  Dave was there with a towel for Giz.  We were both drenched!

All in all a good week!  31 running miles, 13.2 walking miles, swimming, weights, spinning, TRX, and a nap!!


Beth, who can't remember why she needed to google the lyrics "Signs, Signs, Everywhere a sign." but it's "Signs" by Five Man Electrical Band.  *smirk*


  1. Sounds like training is going well!!

    1. It is! YOU had an amazing week!!! Here's to continuing good weather and awesome weeks!!

  2. Never heard of Five Man Electrical Band, good trivia piece. I can tell you how we got into that though: when we were in Crutch's truck all discussing different running trails that were quasi-off limits, Crutch was asking about the piece of property across Shore Road from Champlin Glacier Park, and I said that is Audubon property, and it still has fading signs "No jogging, no hunting, no ...", and it reminded me of the song "Signs" with lyrics like "and the sign says you've got to have membership card..".
    Now, how's that for a run on sentence? Anyway, good running and catching up with you on Saturday.

    1. Ahhh... it's coming back to me now! I'll defer to Crutch on the run on sentence, he's the English major.

  3. Ha, the Real Housewives of Narragansett, funny. It was such a great night though, Tesla's version of signs has always been a favorite of mine and now Michael loves it too.

    Training is going really well for you! Getting close!

    1. It was fun!!! I'll have to find Tesla's version of Signs!! Thanks I feel confident, I'll be running for 7 hours but hey I can handle it!!