Tuesday, April 1, 2014

1Q14 - stick a fork in it, done!

The last day of the quarter started with the horrid realization I had to lead a meeting at 8:30 a.m. as I was scrambling into the building at 8:25.  Fortunately only I knew how this presentation was supposed to go as it was a glimpse behind the curtain of a system I manage which at this point still appears as a lot of smoke and mirrors to anyone outside of Claire, the tech team, and I.  PSHEW, how's THAT for a run on sentence?   How does that saying go, baffle them with bullshit?

Along those lines it was also the due date for my work goals.  Lots of "manage" and "lead" sprinkled in there as my manager (past and current) are prepping me for a promotion.  Net net, I enjoy my job, I really do -- I get to do what I like: help people succeed and occasionally be the smartest person in the room --  I don't know that I really want that next level, yet.  I think this may be the same with running?  I love it, do I want to be anymore serious about it?  Not so sure... 

Let's see what progress I've made on my 2014 running goals  *flips back through blog posts*, hmmm, didn't look like I set any, just focus on the 50K and take it from there.  I've done my best to honor my training schedule.  The Brrr-lingame race perhaps could have been a distraction, however it offered a great lesson to be learned.  Thank you for your feedback Mike (Super RD and runner who is NOT left handed or even ambidextrous)  that I should have run the miles before the race and not after. I had a good 20 mile road run two weeks before, I'm not all that concerned I didn't get in my full long run for that weekend, I did have a lot of "time on my feet" on the trails that weekend...   Taking Mike's advice to heart I will run Big River with my 13 miles done pre 1/2.  Based on the glimpses I've gotten into the course sounds like I may be best of doing 13 road miles versus the course first.  Sounds wicked technical and exhausting...  thoughts?

Why I'm even running Big River is a mystery to me, due to a family vacation (not mine, the one I married into, my families last and only family vacation was in 1978 - I think it was the basis for the movie Vacation, no seriously yellow station wagon and surly pre teens) I won't be able to Run With the Beavers, so no Triple Crown of trail or road racing in RI (the Jamestown race is the same weekend).  But who knows, there could be some horrible natural disaster and we can't go (is this something people should or shouldn't light candle for?) I'm keeping my options open?  or hmm....  not sure... It all boils down to me not being keen on someone else planning my life.  My mother's commentary, always with a smile on her face:  "From birth you've been stubborn."  And, well, she'd know best.  She still hasn't forgiven me for refusing (at less than a week old - way back in the dark ages they kept mother's and children in the hospital for more than a few hours) to wear home the sweater she knitted for me while I was in utero. Or to wear the pretty dresses she picked out.  Or... Or... Or..... Stubborn much?  Mother's daughter much?  The only one amused by this was my maternal grandfather, who was so glad his eldest grandchild was going to hold her own with his eldest child!

1Q14 Mileage:

Running:  350
Walking: 117
Biking: 15

Not too bad.  Extrapolating, for the year I'll be:

Running: 1,400
Walking: 468
Biking: 60 (ha ha ha)

Think I'll stick to 30 miles a week running and just let walking fall where it may?  Biking will pick up with the warmer weather, and Dave and I will go out on 20 - 40 mile rides on the weekends.  After the Ice Age 50K hill training for Mt. Washington and bike training for the Pan Mass Challenge (PMC) ramp way up.  Oh goodie I won't have to seriously address the lack of control in my diet for a few more months!!  Swimming will fall in there somewhere...

Beth wondering really Mike B, a hat?  It wasn't that cold out today!! 


  1. it was a baseball cap to keep the WARM SUN from my eyes

    1. LOL. Hmmmm so that wasn't you I spied on Shennie and Juniper (I was on Bayberry)

  2. I will light a candle if that is what it takes!