Friday, April 4, 2014

Recap Week #15 March 31 - April 6

Monday:  R: 0 / W: 2.4  / O: TRX

Rest day, although I did want to go for a run, something happened, oh work.  Seriously that crap just gets in the way.

Tuesday:  R: 7.6 / W: 2.0  / O: 0

Nice sunny day, sight breeze perfect for a run.  Walked into the gym to see nearly EVERY machine with someone on it.  Are you kidding me?  Go out side people...  Then I figured out it was some sort of thing for a lunchtime boot camp class when they were all crammed in the fitness room jumping around.  Accumulated some more freckles on my forehead, I really need to remember to put on the sunscreen. I could wear a hat but that makes my head too warm, too much hair or something.  Took a run up "The Bitch" after about a 2 mile warm up and a nice down hill to get some forward momentum.  Didn't go to badly, best time yet.   Then did the regular route.  Spied Mike B running on Shenncossett heading for the Juniper Point loop when I was running back up Bayberry.   By the time not so fleet of feet (me) finished up the 3 miles to get back to the gym he was no where to be found. 

Wednesday:  R: 8.2 / W: 0 / O: Swimming - 50 min

I felt like crap from the moment I got up, the sun wasn't out so much, some woman in the locker room was bitching about how cold it was and she didn't have her thermal tights to wear outside, are you kidding me? that just encouraged craptastic feeling me to honor my silent goal to my self to run the Gold Star Bridge and back and I did that.  Challenged my not so into it self by running up what I thought was a really steep hill on Smith St.  Didn't seem that bad, really.  Looks to be 100 feet of elevation gain over 0.4 miles (2,112 feet).  Rise over run gives 4.2% grade...  feh... Short and quick.  It wasn't cold, although I did grab a pair of gloves out of my bag just in case, I appreciated them on the run into the wind back to campus.  I did see this gal later in the week and mentioned, nicely, that it wasn't bad, shorts and long sleeved shirt weather. Not really sure what over came me, but there you have it.

Thursday:  R: 0 / W: 0 / O: 0

NYC for the day.  As coincidence would have it this was the day Claire was in to turn in her badge and computer.  Nice to see her one last time!

When I left for the train at the unspeakable hour of 5:30 a.m., I got in the car, turned the key, and nothing.  Old Vinny had been starting kind of weird for the last week, telling me all sorts of stories about Security System Failure / Power Steering Failure / Skid Control Failure.  Did I listen?  No...  Damn it.  Went up to explain this to Dave who said get the jumper cables then thought about actually getting out of bed to jump my car and said "Take my truck."  Oh goodie, heels, dress, and a truck.  Not my favorite combo… glad for long trench coats.  I made the later train, pshew!  Fortunately,  I was able to get the 5:03 train which gets me home about 8:15, just enough time to buy a new battery.  Don’t worry, Dave’s commute is very short, he doesn't have to leave the house and his biggest traffic problem is a three dog pile up on the basement stairs.  I manage to not burn out the clutch, yeah, and when I got back in my car I kept reaching for the shifter and putting my left foot down into nothing.  Amazing how quickly the motions come back.

Friday:  R: 0 / W: 0 / O: Bike 10.5 miles

Took the bike out for a spin, boy was it colder and windier than I expected.  Made it a quick 50 minute pedal, probably good considering I have a big day tomorrow.

Beth who is kinda nervous for Big River 2x…  just keep running, right?

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