Sunday, April 27, 2014

RI Foot Pursuit 5K - Recap

After a bit of peer pressure from Crutch and then Mike B I finally caved late Friday afternoon and signed up for the Rhode Island State Police 5K.    I have no regrets in doing this and a huge thank you guys, exactly what I needed.

But first...

Saturday - 9.  10 was on the schedule, it rained cats and dogs all night and didn't seem like it was going to let up.  Dave was off to Big River for a clean up day.  I lazed around till about 10 and finally decided better get these miles in.   Especially with Dave off doing trail work.  I didn't exactly have a plan, I can either start out running up hill or down hill.  I decided up hill then I could run a mile or so of slow declines and see what I felt like.  Felt pretty good for the run.  Ventured across to Connecticut and back to RI.  Wow the river is full again. Lots of meandering thoughts with no rhyme or reason.  Nice to see spring really springing!  All of a sudden it dawned on me I was passing by somewhere I got lost and decided to back track, figured this might make me short a bit, but I really wanted to figure out where I got all turned around.  Well I got turned around when a road changed names and then again at a traffic circle where 5 roads meet up and the street signs, if they exist, are hidden.  This New England tradition of changing road names combine with my lousy sense of direction make for some fun runs.  I now think I know how the roads connect.  Famous last words!

Decided to pick up my bib in the afternoon, and see if I could get my name added to the WTAC - Ladies roster for the race.  I forgot to do it when I signed up.  Not a problem, Kathy of Tri Mom was able to help me and remembered who I was.  With my unusual last name kinda hard to forget, right?

Sunday - 8  

The race is billed as fast and flat.  I figured 30 minutes, it has been a long time since I've run a 5K or done anything resembling speed work.  I landed at 28:35 per the space watch (29:08 gun or maybe my watch is messed up), full results here.  I'm familiar with the course as I spent pretty much every Thursday running parts of it with a bunch of gals from Narragansett, including Running While Mommy.  I think it is easier to run on roads I'm familiar with. Could be mental?

Saw most of the WTAC folks before the race. Did a mile warm up.  I glanced at my space watch and saw 1/2 mile I thought, oh wait I better go back this is a warm up, but how long is a warm up supposed to be?  I've never actually warmed up with any seriousness before.  I did know that going out on cold legs would be a disaster so I figured 1 would be fine, I was feeling warm.  And as I turned around, the wind, crap.  The last mile will be into the wind...  Very strange to feel one buzz on the space watch and not run any more. 

We all lined up, I tried to figure where I fit in, I didn't want to be too far in the back.  Actually placed myself pretty well.  The gun went off scaring most of the runners, me included.   The race was chip timed, it took about 30 seconds to get over the start mat, 797 runners.

Mile 1 felt good, definitely flat and smooth. The crowd sorted itself out pretty quickly.  Walkers 1/10 of a mile in stayed out of the way pretty much.  Some guy with his pace being said out loud ever 1/10 of a mile, oh hell no I'm not listening to that, eventually lost him.  I think he was bound and determined to not be behind a girl in a skirt?  9:20, not too bad, not going to hit anything close to 27 at this rate, whatever.

Mile 2 felt good, wind at my back, started thinking about the last mile.  Coach, some random man who wanted to help, started coaching me about 2.5 miles in.  "Put your hands below your heart."  I heard a few times till finally it dawned on me I was being addressed, realizing this I did as I was told, dropped my arms.  Coach said that will make it easier.  Ok, thanks I said and he backed off.  I have started to ball up my fists and run with  my hands at chest level, like I'm some sort of demented  Tyrannosaurus Rex.  That and loosing my neck in my shoulders. 

All of this made me think of a note one of my girlfriends sent thanking all of her supporters for Boston.  This was the specific part, she was at mile 19, just starting up the first of the hills that make up Heartbreak Hill.

"I ran up that first hill, which felt like it would never end, and I started questioning whether I should even run Heartbreak. My head was telling me “You don’t have to do that. You can walk it. Save your energy for the last 5 miles of the marathon.” My heart was saying “Don’t quit.” Someone offered water at the halfway point of the hills and I took it, pulling over to stretch my tightening up quads. A woman yelled “Keep moving! You’ve got to keep moving or you’ll cramp up!” I was in “hangry” runner mode and said “Thanks, but this is my 10th marathon. I think I know what I’m doing.” Nice, huh?"

It all made me chuckle, at least THIS guy was running the race not standing on the sidelines!!  9:09, oh nice!

Mile 3 felt good, I was glad for the long sleeves into the wind.  Coach was right there, "Ok hands below your heart and stick your thumbs up, you are in the home stretch."  I said thanks and sped off.  8:56, huh, and into the wind...

3.1 / finish chute, Crutch was there at the end, cheering.  Always appreciated!!  Ran with me for a few steps.  Hey if you are going to twist someone's arm shouldn't you at least be there to greet them?  *smirk*  He assured me I was well sub 30.  It all felt good and at this point I was so glad I ran this race.  7:12

Grabbing some water we walked to the beach, he gave me the stats:  Garvin 2nd, 5K 3rd, Mike B, Seth, Shara it all sort of ran together, I knew they'd be in the top 10 or 20.

Team WTAC (Westerly Track and Athletic Club)
I was entranced by Chris's son's gorgeous blue eyes...  photo by Katie Garvin

I grabbed my jacket and went off for a cool down run.  I could have just kept going, but turned around pretty quickly after I started, didn't want to miss the awards, although I had plenty of time by the time I got back.

Once I got home I took Gus for a dog jog.  His first 5K done brilliantly.  We used to run together a few years ago, when I used to get up at 5 a.m. to run.  He trotted along nicely, I wish he was a little more predictable as I'd take him to the woods with me.  I never know exactly how he is going to react to another dog.  He does fine on the leash, well, I have more control, but I wonder how he would do off leash. 

On another note, taper madness has started setting in.  Thursday night I was certain I was getting a sinus infection.  Friday I was sure the tooth with the crack in it was going to break when I bit into a nut.  Saturday morning I was sure there is something wrong with the bottom of my left foot as it feels like it is going to rip a part when I step, this is because your calves are tight, stretch dummy.  And finally, the cherry on the top, today the inside of my knee is achy and tender, a sure sign of a MCL tear.  Good grief, enough already.

Beth, hoping she mentally makes it through the next two weeks!


  1. Congrats on the nice race, Beth. Who knows how fast you would have run if you'd had your personal coach with you the whole way! Also, by the looks of it, I think my son was equally entranced by you.

    1. IKR?? Imagine if I actually took speed work or running seriously??!?! Seb is adorable for sure!! Good work to you and Katie!

  2. Great race Beth! I so want to do this one. I agree, knowing the roads makes a difference. At least for me anyway.

    1. Next year!!! I am so LOVING not having a shit ton of races I've signed up for. Think I will continue this trend. I'm actually enjoying myself!! I was dreading all the races about this time last year and yet I continued. Life is all about lessons, right?

  3. I was out on the course on Ocean Road until about 28 minutes past. You must have snuck past me. We'll have to get some WTAC garb on you this summer and make you more visible. Just what you wanted, right? Nice race!

    1. Damn, I must have been flying pretty fast by that time, ha ha ha. Yes some WTAC garb will be welcome. Thanks I was pleased with this race, definitely on the list for next year!

  4. Don't let the off day symptoms get to you. I swear I start developing all sorts of aches and pains on my "rest" days. They will immediately subside once you start running again...or at least at the beer tent at the end of the race.

    1. Oh yes, there will be beer at the end, it is Wisconsin!!