Sunday, April 13, 2014

WTF - Westerly Town Forest

Truth -  I didn't run today, I got wrapped up in projects early in the morning and just kept going with it.  Do I feel guilty? Not one little bit.  Wait, I do, guilt for telling Mike B I'd be at the Clamdigger and not showing up.  I'm sure I'll hear about it.  

You know that nagging list of to do things, the one that gets longer and longer and weighs heavy on your shoulders?  Yeah that one.  I checked off several.  What is it with spring and cleaning and organizing and purging?  Either that or my maternal grandmother was inhabiting me today, she was the purger, my paternal grandmother was the saver.  They often fight inside of me.  Keep it.  Toss it.  Keep it.  Toss it.  It can get pretty ugly, nothing you want to see, keep walking.

Oh yeah, and taxes, after 16 years of me reminding/nagging Dave about them, he was the one to remind/nag me on Friday morning.  "Um Hon, did you realize taxes are due on Tuesday, I have my Schedule C done."  You could have knocked me over with a feather, this was a first.  Must be the full moon due on tax day?

Saturday I did run from my house to the Westerly Town Forest and around the forest, getting wet, muddy, lost, and scraped up.  Gazelle it may be 'game on' for who gets scraped up more! I studied the map from the route the guys ran Thursday night and made a mental note and looked at the maps as I came across them in the forest, most of the ones in the back were gone.  I got a little turned around and actually ran in a circle a couple times till I figured out I had already run on that section before.  HA!!  Maybe lost isn't quite correct, but for a minute here and there I did think:  "I may never get out of the forest.".

When I left I hemmed and hawed about water.  Oh it's only 10 miles, no biggie, you'll be fine.  Well this is the first I've run when it was over 50F.  Um yeah, it was a biggie.  So the last 5 miles sucked despite the wind being at my back.  Lesson learned.  I told Dave to bring extra water as he was just heading out when I got home.  He rolled his eyes, yet he completely filled his hydro-pack.  When he got home he did mention that he went through the whole thing.  Always good to listen to the spouse, eh?

Beth, who should have just stopped at what ever house had a hose she could see from the road, that would have been ok, wouldn't it?


  1. Saturday Noon I went to the WTF to retrieve a gallon of water and cups that I had stashed there. Wished I had known you were going - I would have told you where it was. BTW, there are worse things than the potential of not being able to get out of the Town Forest! Jana saw your FB posting of scratched and bloodied legs Saturday and as I was wearing shorts, looked at my scratched up legs and did some visual comparisons - contest on!
    Which trails in WTF did you find overgrown? The orange is an obvious one, especially from the power lines down to the smokehouse and back, but the others seem in good shape to me. Let me know; I've already reached out to Westerly Conservation Commission and would like to clear some of the trail (yeah, right, another project I'll never get to!).

    1. Oh I'd of run with the jug, it was verging on brutal, not brutal enough to knock on a door. Yes, the orange trail could use some work, even the yellow trail, in parts, or maybe I was just making up the route as I went, sometimes it is hard to tell!! The trail down to the river, I'm not sure, maybe. The only one I noticed when it happened was the on behind my left knee, yeowch. Now I'll need to run more trails. Muwahaaaaa

  2. You and Jeff are definitely the front-runners for best trail battle week! Sorry we missed you at the Clamdigger, but I totally get it - I've skipped a couple races because of similar situations :)

    1. Nice to be missed... sorry! I was making serious progress on things that have been stalled for months.