Friday, April 11, 2014

Week of April 7th

Me: “The chili was a bad idea for lunch.”
#1 Smart Guy: “It usually is.”

Monday  R: 0 / W: 0 / O:  TRX

I was feeling beat up from the weekend of runs.   Monday as a rest day was so welcome.  I don’t even think I got in all the steps on my FitBit either, and it was raining when I got home from TRX so no dog walk.  I plopped myself down and groaned and was immediately covered in three dogs with Dave in the background muttering something about, me never paying attention to him.  "Well you aren't climbing all over me."  was all I could think to say.  Yeah went over like a fart in a space suit.  

Tuesday R: 4 / W: 6  / O: Spin

The rain all night Monday into Tuesday morning sounded so nice (even the torrential stuff) on the copper porch roof.  I slept like the dead.  What a strange saying that is.  Eventually the rain subsided and the sun came out.  Meetings prevented any pre spin running, perfect time to go out to Bluff Point and take a cruise around the fire road. Before I left spin class Ro made sure I got in my 30 push-ups for the 30 push-ups a day Spartan challenge.  Groan. Bluff Point was a little muddy in spots and a lot muddy in others, I tiptoed around some of them and after a mile or so just motored through the rest.  Trail maintenance continues.   I was sad to not see the tree just before the cut off to go down to Mumford Cove, I always looked forward to that as I was nearly to the top of the fire road.  

Wednesday R: 8 /W: 0  /O: Swim

Blocked off time for a late morning run and off I went for 8.  I've slacked on my hill running, so I ran the bitch and one set of hills in the apartment complex across from campus continuing on the same old same old.  It was windy and running into the wind for the last 3 miles was tiring.  Saw a couple runners coming towards me, looking all free and light, yeah the wind is pushing you along, wait till you get to Shennecosett or coming back up Jupiter Point I thought.  The wind was brutal and I was tired.   Not even a lot of kick for the last ¼ mile of downhill.  

Swimming was good.  Adam pushed us a bit, which I need, I always need pushing, I don’t like it, I do appreciate it, after the fact.   We did drills with the kick-board without it with fins without them with fins and kick-board without fins and kick-board and the last 50 were no fins no kick-board no break.  After both my calves charlie horsed (is that a term) I gave up a little.  Damn that hurts and being in water makes it scary to me.  I think I’m mostly over my fear of water and finally get the order things need to go in, like not breathing out ALL the oxygen as soon as I put my face in the water.  DOH!!  750 yards.  I felt it Thursday.  

Thursday R: 5 / W: 2 / O: Spin

About 2 miles into my run I forced myself to stop thinking about the chili and ponder other subjects.

Spin was good.  Jeff nearly fell off his bike in excitement telling us about Dohertys Alehouse taps all along the wall and turn around and another wall full of taps. He is a pretty even keeled kind of guy this was the first time I’d seen him animated.   Beer does that to people!

This was also the day for my running club, Westerly Track and Athletic Club victory celebration, the winning team for the South County 4th Season race series.  I passed on the pre pub crawl victory run through the Westerly Town Forest and joined up for the tour of Grey Sail Brewing Company.  Very fun evening, for sure!  Thanks Mike for setting it up!!  Thanks guys for being awesome winning runners!!

Friday R: 0 / W: 3 / O: 0

Fiber Fest! Beers and knitting with the gals!  Beer goes with everything, very versatile beverage.  Lots of discussion about the Great Rhody Yarn Crawl happening this weekend.  I did the inaugural crawl three years ago, I'm still working through that yarn.  It is shameful to say I have enough yarn, I do, hopefully this doesn't get me expelled from the club.  I may zip up to one of the stores just to squeeze some yarn.

Saturday  10 on the schedule for the morning, thinking Westerly Town Forest.  Yard clean up for the afternoon.  The crocus have emerged from under a thick layer of leaves, it will be interesting to see what else survived the winter and being buried in feet of snow.   Quite certain this winter did in the amaryllis I forgot to dig up in the fall.  

Sunday  8 on the schedule, I'll get 5 with the Clamdigger race and bike to and from the beach and call it good.

Beth, who still has to do taxes...

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