Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Burlingame - Clockstupid

Sunday:  R: 10 / W: 3 / O: 0
Dave was off to Arcadia.  I planned on running Burlingame clockstupid (you know the opposite of clockwise -- opposite of how I usually run it) and continue on my quest to not get side tracked off Sammy C's trail. 
Off I went, hard top first, very strange, the little bit of a rise felt tough, my legs felt goodish, way better than when I poured myself into bed on Saturday night. My toes weren’t sore,  always a good thing.  On to the single track and finally on Sammy C's trail.  It was marked with orange tape.  Was this from the King of Burlingame the race the weekend before?  The orange markings were nice because I seem to lose the trail mostly on the ledges/domes.  But shouldn't they have been removed? Right foot left foot repeat. 
Enjoyable, not to muddy, teeny technical, I took my time, enjoyed the scenery and the sun. Right foot left foot repeat. 
Got to the dome, the intersection of Sammy C's / Secret Trail / Out and Back.  I chose the path I hadn't traveled.  Out and Back. Yeah the whole Sammy C's plan went out the window, the joy of running alone.  Oh my.  Dave rides this on his bike?  “How is that possible?” I though as I scaled up the sides of ledge.  Hmmmm.... I may want to up his life insurance or at least his accidental death and dismemberment.  Here I figured it was going to be me dying first, running more than 2.5 hours a week, let alone at a time...   Right foot left foot repeat. 
Running this direction on the Vin Gormley was weird; different and familiar all at the same time.  Wow, it was pretty torn up from the rain and the bikers.  Then I noticed the blue streamer markers on the trail.  Really?   Right foot left foot repeat. 
The deer hide was still all over the place, no carcass though. The only people I saw on the trail were two women walking their dogs.  Cute pups.  Got to the massive section of bridges, holy cow the bridges are all over the place.  Last few rock gardens and ahhh, the nice flat even section as I neared the end of the trail into the camp ground and spied an orange marker from the Brrr-lingame course leading the runners into the campground and the sand pit area...  I pulled it and ran with it.  Figured the orange caution "slow moving vehicle" flag in my hydro-pack would be kinda funny.  Right foot left foot repeat.

Beth, glad to make a change from the usual, left foot right foot repeat...



  1. Another good day right after Big River. Nice work. I don't know how those mountain bikers do it - I'd kill myself on Sammy C's!

    And I just saw that you're in 4th place in the Triple Crown standings. Great work!

    1. Thanks! I have no idea how they do it. I'm assured "It's no big deal." which is usually followed by "does this gash look deep enough to go to urgent care". 4th place, Whoop!! And one more reason to absolutely despise this not my family why do I have to go vacation. If one of the other gals doesn't show I'd be in 3rd! Bloody hell... There is always next year. You remain in the top 10 EXCELLENT work!! Enjoy running with the Beavers in July. I'll be moping...