Saturday, April 26, 2014

Week of 4/21 - 4/27

Monday 2.8 and TRX

Dave went fishing, it is Tautog (Blackfish) time, well a little early, neither he nor Jim got a nibble, the fish must still be hibernating?  Feh, not exactly my favorite fish to eat.   This gave me the opportunity to work from home, super sweet because we were home late from Easter Dinner at his parents and I could watch the Boston Marathon.

After lunch, I really needed to move and decided to take Jax on a run.  I've been debating a dog jog for a while and since it seems to be the thing to do (based on my Strava feed) what the heck.  He spent most of the day running around the house trying to get Gus to play.  Gus wasn't having any of it.  I was gobsmacked when Jack managed to stay completely still while I put on the harness, then had to do a few laps, then stay completely still while I put the leash on the harness, then had to do a few laps.  Usually it is a disaster and I'm millimeters from getting a black eye from him flailing all around.  We went out.  It was a rough first 1/2 mile, smelling, peeing, and finally he pooped, oh damn now I have to carry the poop.  Ick...  All in all we made 2.8 miles at a 16 min/mile pace.  He generally walks about a 19 min/mile, 16% increase in his speed.  (Who checked my math?  Did I get it right?) When we got home he was thirsty and exhausted.  After drinking a bowl of water and spraying it all over the place he flopped down on the kitchen floor. OK so maybe the first time you try a dog jog with a black dog, the middle of the day isn't exactly the best time.  He was calm and exhausted the rest of the night, sweet!  No incessant tug o'war and/or throwing a ball across the house.    Walking generally winds him up so he doesn't go on many walks.  The beach is riddled with fencing for those birds, oh what are they, crap I can't remember...  so not many places for one boxer boy to go berserkers and scrub off energy.

TRX was good, nice to get back into a schedule again.

Tuesday - Spin / Weights / 3.6

I had to get all dolled up for a breakfast in the a.m.  I nominated an administrative professional for an award.  Oh crap, I really have to go to the breakfast?  Um yeah...  so I did.  Karen isn't even my admin, she is so helpful when I have a problem or need to figure out how to get something done.  I swear getting things done is black magic at times.  It is administrative professional week and I had to figure out how to set up a breakfast for my division admins that sit at the site I sit at.  Holy cow, this is not intuitive and there isn't a number to call.  What is the RI state motto, "I know a guy."  Well, I do but I can't ask an admin to help me set up and admin breakfast, can I?  I'm sure Karen would have been more than happy to help me, she always is.  I'm sad she didn't win.  However for next years nomination I know what I need to do to get her closer to the top of the stack.

Spin class, weights, pushups, crunches, and then a run at Bluff Point.  I didn't realize the segment ended at the parking lot.  Shoot...  I thought it ended at the bottom of the hill.  All in all a good run.  Legs were tired, for sure.

Wednesday - NJ - 4 @ 1% elevation (flat and my knees hurt)

My day was all bungled up, driving to New Jersey, watching a shareholders meeting, continued arguing over what constitutes a substantive change to a corporate finance policy...   Argh...  Nothing seemed to be falling in to its proper place.  It happens, whaddyagonnadoaboudit?  Run?

The Ramones said it best "I Wanna Be Sedated"  After a brief discussion with the concierge at the hotel, the only place to run is walking the mall or the residential area behind the mall.  The Short Hills, as in New Jersey Short Hills Mall,... um, no...  I said I saw Canoe Brook pond behind the hotel, aren't there trails there? They were clueless I had a small window of time, 90 minutes. Not a lot of time for farting around...   And while for you speed demons that isn't limited, for me, it is, off to the treadmill.  It was all fancy schmancy with a TV.  I couldn't figure out where to plug in my headphones to listen to Bones... at least I could make the thing rotate the belt!!  Despite the mindnumbingness of a treadmill I think it helped me remain sane.   Especially having to be in a dress for a 2nd day this week...  and have to carry on appropriate cocktail conversation...  Blargh... 

Thursday - 8

The meeting went well, and even better this ongoing saga of what constitutes a substative change to a financial policy came to a great big head.  Expect it will be exploding on Monday, muwahaaa...   

Found an amazing beer store on the way home from NJ and picked up some beer for a friend and some beer for Dave.  I made it home just before he left for his evening ride and I was able to mellow for a few before going out to vote on a referendum for the town to purchase conservation land and then a run in Burlingame.

The run was good.  I really need to start challenging myself.  

Friday - 3 mile walk with the usual suspects & Pole dancing class

It was nice to be back in my usual office environs.

11:01 AM Mike B
back in Groton today ?

11:01 AM Beth
I am... nice to be home!

11:01 AM Mike B
and no dresses
are you running today

11:02 AM Beth
No dresses.  I'm walking at lunch.  Run tomorrow and Sunday!
You running?

11:03 AM Mike B
ok - i wanted to go light today - thought i would ask for company

11:03 AM Beth

11:03 AM Mike B
you running foot pursuit 5k on sunday
great race
you should
speed work for you

11:04 AM Beth
I dunno.  I should decide today though.  I haven't been running fast at all, and yep, exactly, speed work would be good for me.

11:04 AM Mike B
great race - i bet you know half the field

11:05 AM Beth
Hmmm...  supposed to be nice on Sunday too.  Probably.

11:05 AM Mike B
see you then

11:06 AM Beth
Probably.  I really could use the speed work. 
Enjoy your easy run, I may see you out there.  I'm walking with Ro.

11:09 AMB Mike B

Of course Ro, Don, and I saw Mike B as he was heading to the gym and it was hard not to give him a hard time about the ‘light’ comment.  Poor guy.  Sorry!!  You take it so well and seem to enjoy getting your chops busted!  Seriously we all know I have a slower pace and if you are willing to slow up a lot I’m willing to speed up a bit!  Happy to partake in a ‘light run’ and always flattered to be asked.  

Oh Mike B you knew eventually I’d remember to save one of these conversations!

I did sign up for the RI Foot Pursuit, I’m sure those 3.1 miles will kick me in the ass and I really do need to push my pace.  Besides it will be fun, right? I haven't run a 5K since August. Sub 30?  Can I even near 27?  Who knows.  Flat and fast... let's hope the wind is with all of us!

Oh and Pole Dancing. Get your mind out of the gutter. Ro went to Aerial Arts a month ago and loved it.  She put together a group to go. Timing worked out perfect as a night I could goof around with only having light miles to run over the weekend.  This is definitely a work out.  You are using your own body weight for strength training, essentially a hyper core strengthening workout.  My whole me will be sore and slightly bruised, no doubt.

We were a group of 11, all of us athletic, runners and bikers, the instructor put us through our paces!  Absolutely a must do if you have the opportunity (yes, even the guys) Jewett City, CT is a long drive for me; definitely something I will try again.  Fun and challenging!

Saturday - 10 (roads in the rain most likely)

Sunday - 8  (3.1  RI Foot Pursuit + 5)

Beth - who will update Sat/Sun in another post!


  1. pretty nice blog, following :)

    1. Thanks! I'm giving yours a peek!

  2. I would think a pole dancing class would be fun and very challenging. There are some kind of close to me, but I just never have committed to driving half an hour to do them.

    1. Christy It is worth it. I felt it in my arms and shoulders later on the day on Saturday and today it hurts a little to cough, so definitely some major core work. I'm trying to justify driving an hour for another class...