Sunday, March 9, 2014

50K Training Week 11 - kinda long, grab a beer or coffee....

Hard to believe I am 11 weeks into this 20 week 50K plan.  I'm on the downhill towards the finish, or rather the race. Whoop!  I'm nervous and excited and hopeful.

Ice Age 50, here I come!!

Unfortunately one of the two gals I was to run with has dropped out, glad Dana let me know earlier than later.  I'm not discounting Tonya, yet!!  Training is a huge time commitment and Dana just couldn't afford the time away from her family.  I get that.  In a lot of ways I am very lucky to not have a huge family commitment and a husband who, after a few years, is finally getting the amount of time it takes to train and how much running means to me.  Hoping Tonya makes it to WI.  Considering she was the one who roped me into this last year for the 1/2 and bailed after jacking up her hip flexor kicking a goose.  Given my feelings about geese, I was ok with this.  Vile creatures they are.   The best goose is the one my mom and now my dad cook for Christmas dinner.

My cousin Tobi will be volunteering at the race so I'll get to see her after the race and catch up.  She has been volunteering at this race for 15 or so years.  Pretty freaking awesome when I found that out last year!!  It is nice to see a friendly face, and especially a cousin, my very first friend, I was 2 months old when she was born so we've known each other her whole life, that is pretty cool!  It has been in the past few years through the miracle of Facebook we've really reconnected.  Well that and her father's death and my mother's cancer, but for sake of happiness let's say FB.

Christmas '72
9 weeks from this past Friday I will age another year and 9 weeks from yessterday (Saturday) I will have completed my first 50K.  Simple as that right???

So what have I been up to this week training wise.

After another battle with the plague, I think I am finally healthy, truly healthy again!  Last week was a piddly 16.6 running miles and 7.3 walking with one spin class.  Tis what it tis and better to focus on regaining health, right?

Monday:  R: 0 / W: 3 / O: Spin

I did the Sufferfest A Very Dark Place again.  There are three other videos (is that the right term) through Strava Premium so I loaded Strava on my work iPhone which has access to WiFi in the gym (in the basement) so I'll be able to try Fight ClubRevolver, and Rubber Glove.  Not going to hook my personal phone to work WiFi, (cell signal wasn't strong enough to keep the video streaming) keep your eyes off my biz big brother.   No plans on being a bike racer however I do enjoy the challenge, the video, getting my heart rate up, and sweating like crazy.    

Tuesday:  R: 0 / W: 2.6 / O: Beer?

New York day.  I arranged a lunch for my boss with the cross-functional team she leads.  It was nice and it was sad.  I have to figure out if I can make it into the city for her retirement dinner on the 19th (that is swimming night - do I miss class or no?)  Claire has been a great boss.  She took a chance on me and I on her and it paid off big time for both of us.  The sweetest thing she said to me "Beth, if you didn't show up with your skill set, to fix this problem, I'd of retired."  *GRIN*  

So I opted for a couple Goose Island Honker Ales for the train ride home, better than the Miller Lite I usually get because it has a screw top cap.  Decided to not run when I got home and took Jax for a short walk.  He would run with me, 9 p.m. is probably not the best time to experiment with running with him.  Since it is going to be lighter later and later I'll pick a night after work to maybe, just maybe get in some dog jogs with Jax and Gus.

Wednesday:  R: 6.2 / W: 2.4 / O: Swim 30 min

Mike B IM'd me asking when I was going out running, looked like a nice day.  We were both going out about the same time and left it with 'see ya outside'.  I was a little undecided on which route and went down an extra block to get in another 1/2 mile of flat.  I'm glad I'd been skipping this because the sidewalk on Rainville was still pretty icy in spots.  Debated on 'doing the bitch backwards' or the usual route.  I did the usual route.  Mile 1.9 I get the crap scared out of me.  Mike B.  I shrieked he laughed...  ha ha.  Figured he'd stick around a mile or so...  and the miles ticked off and me telling him to just go I'm a lazy runner were met with "You're still talking, come on."  I spent most of the time chasing him, and I'll tell you the stare at the feet of the runner in front you thing Steve clued me into does work because it helped to close the gap between the two of us.  Or Mike slowed down...  well you can see the splits, they did get slower as the miles ticked.  

Wednesday night was the first swim class that has its own entry.  I gave my mother a slightly different version and she wrote back "That was the best laugh I've had in a while, it was supposed to be funny, right?"  Thanks Mom, of course!!  Good to know she got a laugh, I know she needed one, it has been a rough winter in MI.  Fortunately her cancer still remains dormant and she is doing very well with her physical therapy to help increase her lung function, she actually got in to a little bit of trouble for going to fast on the treadmill, yeah my teeny mom being mischievous!!

Thursday:  R: 3 / W: 2.3 / O: Spin and Weights

Meetings were moving around all day long.  I was happy to have a 4 - 4:30 drop off the calendar!  Treadmill run @ 1% incline before spin, they are getting less horrible.   Ro did some weight training with me after class.  I have a few things I can do on my own with free weights, yeah!!!  I need more work on my core.  TRX has helped A LOT, still a ways to go.  

Friday:  R:0 / W: 3.4 / O: Nap 

Mondays and Fridays are cross training / rest days.  Cut work short by a few hours, I needed a nap, that counts as training right?  Muscles repair during sleep!  Even managed to get in a walk with Gizzy mostly in day light!  Yippiee!!!  Dave took Gus and Jax to the beach, all three zonked out, ahhh.....  made for a nice quiet evening for us.

Saturday:  R: 20.5  / W: 3.1  /O: Nap

My plan was three laps of Burlingame.  After discussions with Dave through the week and over dinner on Friday, he said, the trails are going to be crappy, you won't enjoy it.   He went over early for a group ride, he was going to text if it seemed good for a run.   I piddled around and texted saying I'm just going to run roads.  He texted back "good idea".  It actually was.  I did something similar to my 20 mile training run for MCM.  There was a bit of wind, a lot of sun (got a start on my funky runners tan), and temps in the 40s by the time I got out the door.  Shorts, long sleeved shirt, no hat, no gloves, WHOOP!!!  All in all this has to be one of my favorite long runs.  I figured I'd stay in the 11's for the first half and 12's for the second half, and I pretty much did that with a 1/2 mile downhill sprint at the end.  I'm more than pleased with this run and how I felt during it and after it.  There were moments of kicking myself, and the quick realization that I enjoy my pace of running and enjoy running and what a spectacular day to be outside (OK so running into the wind for most of the time sucked, honestly the sun was out and I wasn't freezing).  It was great to be lost in my thoughts for 4 hours too. 

This was simply a great run!

Sunday: R: 8.7  / W: 3   / O: Nap  

I volunteered at the Ocean's Run 1/2 this a.m. it is a great race, flat fast course, with beautiful views.  Learned my less on about using races as training runs, and while I so wanted to run it when I saw friends running the race and at the finish, it was best I stick to my plan so volunteering it was.  I will also get comped an entry to a TriMom race, which is great.  I've been tossing around the Crabman Sprint Tri in July, I stuck it on my race list just in case.  Talking with 5K after the race he said it is a great first tri, so hmmm... Thanks for letting me know!!  Great job with your race today, so cool seeing out out in the lead!!

My post was mile 3, a right hand turn down a residential street for the 1/2 marathon and when the last 1/2 marathon person passed to move up a street for the last left hand turn for the 5K race.  I secretly hoped the timing would work out so I could see the first finishers.  No luck there...  But hey I did get to see every runner and that was very cool!

Flagging at a race is not always the easiest job because you have to deal with traffic.  Sorry a small rant here.  I have a on going battle with motorists when I run, and dread the part of interacting with traffic.  We aren't allowed to direct traffic, we don't have the authority, however we can help suggest they slow down or wait to turn.  Apparently down this road is a church and mass was at 10 a.m. The race start was 9 a.m. so the last runner would be through 9:40ish.  Plenty of complaints from the early arriving church goers.  Not having been raised with religion I was really shocked at some of the comments, perhaps my heathen up bringing wasn't so bad after all?  All that aside I will make sure to let the Race Director know about this and maybe next year have something put in the church newsletter about the race and to forgive the slight inconvenience of runners in the road.  Who knows maybe she she already had that base covered and knowing what I know of the RD  I am sure she did, you can supply people the information but you can't make them take it on board right?

Flagging at a race is one of the most fun jobs!  You get to see all the runners and if the sun isn't in your face recognize them.   You get to chat with spectators and help them understand the course and where to find their runner.  It was great to see the WTAC guys, disappointed I missed cheering on Michelle and Amanda.  You both did great!!!  You were just running so fast you were a blurr!!!  Awesome seeing the gals I run with during the summer!!!  Next up was the 5K race.  There was a bit of confusion with the front runner (not me causing it THIS time) and he turned a little early, quickly got back on course with a little redirection from the police office.  I only knew one person running, the Young Gazelle, I think I startled him when I cheered him on.  Sorry!!!    After the last person passed I was off to the finish line.

I knew I missed 5K, Gazelle, Mike B, Seth, Amanda, Michelle, and Jackie finishing.  I was sure Crutch hit his sub 1:40 goal and I missed his finish.  Sorry on both not PRing the race and missing your finish!  I did get to see Nicole, Jenn, and Mary finish!! Their kids were so excited to see them in the finish chute and couldn't contain themselves, Jackie tried, but no luck!  They shot out to see their mommies and all of them ran across the finish line together. A quick check of the clock and this was a PR for Nicole!  So happy for her, she has been struggling with coming back from an injury.  This was a great comeback race for her.

All in all a great experience.  I got thanked a half dozen times on the course.  That is always so nice!  Remember tip your bartenders people!!!

Of course I still had to get in 10.  Decided I'd run out to see the cows on Boombridge.   Dave assured me Burlingame was still crappy, although based on Johnny's post it may not have been.  Hmmm...  Anyhoodles, the first 4 miles my quads were not happy.  Just keep plugging along this is the purpose to get the legs used to running when they would "prefer not to" (Bartleby - oh I love that story).  I think eventually they lost feeling or just gave up protesting or I stopped caring.

First up were the calves!!

Why yes I do say HI and talk to them and they look at me like this!!!  No surprise there right?

And the steer, wondering what the heck I am doing!!

I cut the run a little short, I should have went out another mile to catch a pic of the milk cows (complete the family portrait I started?)  Feh, there was a 3 mile dog walk so I still have the time on my feet?   It was so nice to leave for a run in the late afternoon and know I wouldn't be getting home in the dusk/dark and also this weekend was perfectly sunny running weather.  

Another great run!

Beth, looking forward to an easy training week and a trip out to MI to see her family next weekend (stay tuned for grid running) for St. Patrick's Day celebration!


  1. Nice training week!

    So great to see you out there! It was a great race for me and I am so grateful that I ran and finished with no problems. I am a little sore but nothing out of the ordinary.

    1. Great race for you!! You all looked so happy at the end. I felt jealous of all your post race glows. So hard to admit that, I made the right decision. However it did help fuel my afternoon run, though!! I thought about all of the runners, and hoping they were hydrating with a beer when I was out running!!!

  2. I grew up camping in a state park in the Northern Kettle Moraine area. How have I never heard of the Ice Age 50K?!!? If I ever go longer than the marathon, may have to check this one out! Good luck!

    1. It is an awesome race. They even have a 1/2 marathon, so think about it. Sign up is usually early December and a limited number of slots. Very well run race and you know just how beautiful that forest is!

  3. Nice write-up
    I had to go get a coffee to finish reading it - now i have to go back to work :(
    Awesome week for you

    1. Thanks! Can't wait to read your Ocean's Run recap!

  4. Great week! After I turned the corner at mile 3 I thought, "how did that person know my name?" Then it dawned on me as I considered the voice - oh yeah, it was Beth!

    1. Thanks! That midwestern accent... gives me away every time! Great race for you and Amanda. WOW!! She is amazing!!